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SLAMS 'Racist' Dutch Magazine

for 'Degrading' Article

12/21/2011 2:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

unloaded on the editor of a popular Dutch magazine this week -- furious over an article that referred to her as a "N**gaB*tch."

In the original article that ran in "Jackie" magazine -- editor Eva Hoeke approved copy that read, "Rihanna, the good girl gone bad, is the ultimate n**gab*tch and displays that gladly."

Rihanna was PISSED -- and responded with a Twitter message to Hoeke which read, "I hope u can read english, because your magazine is a poor representation of the evolution of human rights!"

She added, "I find you disrespectful, and rather desperate!! You ran out of legit, civilized information to print! There are 1000's of Dutch girls who would love to be recognized for their contributions to your country, you could have given them an article. Instead, u paid to print one degrading an entire race!"

Hoeke has since resigned from her position -- and the magazine says she has been "taunted and threatened" after referring to the slur as a "joke" in what's being considered a half-assed apology.

The magazine has invited Rihanna to talk things out with them for an article in the next issue. Don't hold your breath, Jackie.


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As a black woman I was more offended by Rihanna wearing the word **** around her neck and ******* her way to the top.

1035 days ago


She couldn't be more hypocrtical. She and her fellow ghetto thug aquaintences degrade their own race on a daily basis.

1035 days ago


I hope U can read english, because my black ass cant spell with it"

1035 days ago


Wait a minute the magazine has editors, I presume. That's where you catch and deflect "joke"---My question is why was her reference racist... black people are the only minority in this country that actually embrace racial epitaphs and prison culture as good things. Imagine how strange it would be if whites has songs where they'd routinely referred to themselves or to others as trash, but black folks are proud of being ni99ers-or so it would seem.

1035 days ago


forome reason the first thing out of non-talented skanks is "racist" she is just being a professional victim.

1035 days ago


Having grown up in Memphis shortly after MLK's assassination and seen firsthand the evolution of race relations there and around the South, I find it problematic that our young Blacks today use the word "n***a". During my youth, I used it the same way. But when a White kid, whom I let borrow a Richard Pryor tape, started repeating the jokes, I found it offensive. Mind you, I never used the word in the presence of Whites. After that experience, I checked myself and realized that it's offensive whether Blacks or Whites use it and regardless of the pronunciation. Also, I've noticed the majority of young Blacks who do use it so freely are those who never grew up in the South and wonder if they understand the depth of the connotation and psychological impact of using the word themselves. Until recently, many successful non-Southern Black rappers shunned Southern hip hop. Yet, they laced their lyrics with "n***a", a word that was born in the racist South. Now they bow down to lil Wayne as one of the greatest rappers ever.

My point? I don't know whether Rihanna has used the word in her lyrics because I don't listen to her music; however, her popularity in hip hop and her association with very high profile mainstream artists who do use those words in her lyrics juxtaposed with her outrage over this article and its context is emblematic of the confusion that exists in hip hop and, therefore, society today. You have millionaire rappers who became rich using *n***a", calling themselve "n***as*. Yet when someone not Black uses it in the same context, basically repeating what the person (not necessarily Rihanna) has said about themselves, there is shock and outrage and a discussion about how evolved we should be. Seriously?!? I'm willing to give Rihanna the benefit of the doubt and say she's never used the word in her lyrics. Since she has associated herself with people who have and not checked them on it and now wants to decry the repetition of it in this article, though, she's just as guilty of perpetuating the stereotype. You can't have your cake and eat it, too.

1035 days ago


I am white and lived next to a black family in Saginaw,Mich.I was having a young black man helping me reroof my house. My neighbor said " Look Steve, I'm black but that kid helping you is a ******." A ****** was to him and us white people a thieving, druggy and anti social by his taking from everyone for his own goal. So I was taught the proper use of the word. These can be white ******s, brown ******s and anyone showing these traits. About 30% of slaves came from *****ia shortened to ******.Then used to refer to all. The word Gay was for fun, happy go lucky. I can not go around saying that I'm gay with out some misguided person hitting on me.
It is not always what you say but how you say it.

1035 days ago


Starting to really dislike Rihanna....she's pissed now because a dutch magazine printed an article that said “Rihanna the good girl gone bad, is the ultimate n**ga B*tch and displays it proudly” THAT piss's you off....but you have NO issue wearing a necklace that says "C*nt" on it? Get it straight dear......You can't be hard core, and be a *C*nt" one day and get mad when people refer to you as hard core the next....

1035 days ago


So I quess the USA is not so bad afterall. People in Europe have not been brainwashed into over political correctness that has violated our freedom of speech. This dumb chic is exactly what they called her, although, they forgot, skank, and a fool who likes to have the crap beat out of her.

1035 days ago


that it was spelled with an "a" instead of an "er" says that the writer was aware of the duality that now exists in relation to that particular term.
she should not have lost her job over that

1035 days ago


she struts around and is as raunchy as she wants to be, so when someone speaks the truth and calls her a "N**gaB*tch." she gets offended. yeah, the truth hurts doesn't it. She is a "N**gaB*tch.", and i'm not even in the magazine industry.

1035 days ago


She wears a necklace that says c**t she has no right to complain....

1035 days ago


white people will never stop using it until black people stop using it. The word has to become taboo, but black people won't let that happen. This is common sense stuff... don't see why ya'll can't get it. If black people call out themselves the way they call out the whites, the word would disappear for ever. PS, they call me cracker and my people were slaves for way longer than the blacks. Heck, i think jews were the first slaves ever. they call me cracker all the time and not one black person seems to care. Where is the respect there?

1035 days ago


It's not racist, they used the "A" version and not the "ER" version.

1035 days ago


I despise the usage (and subsequent retarded justifications) of the "N" word. However, context anyone? I haven't seen the article to know the context. Perhaps, it being dutch and therefore a little bit of barrier in language and culture, it was meant to be a compliment since so many people glorify the "N" word as an endearment. Rhianna is trashy. Now she's also let everyone know that she is impulsive, stupid and ignorant. Maybe she should spend less time being mad at the dutch magazine, and more time being mad at the culture she participates in that uses the word with such frequency. I'm sorry, but nobody gets to dictate who can and can't use that word, and in what inflection. Nobody.

1035 days ago
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