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Kardashian Family

Reportedly Use 'Slave Labor'

to Produce Kardashian Products

12/21/2011 8:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The Kardashians -- who make millions of bucks off of their fashion lines -- use "slave labor" and turn a blind eye to shocking working conditions ... this according to a news report.

A human rights group is investigating claims that workers in China -- as young as 16 -- are working in squalid conditions to manufacture merchandise for the K-Dash by Kardashian label, the Kris Jenner Kollection and ShoeDazzle, according to a Star Magazine investigation.

The institute for Global Labour and Human Rights confirms with TMZ ... they have launched an investigation, amidst claims the Kardashians' products are produced in factories reeking of stench from sewage, with temperatures north of 100 degrees.  An official from the organization tells TMZ, conditions in the area are "horrific."

There are also claims the employees work up to 84 hours a week, earning $1 an hour.   The Kardashians rake in approximately $65 million a year.

Kris Jenner tells TMZ ... the factories manufacture a number of products unrelated to Kardashian lines.  Jenner adds, "As far as I know the factories that are used to manufacture the Kardashian clothing and shoes have nothing terrible going on at all and the factories are very well policed and meet factory standards."   Kris says she has not visited the factories in China.



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art duarte    

People still like these no talent pigs?

974 days ago


anything to get rid of these people from TV. Wake up america and stop buying their crap sweatshop items.

974 days ago


If North America was'nt so lazy to work and worried about brand names, we would'nt have to depend on slave labour, they are the only ones that want to work!

974 days ago

Prince Von A-Hole    

This has already been proven false. Bitter much Mario? OOPS I mean Perez. OOPS I mean Harv.

974 days ago


974 days ago

Snowman with a Turnip Nose    

Dear TMZ staff, who do you think made the Nike's on your feet? Or the shirts on your backs?

And, with your dozen or more Lardassian fluff pieces every week, aren't you supporters / enablers / facilitators of slave work by proxy? Point one finger and you have three fingers pointing back at yourself.

Nevertheless, **** the Kardashians!

974 days ago


enough with these folks...but seriously, they are not alone with the use of Child Labor...

974 days ago


This story is so absolutely perfect. The downfall of this band of morons is in its beginning stages. I hope stories like this continue to snowball and gain energy as this family falls further and further into oblivion. The public has spoken and everyone is sick of them to the point where they are despised. Please, you've made enough money. Just go away. The whole country HATES you.

974 days ago


so glad I stopped watching these FRAUDashians a long time ago!

974 days ago


If it doesn't say "Made in USA", then that's the conditions the products are made. That's why corporation export jobs and import goods, so they don't have to pay fair wages or provide adequate working conditions. It's todays "capitalism"! Get Rich B ! t c h!

974 days ago


wouldn't surprise me....just another reason to boycott anything kardashian

974 days ago


K's are all about drama. In a few days this will all be over too. Its all about keeping there name out there. Its the only longjevity they have., ya get up in the morning to see what they have though up next to keep there name there.. They hit fast, make the money, run there scam & leave & onto the next scam & drama.

974 days ago


This doesnt surprise me but this is a problem when your bottom line is money. Although I do not like the Kardashians this is a much bigger issue. Until we demand American companies stop taking their production to other countries this will continue. From her comment I dont think Chris Jenner cares to know one way or another how the product is made as long as she can attach her families name and make some money.

974 days ago


This family disgusts me. They are nothing more than narcissistic, self-serving media whores and glorified prostitutes. This doesn't surprise me at all.

974 days ago


these two clothing lines are sold on QVC, im sure once WVC gets wind of the investigation they can kiss that relationship goodbye... they have an answer/excuse for everything.

974 days ago
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