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Vanessa Bryant's Ex-Step Dad

She's JUST LIKE Her Gold-Digging Mom

12/20/2011 6:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Vanessa and Kobe Bryant
Kobe Bryant
should have known his soon-to-be ex-wife would take him to the cleaners in their divorce ... because she learned the wallet-raiding playbook from her mother ... so says Vanessa's ex-step dad.

TMZ spoke with Stephen Laine -- an inventory manager for a food company who was married to Vanessa's mother from 1990 to 2003 ... and helped raise Vanessa from a child into adulthood.

Laine tells us, "Her mother taught her well to wait for the ten-year mark [before divorcing]."

He explains, "In California ... it's considered a long term marriage and then she gets paid for life or until she remarries ... just like her mother is doing to me."

Laine continues, "I have to pay her mom $1,800 every month and clearly they don’t need it."

Sources close to Vanessa tell us ... Kobe's soon-to-be ex-mother-in-law is currently living in one of the BBaller's mansions ... and we're told Vanessa is very good to her.

Laine gripes, "I have a six-year-old daughter and that money could be used toward her college fund or something ... you'd think she'd care ... but no, she's spiteful."


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No Avatar


Everyone should always have public opinion of them solely based on their ex-step-father's opinion.

949 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

I wonder if he was a cheater too.

949 days ago


Hey TMZ, hire some computer tech that can put a better spam filter in the comments section of your site and one who can make it so that the "like" "Dislike" function properly works, because half the time it doesnt until you go to the second page of comments. This isn't rocket science and does not require cutting edge technology to accomplish.

949 days ago


Hey Kobe just pay this c*nt in Pesos. She has always been a disgusting person.

949 days ago


From what I heard she got a baby by Busta.

949 days ago


He had no problem screwing around all the time and she had no problem waiting. Bet he's wishing for a pre-nup now.

949 days ago


I will never get married because of this. Not that I would cheat on my spouse but women are vindictive and courts always lean to their favor while the guys get the **** end of the stick

949 days ago


at least Kobe didn't do what that arrogant weasel Tom Cruise did
remember how he blindsided Nicole Kidman by filing for divorce just before the 10 year mark so he could ahng on to most of his money
it was shocking news to Nicole that her marriage was over...just after her miscarriage
to me Nicole has the last laugh
she has an Oscar and an amazing family now
Tom has a naive young wife who, if she's smart, will start to get a little concerned around the 10 year mark that he might pull the same thing on her!
how happy can a marriage be when that is always in the back of the wife's mind
and unless Katie is dumb as a stump- believe me- it's there
Kobe's wife ahd the right to file for divorce anytime
and being in a 50/50 state with no pre-nup
it really didn't matter if she filed before or after the 10 years
so the ex-step-father is a bitter divorced man who is full of crap!
Vanessa probably thought she had wasted enough time praying that her husband would stop his cheating and once the 10 year mark hit- enough was enough
I'd have bailed when he raped that girl years ago!

949 days ago


Now her actions in 2004 make perfect sense. What a gold digging b*tch. Btw she is a rich attractive woman which makes me think Kobe wasnt the only one in that marriage sleeping around. Btw you f*cking tools, Kobe didn't rape anybody. The slut was just looking for money? What rape victim goes home and brags about who she just f*cked to her friends? Her friends and the fact that she wore clothes with anothers men's "DNA" to her rape exam destroyed her case. He's innocent of rape, but not infidelity.

949 days ago


He can play around all he wants now. Feel sorry for the kids. Must be humiliating for celebrity kids when their dads are exposed as dirty dawgs. Even if they are young now, this **** stays on the internet forever. Bryant kids should be ok. Mummy's going to take him to the cleaners! "Get him Ma!" (i mean that).

949 days ago


Thats what annoys me about women sometimes. Stop being emotional thinkers, think rationally for once. Thats what annoyed me about the Kobe case. He wasn't convicted, most of the evidence couldn't be used against him because it was weak. She dropped the case. Yet most woman (and some dumbass men) still call him a rapist. Was it proven? NO. Stop calling him a rapist. Judge based on facts. facts say it was likely consensual.

949 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Let's hope her and her mom are in a small plane crash into the Pacific and they end up on the bottom and remain at the bottom! Give me HALF, give me CHILD SUPPORT, Give me a ring, Give me alimony, Give me a HOUSE, give me a new car, crap never ends. Word to the wise, get a vasectomy and don't tell them and watch them act all stupid crazy. Oh yeah, with that vasectomy get a prenup or do***ents drawn up right when you start dating that entitle them to NOTHING!!!!!

949 days ago


He needs to STFU..nobody put a gun to his head or Kobe's head to force them to marry the mom or daughter,,get over it..don't play the game if you can't win!!

949 days ago


She wouldn't have married him if he wasn't rich, and he wouldn't have married her if she wasn't beautiful! It was a mutual decision between two adults. Most people in this situation would have had a Prenup. Good for her if he's stupid. Gold digger or not, she's RICH B ! t c h ! Very Very Rich (in my NeNe voice) LOL!

949 days ago


This should be one of many lessons to Men.....NEVER get married!!!!
You will learn that variety is the spice of life and if you are that stupid to say "I Do", make sure you have an iron clad prenup or your are bound to get screwed. Live with them until you can't take them anymore and then trade them in for a new one.

949 days ago
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