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Casey Anthony

Sued By Meter Reader

Who Found Caylee's Remains

12/22/2011 3:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Casey Anthony
The meter reader who found Caylee Anthony's remains has filed a lawsuit against Casey Anthony, claiming the freshly acquitted defendant defamed him by pointing the guilty finger in his direction.

Roy Kronk alleges in his lawsuit ... Casey's lawyers acted as her agents when they went on a media blitz accusing him of doing in the toddler.  Kronk points to various statements the lawyers made to reporters, including, "Roy Kronk is the Killer," "Roy Kronk is a childsnatcher," and "Roy Kronk is guilty."

Kronk -- who never got a retraction -- now  wants punitive and other damages.


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i hope she never has one moments peace in her life

1002 days ago

Dennis Johnson    

I agree with Roy and he should drag that LOW LEVEL S*** of a MURDERER through the courts and get every penny he can.

1002 days ago


one word INNOCENT!!! now suck on that!

1002 days ago


She's hurt so many people. She should be a college case study for Deviant Behavior courses. She's demonic and evil.

1002 days ago


not gona cant sue some one for statements made in court.I learned that one from harvey

1002 days ago


I love how I forget about her, till something like this reminds me of her, and then the feelings of hate come right back for her. It's so stupid that she says my dad killed Caylee, But hey it's ok now becuase they said Caseys not guilty, so now it's over. Most everyone KNOWs the liar did do it. 31 days and I'm looking for my daughter (in the Bars) and don't you dare ask me no question Mom or Dad, about Caylee, or I'll go off on you. Mom you believe me Right. (man I am a good liar she does believe me) sad. All the Casey lovers wish you COULD have her to deal with in your lifes. Karma Baby killer KARMA, I just hope who ever is caring for the loser is getting sick of her NOW. Because everything does get Old. Geroge kudos a million times over for getting off the stand and dusting your hands off at HER the real killer--don't like my post well to bad so sad. Because the TRUTH does hurt. Read these post Casey and Know what most people besides the stupid 12 feel about you. They still need their butts kicked for being so taken in, and letting a chikd killer walk, I still resent them the most. Since then now how many more are sticking to their lying stories, Someone came into my home a took my child while they were sleeping, Hey Casey got away with it Bet they know they can too now. Sad SAD SAD !!! JMO but man do I feel this way on Casey Anthony the CAYLEE MARIE ANTHONY killer, not her dad, or anyone else. You like Casey thats your PROBLEM

1002 days ago


WTG Roy Kronk!!! You have a very winnable case. This CONVICTED FELON, PATHOLOGICAL LIAR, SKANK, NARCISSIST, BABY KILLER, CASEY ANTHONY needs to have the pants sued off of her. She is the s*** of the earth, in fact lower than s***. Now this POS is trying to profit off of murdering her child. Boycott anything Anthony. That means, her, her parents, brother, lawyers, anyone connected to this s***bag. I feel so sorry that Caylee got stuck with such an evil mother, may the sweet child RIP!!!

1002 days ago


I wish I could sue her just outta spite! Enjoy your freedom, b!tch ... oh wait, you're too scared to go outside of your home. Not to free huh? I hope it forever stays that way!

1002 days ago


Sue the bitch, hell let us all sue the ****. Maybe with enough pressure she'll off herself.

1002 days ago


Do all of the people making the negative comments, do you not understand what not quilty means.Get over it and move on with your boring lives.

1002 days ago


Good for him He should also sue the whole defense team sue!!! You should not be aloud to get up in court and say and accuse people of something without any evidence. The court system needs to take a look at everything Biaz said in his opening and disbar him for being unprofessional and unethical to the court system

1002 days ago


Everytime I see her name at the begining of an article i am hoping it follows with "Hit by car while crossing street. Paralyzed from neck down".

1002 days ago

Studley Buck    

Another parasite crawls out of the Florida swamp, trying to bite Casey's smooth, sweet, shapely ankles.

1002 days ago

Cravin Morehead    

I don't think that's going to work. In most states, statements made during the course of judicial proceedings are privileged.

1002 days ago

Stupid People Hater    

You should be able to sue a lawyer who is in on it as well.

1002 days ago
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