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Learning from Kobe's Divorce

Marriage Is a Scam, UNLESS ...

12/20/2011 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Kobe Bryant's divorce and future spousal support payments triggered a nasty debate -- is marriage just a scam designed to dupe men out of their hard-earned money?

Plus, Vanessa Bryant's ex-step dad joins us, and insists Vanessa's mother taught her how to be a gold digger! Parents, married people, singles, callers and TMZers -- everyone's pissed off today.

You gotta see it!


(0:00) Vanessa Bryant's ex step father Stephen Laine not only calls her a gold-digger ... he calls into the show to back up his claim.
(4:50) Laine says Vanessa learned it all from her mommy.
(8:10) Does Laine think Vanessa waited to file for divorce until the 10 year mark in order to hit the jackpot?
(9:50) Laine says he warned Vanessa about marrying a pro athlete. 
(21:00) Jason breaks down divorce law -- officially igniting the marriage/divorce debate in the newsroom.
(25:00) In case the legal jargon is too much -- Jason explains divorce law in California using a "Mad Men" reference.
(26:15) Max has a simple answer for everything.
(42:10) Mike goes to bat in the name of marriage.
(44:30) Max agrees with the "spiritual" side of marriage -- but says it's all just about money and contracts now.
(45:45) Christie comes in swinging -- because the guys are "driving me crazy" with all the anti-marriage talk.


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Vanessa's mother was married for 13 years, so it sounds like Vanessa's former step-father is disgruntled and bitter. I doubt he's broke if he's paying $1300/month in spousal support. In any case, I totally give Vanessa props if this was calculated. Teach him a lesson for his romp with hotel chicks- wait until the time is right and bounce. CHECK PLEASE!

1016 days ago


No ***** on this earth is worth $1 million, much less $70 million. I think it's hilarious that all of the females posting here seem to think she deserves half of what he made. I don't recall seeing this chick dropping 3s and dunking on opposing teams ever. She sat on her ass for 10 years while the help raised her kids and she lived in luxury. Now all she has to do is grab a live-in boyfriend and absorb massive Kobe checks for the rest of her life.

I really don't understand how women can be so delusional. Vanessa played absolutely no part in creating Kobe's current wealth. I say give her $500k and send her on her way. Then again, I've been saying that marriage is a scam for years now.

1016 days ago


All this "she deserves every penny" stuff is so ridiculously embarrassing. I can't STAND Kobe Bryant. I think he's a whiny little brat on the court. Regardless of that, the dude is one of the best athletes of our time. He earned his money (reportedly a net worth of $150 million)doing things nobody else could do. WHAT THE HELL did Vanessa Bryant do that nobody else could do to earn $75 million+? Absolutely nothing. Marriage is a joke especially on the celebrity/gold digging whore side of things. She "stood by him" = "profit maximization" and nothing else. Disgusting.

1016 days ago


Stephen Laine just needs to keep quiet. He is bitter. Why doesn't he tell TMZ and everyone why he got divorce in the first place.. Oh yeah because he cheated on Vanessa's mom after Vanessa married Kobe. He married his mistress and had a 6 yr old daughter with her. His cheating was all caught on tape when he said he was working late.. Vanessa and Kobe bought you many gifts but you let the mistress wear that diamond replica championship ring that Kobe gave you when you were cheating on Vanessa's mom. Which that diamond ring you demand to keep in the divorce.. Who's the gold-digger...

1016 days ago


Marriage has benefits for both men and women. It's certainly not a "scam" to get men's money. It was Kobe's behavior that destroyed the marriage and so he should have to pay. She supported that man, stood by him when he was accused of rape, put up with multiple infidelities, gave birth to his children, etc. You are damn right she deserves the money.

1016 days ago


I'm a 45 Y.O. Chick; I TOTALLY agree that giving women 1/2 of your assests is bull****, unless she helped you make it or was key in your success, that being said; there are exceptions and Kobe is a dumbass. He bought that ring for her when he cheated so he knew he'd have to PAY for cheating and he was signed when he got married. So for him to not have a pre-nup was his eff up. He can spare it AND he knew what pulling a womans panties down could cost him!

1016 days ago


Kobe is good as his job, multimillionaire, beautiful wife and the two healthy kiddies, beautiful home. I guess he thought this was all that mattered? He was wrong...dude had no morals now he's going to pay.

If I was Vanessa I would take everything that was due me and my children and wouldn't look back. He would have visitation rights to see his kids but I wouldn't have any respect for him.

I wounder how many of his skanks will come out of the woodwork for a payday to tell their story.

1016 days ago


When one person is the sole earner, they are the ones who should get the majority of the assets.

1016 days ago


He cheated, yes. Should he pay for it, yes... but not in this way. In my opinon, she was after the money. She's already getting HALF the money, why be greedy and want more money every month? Isn't 75 mil enough? I actually feel bad for him, and I'm a girl. I know, I know I'm going to get a lot of dislikes for what I said. There's people who are saying she DESERVES everything she's getting for staying with his cheating ways for so long... but it was HER choice to stay with him after he 1st cheated. I don't think him cheating AGAIN played any factor in the divorce. If she did suffer from the cheating and the divorce was only for the cheating and NOT the money, then why didn't she divorce him in '03 then and there?

1016 days ago


Gold digger??
She stayed with the guy 10yrs. If it was for the dough then wouldn't she have made up an excuse many years back? Besides, he cheated on her. But she did bring this sh** on herself. When we women ever learn. You CANT TAME A GUY WITH LOOKS AND MONEY. Jut aint happening!!

1016 days ago


When you marry, you promise to take care of each other for life. It is a legal contract. You can alter that legal contract with a prenuptual agreement (which is bull to me because you don't intend to marry for life) and actually have to do it, people act surprised. You broke the contract so suffer the penalty you agreed to in the beginning. He was wrong in the beginning. Sex with a 17 year old is statutory rape. HE chased HER for you "gold digger" theorists. (disgusted sigh) Go to law school or to church.

1016 days ago

Queen Karma    

This is also a non-story. This was seen coming ten yrs. agao. they were young as in 18 and 20, She doesn't like his parents. Her mother lives in a Kobe mansion. There was no prenup.
Kobe did not rape that girl.
Vanessa is a PoS, spoiled brat. Google her-dislikes Khole K, Lakers 'staff have orders-no talking, looking at her or her kids, was sued by a housekeeper, Kobe-is a spoiled brat, PoS. Reports say settlemtn already stettled.I bet it is easy $100 million+$50,000 mnthly for child support+millions in jewels+milllions in property including her mother's Kobe estate+ a % of all Kobe future endorsements+ 1/2 of Kobessa(Kobe Vanessa) businesses & finance portfolio= around $ 250-200 million divorce settlement.
10yr. mark really is not the issue. There was no prenup.

If Kobe did not have affairs, they still would have divorced.
THEY were too young and he is famous, major athlete, entertainer.
I am not for extra-martial affairs, but you have to take it on a case by case basis. yeah, he had numerous affiars. Big deal. What did HE or VANESSA expect? Did THEY both expect that he would stay the course ?DUH!
TRUST ME, Vanessa Laine Bryant is very happy.
Her mother is thrilled. $150-200 million happy.
Divorce for this couple was inevitable. Better now than later Vanessa and her mother are saying.

1015 days ago

Diana Alvarado    

Good for Vanessa for hanging there all these years...Faithful Mother, Outstanding Wife, always by the side of her Cheating Husband..Vanessa, be an inspiration to all those ladies who still put up with all this crap!!!!

1015 days ago

laura m    

wtf?? tell that daddy to stfu!!! shes getting what she deserves 10 years... guys 10 YEARS!!!

1015 days ago


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