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Kris Humphries


by 20,000 Knicks Fans

12/21/2011 8:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kris Humphries
 has developed some thick skin since Kim Kardashian filed for divorce -- because he barely batted an eye at Madison Square Garden tonight ... when the entire stadium erupted in a chorus of boos.

You gotta see the clip -- Kris subs in ... and the disapproval from tens of thousands of Knicks fans is DEAFENING.

It's Kris' first game back after he re-signed with the Nets this week -- a one-year contract worth a reported $8 million. Who needs Kardashian money now?

6:32 AM PST -- When asked about the soul-crushing boos after the game, Kris sarcastically told reporters, "I was so focused on the game, I couldn’t hear that, bro."

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Amen to buzz kill. What ********, why boo him? Did they ever boo Dennis Rodman or Kobe Bryant for being blowhards? And they sure snapped a lot of photos while booing the guy. Stay classy, NY.

1044 days ago


Why boo Humphries? how stupid. Any boo-ing should be toward any Trashian who attends a game - yeah, that's you Khloe. Keep these low-lifes out of the stadium and let the guys play ball.

BOO KHLOE OR ANY OTHER KARTRASHIAN WHO ATTENDS ANY GAME! THROW HOTDOGS....oh yeah, Kim's had that done plenty of times on camera

1044 days ago


They ought to be cheering him for escaping the Skankdashian cult. Yeah Kris!

1044 days ago


So what did he do wrong?? He got bamboozled into a bad situation where he was used by THAT family. Come on people; this guy needs cheers, not boos!

1044 days ago


20,000 fans at a preseason Knick game!? Don't think so. Good for TMZ not to get bogged down in factual details.

1044 days ago

John dowser    

Best thing in the world was to get away from the Kardashian weirdo's...keep your head up Kris !

1044 days ago


The only thing the guy did wrong was marry the wrong person and that has NOTHING to do with playing ball. Geesh.

1044 days ago

not surprised    

First off I think 20,000 fans booing is another lie thrown out there by TMZ and the I'm a whore K-trashcans. This is just another ploy used by the skank clan to belittle Kris H. Remember when Rob was on Dancing With The Stars how they twittered and shoved VOTE FOR ROB crap in everyones faces? The same vicious tactic was used at this game. The K-trash know a lot of NBA players and fans so I'm sure prior to the game they were coached to do this when Kris came out on the court. Once again they have made fools of themselves because people see right through them. You are not dealing with reality with these gutter rats who will do anything to save their pitiful existence. There is more to this story than we are being told, but because the K-trash have the money to silence people we will never know the real truth. Hang in there, Kris H. their kingdom is falling and you will have the last laugh. Just don't ever stoop to their level because you will never be able to get back up again. Merry Xmas and enjoy a K-trashcan free New Year!!!!

1044 days ago


Yeah it's hard to get that Kartrashian stink off yah!!!

1044 days ago

Rotten Puppets    

That happens to the opposing teams biggest NYK Enemy every night.. K-Hump is just such a douche the crowd went the extra mile last night for him. They didn't put him in 2nd half and towards the end a giant "We want Humpfries" chant broke out. Poor kid talking about wrong vagina, wrong time.

1044 days ago


the crowd just confirmed how stupid they are. Lets boo a man that got married and his "wife" left him after 72 days. yea boooo! boooo!

1044 days ago


That's what happens when a man insults women and then acts like a girly man himself. Kris should just keep his mouth shut about the Kardashians and just move on, he'd be much better off than just throwing out insults everytime he's behind a mic.

1044 days ago


TMZ...you and the rest of media look like fools for posting this stupid azz video, players get booed all the time, you are always trying to prove something proved that he was booed because of that trashy azz Kim Kardashian or her tacky azz family!!!

1044 days ago


There was a white guy on the court. BOOOO

1044 days ago


Ignore the boos Kris! You're a good guy.....much too good for that trashy clan you were briefly associated with. Make the most of your second chance at a good, real life!

1044 days ago
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