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Adam Lambert

Fight to the Finnish:

A TMZ Helsinki Investigation

12/22/2011 5:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Adam Lambert's alcohol-fueled fight with his boyfriend in Finland gave us perfect opportunity to launch the latest TMZ bureau ... stereotypical Finnish accents included!

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Who u think    

Nice comments i read all 150 of them and i laught. Do americans realy are that stupid they think our justice system is stupid as they have? if u have problems what need police come to solve that u realy know that u done wrong... in europe. what or can i even say morans meaning americans to say go to your selfs and ask why i be so ******* idiot to be american hypocrith ******* that i can say that :D sad that guy doesnt get double tab in heard in Finland cuz we respect people :D merry x-mass people... and **** mericans...

1001 days ago


Announcer on this video doesnt sound anything like bruno or borat movies actor. Nice that you got something new TMZ! Then again, i understand if you are jealous about adam as you sound so gay...

1001 days ago


Retarded video.

1001 days ago


Stupid ***** lame. This wasn't funny as all.Your knowledge about Finland is so poor. This only shows how stupid people in america's can be..

1001 days ago


We here in Finland dont know who is this Adam, same as who is this "BB star". Ther in US seems not been enything else to do but follow some "USA superstars" steps.

1001 days ago


Helsinki, is not any deer. :D
Only on Fennoscandia, north of Rovaniemi.

1001 days ago


Very funny. But you joked by our accent when we speak English, but at least you know what we say. When you guys speak Finnish, no-one can understand you because you can't speak Finnish. An bye the way, there is no reindeers in Helsinki and how many of you knows where Finland is?

1001 days ago


Your video, although a joke, makes Finland sound like some isolated country far away in the Middle-Asia. The editors have probably briefly checked the country's location, then thought "they must speak some Mongolian-like language there". So wrong. It's a surprise you didn't include polar bears and igloos to the mix. :-)

1001 days ago

jukka leskinen    

You bloody jenkies keep your own celebrities and wathc out! NEVER **** WITH THE FINNISH PEOPLE...Just a little warning, Your nose might be somewhere else than it should be! So **** YOU !!!

1001 days ago


this video sucks!

1001 days ago

Girl from finland    

Here in Finland people don't behave like exempel Americans. When do we see some famous people walking in the street, we won't scream like idiots or run to ask signature. We jus*****ch them couple of second and that's it. They are same kind of people like us, they just have a skill to do something and they have been on tv or something and everyone knows them...nothing special

1001 days ago


Wow, all these Finns commenting here! You're all a bunch of "tosikkos" - people without any sense of humor and lifeless academics. Sauli and Adam ARE huge in Finland, and TMZ is mocking that fact, since Adam is kind of washed up in the states. And Sauli, who the f is that?! LOL Well, at least this got Finland on the map for something.

1001 days ago


But where is Tuksu?

1001 days ago


Adam who? sauli wha?? -finland

1001 days ago


Us people newer learn Vietnam, Afganistan.... merry Christmas all the lost son on there. Keep yours f...c gay army on.

1001 days ago
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