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New Jersey Nets

We'll Take Kim's Sloppy Seconds

12/20/2011 2:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Not everyone wants to dump Kris Humphries -- in fact, the Nets just agreed to take him back this season ... this according to multiple reports.

The one-year contract is reportedly worth $8 million.

Kris became an unrestricted free agent after last season -- also with the Nets -- before marrying Kim Kardashian ... a gravy train that quickly screeched to a halt.

The Nets are set to face off against the Knicks tomorrow night -- and NBA sources tell ESPN, Kris is expected to play.

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Glad to see this young man has gotten his life back on track after the KK debacle. Good for him. The snarky comments by TMZ? Not really necessary.

1004 days ago


Kris H has more than basketball money. He's involved with his family's restaurant business (five in Minneapolis, I think) and also his father is a stockbroker and Kris has made stock investments. He doesn't live lavishly. So he's likely to do well even after his playing years are over as long as he stays away from grifters like Kim & Co.

1004 days ago


@jwoolman...They are indeed grifters. At one time Kim was the "stylist" to RJ and Brandy's mother. Kim used her credit card to ring up over $100k in designer clothes for herself and her sisters. RJ and Brandy pleaded with their mother to not file criminal charges. She agreed and only filed a civil lawsuit for the money STOLEN. Has anyone here heard Harvey's boy Mike address this. Of course not. Whoretrashians are theives. Print the truth TMZ!

1004 days ago


Why is TMZ all up KK's butt? And Kim is on the site clicking away on the dislike tab on the comments favorable to Kris H. I am so happy for you Kris - forgive, stay true to yourself and move on. Away, away Kim, away.

1004 days ago


boycott e channel and ryan seacrest

boycott e channel and ryan seacrest

1004 days ago


@CARL...Kris didn't get 8 million because of KIM Katrashians...That is how much he's worth for a year contract...so, don't think the Nets is paying him 8 mil because of Kim...Kris actually has talent to make 8 mil a year..on the other hand the Kartrashians has none, so they need to use people for a material to their next Reality Show....SAD'!!!!!!!!!,

1004 days ago


Get that dough Kris...Fawk them KKK's

1004 days ago


Why is this being reported. Totally. Untrue. Kris has yet to. Sign with any twam

1004 days ago


Lets hope he plays. It would not surprise me that he would do something like say "Im so stressed out as to the backlash I have created over her wanting to divorce me that i may have to sit this season out and just sue the "e" network for lost wages. Sources say that no team would want to sign him due to the drama. Well, who created the drama,? it wasnt kim. she filed for a divorce but kris is the one who has been fighting the press and been threathening lawsuets. A power play forward for someone like kris. "its everyone else's fault. It will adventually hit that he is not a saint. And then the people who defended kris to that degree will, either have to realize they have made a mistake or keep making excuses. from day one, i have defended kim, and i do to this day forward. deon in ogden

1004 days ago

main event    

chis is hot

1004 days ago

Loving Latina    

Kris Humphries is anything but Sloppy seconds.... the writer of the title has to get off his fat ass, he was probably hungry when he wrote this article!! Kris Humphries is a special talent just like every player in the NBA!! Not anyone can be an NB player Harvey...your not stupid, stop trying to kiss kardashian ass! Kiss ass!!

1004 days ago





1004 days ago

Snowman with a Turnip Nose    

Kris Humpkim plays basketball? Who knew?

BTW, the name "Kobe" stars with a "K"... Nah... Or, maybe?

1004 days ago


I feel bad for the guy. Can you imagine the crap the fans and players will give him? They love the trash-talk and he married the biggest trash of all so I hope he can handle it.

1004 days ago

Sam What Am    

SI rated Kris the 150th best player in the NBA, i.e. a starter or the best 6th man in the league. The Nets said they would have signed him immediately after the season - if not for the lockout.
Playing grabass with Kim KashTrashian for 72 days was good off-season basketball training.

1004 days ago
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