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New Jersey Nets

We'll Take Kim's Sloppy Seconds

12/20/2011 2:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Not everyone wants to dump Kris Humphries -- in fact, the Nets just agreed to take him back this season ... this according to multiple reports.

The one-year contract is reportedly worth $8 million.

Kris became an unrestricted free agent after last season -- also with the Nets -- before marrying Kim Kardashian ... a gravy train that quickly screeched to a halt.

The Nets are set to face off against the Knicks tomorrow night -- and NBA sources tell ESPN, Kris is expected to play.

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why couldnt have they just said he was back with the nets.
why even bring her name up when not nescarry. we can go a day without hearing her name.
I just readthat kim took a bunch of her and krs's wedding fits to a apwn sho and traded them for rolex watchs and stuff for herself.
This is exactly what a comaon whore would do. Its a mazing a whore whith millions and millions of dollards like kim has cnat fight the uruge to act like a street walker.
It makes sens though given she fiurge she turned a trick when she was with chris. she never realy liked him but was willing to take any man wpho would get her her 17 mil plus pay day for wedding specail an e network.
shes like whore who got paid for her tricks in wedding gifts and sold and tradded the gifts for trinks for herself and a few dollars more in her pocket. Thi is the tackeyest classless thing ive ever heard of. leave it to a kartrashine to skank up everything.Every word out of her mouth is scripptted with the thougth in mind how can she expolite this sitution for a buck. Now none belives a workd that comes out of her mouth. Even oprha winfresy said her trip to hatti was all a fraud. kim did a fashinon show there and should no concern tfor the needs of the peole just used the bad thing that hattie had happen to them for a aphot opp for herself.KIM NEDS TO SPEND SOME OF THE MONEY SHE MADE ON THE GIFTS ON SOME DOUCHE AND SOAP AND DEORTARNT CUZ HER HUSBAND KRIS H SAID HER ARM PITTS SMELLED LIKE A COMBATION OFF FISH AND HOTT GRABAGE.EVEN HR WARSHING HERSELF PROPERLY WELL NEVER FULL GET THE STINK OFF OF HER FROM BEING A WHORE.i JUS THOP EVERYTIMEKRIS H PLAYS A GAME WE DONT HAVE TO HER KIMTRASHINES NAME BROUGHT UP.

1015 days ago


Kris.i hope you have a great season,you and your family have my respect..and harvey shame on you !

1015 days ago


DahhTroll,if you insist on rambling,please buy yoursel*****ood
dictionary! If English is your second language,however,I do apologize.

1015 days ago

not surprised    

SLOPPY SECONDS!!! are you freakin kidding me? That princess whore he regretfully swapped spit with has been fkd in every oracle on her body, been pissed on in a self made porn tape, screwed anybody that could get their arms around her skank ass, and you're calling Kris SLOPPY SECONDS!!!! I guess TMZ got paid real well from the K-trash clan for this spin. I think the only GRAVY TRAIN Kris ever was exposed to with the porn princess was at feeding time when he fed the dirty dog.

1015 days ago

Throwback kid    

Someone i********* the dislike button on every negative comment, it looks like the Kardashian's or one of their flunkies are monitoring this board and are not happy with the fact that people are happy Humphries got a job in the NBA and still can't stand Kim or her family.

1015 days ago


TMZ You need to hire some new people to write your head lines. your current staff has been bowing down tot the whoresines too much. the preorting is biased and also we dont wont to hear their names.Is Tmz now owned by e net work.Is it realy right for them to work everystory how the whoresines want them too.They say that kims gravey train came to a stop makes no sense.sounds like kims twised thinking that everyone wants to be famous or rich off of her. she made more than him off the wedding special and keepd the ring and the giftsand wasted a bunch of his money too for the things he peid for out of pocet for when he was being tricked into the fake uion o she could get huge pay day off e an then more big pay day for kim preteding like she is gonna make a baby for the show rateings.
hopefully he we get his anullment. its good she never took his name cuz that lessons the dirtyness on his name.
Kim just used him for minute and it was over. his name doesnt have to still be connected to hers. you can hearkims bitterness come outin everyheadline.He would have been the best thing ever to happne to her in her life. no matter how much money or fame she seks she well allways be an empty whore.he would have shown her the real life not the fake shallwo excist ance she has fame whoreing in La. she had a great looking husband who makes great money and she tossed that all asied liek and old shoe just beaucse she thought it would take aminute off her career. Thatis beyond stuied. she was ofereda ll the meaninful things in life and dit knwo how to act beacuse of her whore mentality.
her greed bite her is her huge ass. now she well NEVER life the good life!
Butt kris h well.

I thinks he is the one whos gravey train came to a complete hault it crashed and burned.
her and her brand are over

1015 days ago

Throwback kid    

Rob Kardashian and Scott Disick could learn a lesson from Kris Humphries. Hard work pays off, that's why Kris was able to continue his career in the NBA despite the Kardashian family doing everything they could to try and tear him down. Rob and Scott on the other hand don't know what work is? Rob freeloads in Lamar and Khloe's house and plays video games and goofs around all day. Scott is just as bad, he gets dressed up in a fancy suit like he is about to play office, of course Scott has no real job and never seems to go to these meetings he is always talking about. He basically hangs around Kourtney all day and listens to her complain? I don't think Scott has ever had a job before? Instead of ganging up on Kris Humphries to bad mouth him all the time, the Kardashian women should shift their focus on Rob and Scott and try to help them find jobs to go to every day. I can't believe these to guys get paid to hang out all day and do nothing

1015 days ago


Yay for Kris. Make your own life without the cameras...next time you get married, find a person who cares for you and not the spot light. Someone you can build a life with when the cameras are not around and your playing days are over. Now that's a marriage!

1015 days ago

jil katz    

Kris, you are awesome. Thank you for taking the high road. Your success is all your own. Kim could not even dribble a ball for you. Maybe she should rethink all the **** she has put you through. There are people out there that think you put up with way to much **** -being from a small town and a great family. Kardashian's shame on you. Especially BRUCE!!! Where were you??? Can't stick up for a guy taking it from the women....poor Bruce...

1015 days ago

jil katz    

Kris, you are awesome. Thank you for taking the high road. Your success is all your own. Kim could not even dribble a ball for you. Maybe she should rethink all the **** she has put you through. There are people out there that think you put up with way to much **** -being from a small town and a great family. Kardashian's shame on you. Especially BRUCE!!! Where were you??? Can't stick up for a guy taking it from the women....poor Bruce...

1015 days ago

Throwback kid    

This is so funny, someone in the Kardashian family has pressed the dislike button on every negative comment about them. Do they really thinks anyone still likes them?

1015 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

i'm just wondering if 72 days was enuf time to pee on kim...

1015 days ago


For those morons who think Kim and Kris's ex girlfriend look alike, LOOK AGAIN .. LONG dark hair is not a credential for looking alike. His ex girlfriend is miles prettier and classier and he was a fool to leave her for a used up, pissed on porn princess whose face is old looking now and her ass looks 10 months pregnant .. she'll poop out a kid before she'll get pregnant to be donated to the Christmas tree lot to look like a tree. That will be a huge mess when the time comes .. she'll be a full circle

1015 days ago


@throwback kid...ITA. But see Rob is family and Scott is ****ney's alleged baby daddy so they get a free pass from the Whoretrashians for sopping up that gravy. Kris, although self supporting, didn't fit the Princess's idea of tall dark and cool so he had to go. Even though money is their primary love, what you look like runs a close second. So it's all good that he's moved on with his life and is doing well. Ironically, just a few years from now, what with her lavish spending habits and history of fighting the chub, Princess will be one fat broke-*ssed b*tch while Kris will be happily married living the life he always envisioned.

1015 days ago


Most of that 8 million has to be because of his fame through Kim. He is a run of the mill player and I can't imagine him pulling in nearly that much money were it not for Kim.

1015 days ago
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