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Learning from Kobe's Divorce

Marriage Is a Scam, UNLESS ...

12/20/2011 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Kobe Bryant's divorce and future spousal support payments triggered a nasty debate -- is marriage just a scam designed to dupe men out of their hard-earned money?

Plus, Vanessa Bryant's ex-step dad joins us, and insists Vanessa's mother taught her how to be a gold digger! Parents, married people, singles, callers and TMZers -- everyone's pissed off today.

You gotta see it!


(0:00) Vanessa Bryant's ex step father Stephen Laine not only calls her a gold-digger ... he calls into the show to back up his claim.
(4:50) Laine says Vanessa learned it all from her mommy.
(8:10) Does Laine think Vanessa waited to file for divorce until the 10 year mark in order to hit the jackpot?
(9:50) Laine says he warned Vanessa about marrying a pro athlete. 
(21:00) Jason breaks down divorce law -- officially igniting the marriage/divorce debate in the newsroom.
(25:00) In case the legal jargon is too much -- Jason explains divorce law in California using a "Mad Men" reference.
(26:15) Max has a simple answer for everything.
(42:10) Mike goes to bat in the name of marriage.
(44:30) Max agrees with the "spiritual" side of marriage -- but says it's all just about money and contracts now.
(45:45) Christie comes in swinging -- because the guys are "driving me crazy" with all the anti-marriage talk.


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This law works both ways. Doesn't anyone remember Tom Cruise? That @$$ kicked Nicole to the curb right before 10 years. And if I remember correctly, it was right after she miscarried.

1039 days ago

Different Rules Apply    

Open question to men that cheat: WHY DO YOU COMMIT / MARRY WHEN YOU CANNOT BE FAITHFUL? Most women would rather have you say, this was fun, but I can't commit to you, rather than believing you love them and are faithful to them only to be CRUSHED when they learn of the betrayal. If you want to PLAY THEN PLAY it's your life - but leave the innocent people out of it ~ it's devastating.

1039 days ago


North Korea thought the Bon Jovi death hoax was real. It wasn't pretty. Here's the video...

1039 days ago


I do not believe Vanessa is a gold digger and I do believe she deserves half. Kobe has been unfaithful to his wife on numerous occasions. No one deserves to be cheated on by the person they love. He violated his marriage by stepping outside of it.

1038 days ago


It's completely unfair, because not only does it sentence the spouse that has to pay for life, but it makes it extremely hard for the spouse in question to remarry. Financially it's almost impossible.

1038 days ago


To look at the divorce spousal support the other way around, if two people going into a marriage went into it thinking that they both had to keep their careers going enough to support themselves if they were single, any children from the relationship would potentially suffer from both parents pursuing their careers to the detriment of childcare/home life.

1038 days ago


Infidelity or not. She could have filed under ID. Doesn't matter.

1038 days ago


People seem to have forgotten that Kobe's parents didn't want Kobe to marry Vanessa bcuz of believing she's a golddigger & stopped at one point speaking to each other. I believe she is one anyway. Didn't he meet her on a rap video? Those "video models", the majority of them are looking for a payday anyway. Kobe have stated that he didn't want to marry black women because he believed they are golddiggers. Look how the tables have turned.

1038 days ago

Rotten Puppets    

G-O-L-D D-I-G-G-I-N-G W-H-O-R-E!

Steel Panther sings about her on their new album, Balls Out.

1038 days ago


If she was a gold digger and knew what ($$$) was waiting for her if she divorced, then why would she wait so long? A normal person who didn't have millions waiting would have divorced in 2003 after the first (well-known) cheat.

1038 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

those the same law apply for those that live together for 10 or 13 years?

1038 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

correction does the same law apply for those that live together for 10 or 13 years?

1038 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

Mike is a Mormon and Max will get herpes is a few years...

1038 days ago


Why is whats-his-name-anti-max kissing his own wife's ass SOO badly for right now? Hmmmm..

1038 days ago



1038 days ago
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