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Kardashian Clothing Scandal

Human Rights Group Leader

Says NO PROOF of 'Slave Labor'

12/21/2011 9:58 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The leader of the human rights group quoted in a story implying the Kardashians use "slave labor" to manufacture their clothes and shoes says the story is misleading.

Charles Kernaghan, Executive Director of the Institute for Global Labour and Human Rights, tells TMZ, he told Star Magazine, "It was a wise idea to wait on the article," because he had no proof that the specific factories the Kardashians use violated child labor standards or human rights.

Star's headline reads, "Kardashian Sweatshop Scandal: Family's Fashion Empire Makes Millions from Child Labor."  Kernaghan is quoted as saying, "The Kardashians are in bed with some pretty bad people ... Not only are celebrities like the Kardashians taking advantage of these workers, they are holding hands with a government that spits on democracy and women's rights."

Kernaghan tells us ... his quotes were taken out of context ... that the violations he described to Star apply to the REGION in China where clothing and other items are manufactured.  He says child labor practices in many of the factories are appalling, but he has no proof the specific factories the Kardashians use employ such practices.

Kernaghan says his organization is investigating the factories the Kardashians use, but so far he has NO EVIDENCE of any human rights abuses.

Kernaghan does say ... 75% of the factories in the region have violations similar to the ones described in Star.

Kris Jenner tells TMZ ... the factories the Kardashians use are "strictly policed" and there are no child labor or human rights violations.

We put a call in to Star.  So far ... no response.



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It wouldn't surprise me to find out the Kardashians are using slave labor for the domestic help in their own homes.

The Kardashians are bad people.


1039 days ago


Wouldn't buy their crap anyway.

1039 days ago


Riiiight! How much are you being paid to change your story???? I call BS!

1039 days ago


A new "scandal" comes out with this disgusting family every week, it seems. They're famous for simply existing, and they complain how hard it is? I hope this sweatshop thing is true and will be a nice step into eradicating the Kardashian Klan. #OccupyTheKardashians

1039 days ago


One thing is for sure, the Kartrashians are sending AMERICAN JOBS to China so they can put more MONEY in their pockets. MSNBC already reported that their clothing line TANKED at Sears and Sears stock is at an all-time low. Who in the world would spend one cent buying anything from these maggots? It just baffles me.

1039 days ago


Dirty f-ing gypsies!

1039 days ago


Sure they are...if not why are the produced being produce in the states? It's called CHEAP INHUMANE LABOR FOR PROFIT!! Usually goverments do get a cut for ignoring it. Welcome the hodashian empire. Remember not to long ago the credit card sham back in January they signed there name to until they got exposed? They might as well be a mafia with crooked deals around every corner.

1039 days ago


Why are people still giving these whores money, whether by buying their sh*t or by watching their shows?

1039 days ago


KarTRASHian spin doctors work SUPER fast.
Not buying it.

1039 days ago


Now all of a sudden, Kris Jenner is aware that the factories are "strictly policed"??? 5 minutes ago, she was unaware of anything. UGH!!

1039 days ago


Whew. That was close. I was concerned that it was the beginning of the end for this fabulous bunch of people. Whether they use child labor to make their clothes and shoes should be a moot point. The real question is why normal people are spending their hard earned cash on anything affiliated with these guys. Watching their show thinking that this is the week that Scott ****, I mean Disick, finally goes postal on the whole family is one thing. Actually transferring cash from your pocket to theirs is another.

1039 days ago


LOL. "Proof" means whatever these spin doctors want it to mean.

1039 days ago


I won't buy anything endorsed by Kardashians. That includes Sketchers I want, but won't buy them because there are ads by the Kardashians.

1039 days ago


If I really want to look like a huge skank, I'll be sure to wear KarTRASHian clothing. It is horrible that even today with all the knowledge we have gained from history, we still manage to continue to do inhuman things, like allowing this family to take over the media.

1039 days ago


Merry Christmas Kardashians, ROTFLMAO

1039 days ago
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