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New Jersey Nets

We'll Take Kim's Sloppy Seconds

12/20/2011 2:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Not everyone wants to dump Kris Humphries -- in fact, the Nets just agreed to take him back this season ... this according to multiple reports.

The one-year contract is reportedly worth $8 million.

Kris became an unrestricted free agent after last season -- also with the Nets -- before marrying Kim Kardashian ... a gravy train that quickly screeched to a halt.

The Nets are set to face off against the Knicks tomorrow night -- and NBA sources tell ESPN, Kris is expected to play.

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another reason why TMZ should leave the sports to people that know what they are talking about. Kris is 26 and has been a PROFESSIONAL basketball player since he was 19. HE WAS A LOTTERY PICK AND HAS BEEN EARNING MILLIONS SINCE AGE 19!!! HE WILL CONTINUE TO EARN MILLIONS LONG AFTER ANYONE REMEMBERS THAT PORN STAR!!

1002 days ago


Did anyone else hear Kourtney's unsavory remark on Kendal's Sweet 16 show? To quote her"I'm going to stick my hand up somebody's butt if", something or other.What a lady.(not).Why does she talk that way? So unattractive in a female and a terrible example for her younger sisters.A well bred person would not use such rhetoric.So uncouth! Such an embarrassment to her family.

1002 days ago

bring back recent posts    

...WONDERFUL...I bet KKKmom is jealous...she isn't in on the 10% ! HAHAHAH...WOOHOO

1002 days ago


You know this is the best Christmas he will ever have. A new team and no nagging hag to haunt him anymore. Get those chips while you can Kris.

1002 days ago


Good for you Kris!! You've worked hard and it took a lot of discipline to get to the pros. I'm a die-hard Lakers fan but will be following Kris and the Nets.

And you're rid of that big a$$ fake bi*yatch.....oops got sidetracked. gooooooo Kris!!!!

1002 days ago


Nice title for your lil stupid article have respect hes at least doing something not like the sloppy ex of his

1002 days ago


Kris H looks realy good in this pic.
Kim is a dman fool for letting him get away.
she well never get even achance with as good as guy.
I wonder if in the eveil jaded heartless souls the trashines know that kim realy screwed up losing him and thats why they are so bitter overit and try to destroy kris h.They tried every trick int he book includeding calling him gay. They thought if they could only de-fame them they could save kim fame. Kris h ahs real talent. he wa sallreday know befor thier stupied show and in the long run we well hear his name long after kims 15 minutes are up she well not even be a foot note.Kris Jenner well try to explote every detail of the younger jenner girls lives and screw them up as bad as she id kim.Kims fatheris known for lettign go nicloe browns killer and we all wondered back then what kind of man would lie in court and let a killer go free. Kim is his eveil spawn . Kris Jenner is on a one woman campine to ruin the vaules of Tweens. all while making abuck for herself.She needs to take her foul mouth greedy famewhoreing old ass off Twitter.These whoreshines have all scamed all of us and made enough money why cant they just go away. we dont wanto see the seet 16 hos party or any more of your ani family vaules. kris jenner is hopeing kyle can save thier im image but it cant be done the who lot of them is just way over exposed with the only talent promitng porn.TMz is piss lickers for reporting this crap everyday.Kim her fatt ass her greddy whoreing BRAND IS OVER. Her gravey train is over the american public has had more than enough of her if we eveer saw herin the press again it would be too soon. Go awy all whorehines.

1002 days ago


Is it Harvey that sucks the Krapdashians butts or that Mike guy?...he is always sticking up for
Kim on the TMZ show....it has to be money TMZ makes off of writing good things about the trash family...the Enquirer has Oprah saying the Kardashians are full of garbage on the cover...lol...

1002 days ago

King of TMZ    

Kris Dumbpedherpes is back yayyyyyyyyy :)

1002 days ago


I really like Kris, he seems like such a nice guy and I love how he called her out on her stupid show. "In 5 years no one is even gonna care about you." This family is such a low-class bunch of scammers. Kim was Brandy's secretary before she got her claws in her poor brother and Paris's groupie. Get over yourself, anyone with that much money can get plastic surgery and look like u. She's pretty but the before and after pictures don't lie...

1002 days ago


Have a great season Kris!!!! Thank God you got rid of that used toilet.

1002 days ago

Patrick Henry    

What gravy train? If you mean 10 day old all fatty gravy then you must mean Kimmie. So some loser at Tmz has a boy crush on her which is why we get KKK posts all week and insults towards a nice moral man like KH?

He was a basketball player long before Kim and they don't give raises based on whom you were married. Considering some make 25 million, 8 mill is prolly standard.

The k family and supporters should be glad that Kris is a nice man who hasn't bad mouthed his ex or family after all they have done to him which did show them up to be the malicious trash they and their followers are.

BTW no one takes the likes and dislikes seriously for the brainwashed teeny boppers or family members or paid trolls put out.

What TMZ and Kris Humphries has shown me is that good does triumph over evil and why should we care about tmz who hates moral people, Christians and christmas. They only support hos / p*rn stars/ mistresses/ wanna be p*rn stars: considering that the staff is mostly 20 somethings who live in LA and insult people to get a response they are further down than the enquirer used to be.

I do believe that they are on mama Jenner's speed dial as well. Here's a clue: become relevant and report on something other than the K's/ their flunkies and quit dissing Humphries.

1002 days ago

Patrick Henry    

Odd, isn't it, that only tmz and the stir were the only blogs to put a negative spin on Humphries re-signing with the Nets.

One I never heard of and that leaves TMZ with their beneficial bias toward the Ex.

1002 days ago


Kris actually works for a living in incredibly competitive field. Kim had a sex tape and parlayed that into this disgusting monstrosity people watch for some reason.

1002 days ago

Patrick Henry    

jose***riffin: 6 hours ago

"my neighbor's mother-in-law makes $79 an hour on the internet."

Or is your brother in law? Cousin, best friend or 5th cousin from Mars?
Psychic hotline? Sex phones? prostitution? That's more than a mayor makes an hour. Is someone lying?:)

"She has been fired from work for 10 months"

Was she fired for spamming on her lunch hour or just a bad attitude? Must be that pesky recession!

but last month her check was $8851

12.27 hours? Why not round it off? Be sure that the IRS gets their cut. I am glad that the prezident"s employment plan is working!

"just working on the internet for a few hours."

Are you sure it's not being paid per 100 spams an hour?

"Read more on this site...buzme.us/1j0"

buzme? This site needs a spellchecker as well as Tmz.
It's in google's lower 1.000th. No thanks>>> it's either placing spyware on me, collecting e-mail for more spam or nude pictures of the neighbors mother- in law. Thanks for ruining our day with your thoughtless spam. What name will you be tomorrow.

1002 days ago
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