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Kardashian Clothing Scandal

Human Rights Group Leader

Says NO PROOF of 'Slave Labor'

12/21/2011 9:58 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The leader of the human rights group quoted in a story implying the Kardashians use "slave labor" to manufacture their clothes and shoes says the story is misleading.

Charles Kernaghan, Executive Director of the Institute for Global Labour and Human Rights, tells TMZ, he told Star Magazine, "It was a wise idea to wait on the article," because he had no proof that the specific factories the Kardashians use violated child labor standards or human rights.

Star's headline reads, "Kardashian Sweatshop Scandal: Family's Fashion Empire Makes Millions from Child Labor."  Kernaghan is quoted as saying, "The Kardashians are in bed with some pretty bad people ... Not only are celebrities like the Kardashians taking advantage of these workers, they are holding hands with a government that spits on democracy and women's rights."

Kernaghan tells us ... his quotes were taken out of context ... that the violations he described to Star apply to the REGION in China where clothing and other items are manufactured.  He says child labor practices in many of the factories are appalling, but he has no proof the specific factories the Kardashians use employ such practices.

Kernaghan says his organization is investigating the factories the Kardashians use, but so far he has NO EVIDENCE of any human rights abuses.

Kernaghan does say ... 75% of the factories in the region have violations similar to the ones described in Star.

Kris Jenner tells TMZ ... the factories the Kardashians use are "strictly policed" and there are no child labor or human rights violations.

We put a call in to Star.  So far ... no response.



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not surprised    

Mama K. did some fast and furious PR with this story this morning! She's probably laying in bed with a glass of wine right now relieved that she dodged another bullet. People are on to all of their lies and cover ups and no amount of spin and PR is going to change public opinion of them. Whether this story is true or not does not change the fact that this family is nothing but a bunch of greedy, pathetic fame whores. Oh, and by the way regarding that freak show Christmas card they pushed in our faces, did anyone notice that Bruces children were not included? When couples have step-children aren't they considered part of the family too? In a normal functioning family the omission of one of the partners children would have caused a lot of problems for the partner whose children were not good enough to be included in something as warm and loving as a family Christmas portrait. That photo speaks volumes about this fkd up family. Shame on Bruce for not including his children. These are things that your kids never forget!!! Just because Kris Jenner didn't want them spoiling her perfect family picture (UGH) does not mean that Bruce had to go along with it. Those are his kids and he should look out for them more than he does the K-Trash tribe. It's quite obvious which family he favors. What a shame!!!! Merry Christmas to Bruce Jenners children that nobody ever hears about.

1034 days ago



1034 days ago


mama jenner must have bribled this guy, she is the best PR person in this world. Seems like Kardashians can do anything and can get away with anything!

1034 days ago

Fat Mike    

Charles Kernaghan should be on the US Olympic Cycling team. I've never seen someone backpeddle that hard before.
Why would you even bring up labour practices in China if it's got nothing to do with the article? Liar!
Not a Kardashian fan but hope they sue the pants off this lying piece of stray phlegm.
Hey Charles, start looking for a new job, you moron. I'm tipping all the other do-gooders at your crappy organisation won't be too happy to see either of your two faces around the place.

1034 days ago


Maybe the Kardashians should be asked why they're not using their money to create jobs in America instead of using a chinese factory? All that money and you throw it in poor peoples faces. Fake family with to many issues. Famous for getting a killer off and making a crappy sex tape. There's the Kardashian talent everyones been looking for. Spreading their legs. Thanks for sending more jobs overseas so you can make more money Crapdashians

1034 days ago


As some others said....another celebrity profiting enormously while hiring jobs outside of America! When are people going to wake up and realize that NUMEROUS celebs do this while people are "unable to support their families" but yet support these celebs by buying the products. They act charitable but then profit off the cheap labor in other countries as numerous Americans are jobless...sometimes the majority vote is just saying the majority of people are idiots.

1034 days ago


I sure hope 20/20 is on their way to China to investigate these allegations to prove to America again the K-Sluts are
lying hoe bags.

1034 days ago


Every time I see or hear about a Kardasian I want to puke. They are absolute nobodys' that somehow get all this attention. They are not news worthy, they are talentless, ugly, attention hounds. Quit giving them attention, and maybe they will just go away!!!!

1034 days ago


Absolutely nothing would surprise me about any of the practices of the Kardashian/Jenner families. They are only about greed, greed and more greed, when is enough $ enough? As far as their being called talented, etc., I have no idea where this would come from as, as a group, there is no an iota of talent among them.

1034 days ago


The thing to totally understand is that Daddy defended double murderer OJ with dripping blood on his hands.
Wonder why this family has a problem with ethics?

1034 days ago


The fact that some people dont like the kardashians doesnt mean you shld spread stuff that is not confirmed. It is nice to always stand by the truth even if the person is your enemy.

1034 days ago

Fat Mike    

bahaha, I think it's funny that half the commenters come here to tell us how they "don't care" or to "boycott everything Kardashian".
Do you idiots realise it's YOU who fuels the media interest in them?
Every time you click on a Kardashian story you are making the website money. Most websites are in the business of making money so will keep printing anything that brings in the traffic.
I'm sure the Kardashians would thank you all personally if they had the time, but they're probably too busy spending the gazillions of dollars they have made off you and your friends.

1034 days ago


Am I the only one who's enjoying seeing the KarTRASHian's getting bucked off their high horses? They're getting bucked by the horse they've been on for so long, and it's about to send them a hoof to the face.

1034 days ago


Every clothing company runs sweatshops, the report depends on who the media wants to screw that particular day

1034 days ago


Oh my god you people are idiots. There's no proof of them using sweatshops so this guy is backtracking and saying their stuff is manufactured in a bad region. DO YOU PEOPLE HAVE ANY IDEA HOW MANY COMPANIES MANUFACTURE PRODUCTS OVER THERE? Your precious Apple company for one (among many). So for all the high-and-mighty people condemning the Kardashians for manufacturing things there why don't you look into some of the products you use and see how many are made in this region? Yeah, you're just as guilty as they are.

1034 days ago
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