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'Trapped in the Closet' Sequel

Somebody Give R.Kelly Money!!!

12/21/2011 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


R. Kelly needs money and he needs it now -- that is if the world wants to see his 32 new chapters of the "Trapped in the Closet" saga. So ... get this man some cash, or is it time to move on?

Plus, the Kardashian empire takes a hit from a human rights group over alleged "slave labor" in a Chinese factory where they make clothes. The guy who's accusing them calls in ... see why we think there's a few key facts missing from this story.

(1:00) The Kardashian's are accused by Star Magazine of using sweatshops to make their clothes -- but there's something fishy about the story.
(4:40) Executive director of the Institute for Global Labour and Human Rights Charles Kernaghan -- whom Star quoted in their article -- is on the phone ... and he says they got it all wrong!!!
(12:20) Evan is fired up -- Star's report was completely irresponsible without doing the proper research.
(17:11) Kernaghan hasn't actually seen the Kardashian factory -- but he says it's highly likely conditions are terrible. 
(18:15) Kernghan warned Star not to publish the story without doing more research.
(27:30) A classic clip from R. Kelly's "Trapped in the Closet" series -- involving a little person pooping himself.
(28:31) Possibly the greatest news of all time -- R. Kelly told us he wants to make 32 more chapters "Trapped in the Closet" videos.
(30:05) Van said it best -- the "Trapped" videos are like "Hood Masterpiece Theater."


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How long has the company been in China? If they know that most sweat shops are in China, why product their product there? How long will it take to do the research on this issue? They need to be held accountable!!

1006 days ago


Wow, so the Kardashians are popular and have made their mark in AMERICA......why not manufacture the clothing/shoes in AMERICA? They sold out for money!

1006 days ago

Kim Kardashian    

Why would Kim produce products in China if she knows that these conditions and issues exist? Its all profit driven. Its all at the expense of american jobs.

Way to go Kim, Exploit the media to get publicity thanks to your publicity stunts. Ask americans to buy your products, and use chinese labor (child or not) to make them.

1006 days ago


Having clothing products made in sweatshops in China is nothing new. A lot of corporations do that and know how bad these sweatshops are. It's not right but it's done. The KarTRASHian siblings may not have known how and where their clothing line was made but I'm more than sure pimp mama Kardashian knew and just like all the other American manufactures/corporations don't give a damn as long as they make money over here.

The question is HOW BAD WERE THE CONDITIONS IN THE SWEATSHOP WHERE THE PEOPLE WERE WORKING ON THE K'S CLOTHING LINE? Some sweatshops are worse than others. Star should have sent in an undercover person then wrote the article.

1006 days ago


Robert Shapiro -- the famous lawyer-turned-entrepreneur who owns ShoeDazzle -- tells TMZ ... his team has invested tons of time, energy and money to ensure the factories are operating in good standard.
How US friendly is Shapiro to his country, when He invested in a foreign Country to make his goods. here is NO CHILD LABOR taking place in any of its China factories Then he brings the goods to the US and gives the US Citizens an anal. This is the American Way of doing business and becoming the one percent. Employee foreign labour at a rate that pay poverty wages and total ignore the country Which you are a citizen of, also the people that live in it. It’s time for people to vote out the present way of governing and set new standards in business. If you are a Robert Shapiro who choose to manufacture overseas and Who imports he manufactured goods to sell in America. This is where to put an heavy import tax on these manufacturers and give those a break who manufacture good in America. By your article the Kardashian are give the Country of US an Anal.
One of the governing parties GOP (Gold Our Pockets) Who are supported by Big business to keep the laws in place that will allow them to do there business overseas and import. But, in turn, this also will kill business in the US and discourage people to start are new business in the US. These laws put in place by the lobbies is why we have the problem of unemployment, people living in poverty and other like the Kardashian praying on the less unfortunate who do not have jobs do to the Kardashian and Shariro way of business.

1006 days ago


That picture u have up on this video player of the Kardashians looks very strange... Like they have all had some serious RECENT work done on all of their faces... Sheesh... GROSS

1006 days ago


your an idiot if you think there are ANY GOOD factories in china.

1005 days ago
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