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Adam Lambert & BF

'Jet Lag + Vodka = Blackout'

... But We've Made Up

12/22/2011 10:55 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Adam Lambert
Adam Lambert
says he and his reality star boyfriend have buried the hatchet after their drunken brawl at a Finland gay bar last night ... blaming the whole thing on jet lag and vodka.

Lambert went to Twitter this morning ... and posted a mathematical equation to sum up the last few hours:

"Jetlag + Vodka = blackout.

Us ÷ blackout = irrational confusion.

jail + guilt + press = lesson learned.

Sauli + Adam + hangover burgers = laughing bout it. :)"

As we previously reported, Adam and Sauli were arrested for multiple assaults ... but were both released soon after .. and cops now say they will not pursue criminal charges.

So the question ... Is domestic violence more tolerable/laughable when it's 2 gay guys rather than a man and a woman?


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why are you saying there was abuse? neither was hurt and no charges.

1038 days ago

Fallopia Lopez    

Classy all the way around. Adam for his lack of self-control. TMZ for baiting the phobes. Harvey, you must hate what you see in the mirror, huh?

1038 days ago


there is a HUGE difference here. two men fighting is no big deal, and if Adam and Sauli were straight? this question wouldn't even be asked. Men who beat women is an entirely different story. can't believe you can even compare the two.

1038 days ago


If IT WERE a real fight, I'd be pissed and say the perpetrator needs to be punished . But it wasn't a real fight. You of all people can dig up the truth. There was no real physical altercation, just some yelling. The bar called the police for two reasons: it is The Adam Lambert & publicity for the bar. I guess the economy over there is not doing that well so the bar needed all the free advertising it can get.

1038 days ago


Don't know why he wears eyeliner--looks much better without it.

1038 days ago


Brawl??? These two punkass douche nozzles couldnt slap fight there way out of the blue oyster bar. If I saw them fighting in the streets I would do the world a favor and beat the crap out of both of them. I believe their fathers should have shot them on the floor instead of allowing them to waste our precious oxygen!!!

1038 days ago


WoW! I watch TMZ all the time but have never actually read the comment on your website. Where did these people crawl out from? Sauli + Adam good for you for making up and enjoy Christmas!

1038 days ago


NSession Magazine cover a great story on Adam Lamberts unexplainable lash out. Read this Adam Lambert story @

1038 days ago


I would love to bust that queer in the nose.What a waist of a human being.

1038 days ago


TMZ, that is the most dumbass question I have ever seen you post. Male, female doesn't matter. The operative words are domesticate violence. No matter the sexual proclivities of the people involved, its NOT ok to put your hands on another person.

1038 days ago


Adam WOW you have so much going for You, You are a wonderful Talent,one of a kind Talent. Don't let drinking take this chance away from you

Drinking = Doing stupid things = Not cool = trouble

Sober = the BEST life you could ever want.

The best to you ADAM, I'm a Fan. NOT disappointed I understand you are young But if you keep getting yourself in trouble and each time it has been when you are drinking Then that says it all. Don't let drinking take away your talent from You. It is so not worth it. :( Hope now you "GET IT" and we never read anything but Good things about you. Don't mess up what has been given to you in life.

1038 days ago


If only they'd killed each other...


1038 days ago


adam lambert sings like he's gargaling his used enema water! what a douche bag!

1038 days ago


Can't wait for the day that TMZ reports that A.L. put a cold steel barrel in his mouth and did all of us a favor.

1038 days ago

Not my bowl of rice    

OK... time to focus on music...go make some magic...

1038 days ago
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