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Chaz Bono

Moving On with His Baggage

12/22/2011 8:03 AM PST BY Johnny Lopez

Chaz Bono Moving OutChaz Bono and his ex-fiancée Jennifer Elia were spotted separately outside the L.A. home they once shared on Wednesday ... the first time they've been photographed since going public with their break-up.

While Bono was spotted hauling his own suitcase out of the house, Jennifer looked visibly distraught upon her arrival.

Chaz and Jen were together for 12 years and got engaged seven months ago on Bono's reality show "Being Chaz."


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I would love to get my hands on chaz! Sexy beast.

1005 days ago


Remember, its a girl, not a guy. A really ugly girl, but a girl.

1005 days ago


Hey Chaz...... Didn't anyone tell you that chicks don't like fat, ugly, pasty white guys?

1005 days ago


i'm pretty sure he has a legal do***ent saying he's a man????

1005 days ago


If jenniffer is a lesbian, and Chastity tried turning herself into a man, of course they are going to break up. DUH!!

1005 days ago

Queen Karma    

Chasitiy Bonon , that adorable little girl of Cher's, was a homosexual . Too testrone, had a mascetomy, a hyterectomy, and is planning on getting a penis built. Hidentified as one. His right.
EVEN with these pshyical changes that take care of mostly outside, he is still a she. X, Y chromosomes are still there. DNA of a female is still there. Like Michela Jackson became a white and bought an egg and sperm donor and surrogate to carry the babies, those kids are not his biological kids.They look white like he looked, but his DNA was that of a Black, a non mixed Black guy.

1005 days ago

A Real Lawyer    

My question to all of you is why does Helen of Canada come to TMZ - an American site - to be mean, spiteful and hateful all calling us posters out as mean, spiteful and hateful? Hypocrite, much? Geez Helen you keep making an a** of yourself everytime your hateful self calls out people for being hateful. Weak, dumb and gay is no way to go through life Helen. Hypocrites are the dumbest people on the planet and Helen you are both a hypocrite and dumber than a box of rocks. Oh, and gay people will someday stand in front of their maker and try to project their excuses on to GOD who won't accept them. Good luck with that!

1005 days ago


Its Disgusting

1005 days ago


Whatever this is, it's a f.... mess!!

1005 days ago


Regardless of our sex at birth, some people struggle to adapt to feelings they have about sexuality. I cannot imagine the pain and confusion that comes from these types of situations but I can have compassion for another human beings feelings and I do have that compassion every time I read about someone going through what Chaz has gone through and continues to struggle with. Being ostrasized for being different is bullying no matter how you look at it. Chaz, I wish you well in your search for yourself.

1005 days ago


It's amazing, what in the h*ll has happened to glamorous hollywood? Women who want to be me, men wanting to women, doing Self-Mutilation by wacking off body parts. The straights, with the boob, butt, lipo suction and the frozen faces of botox, leading down the road in freakish appearences. We hear more about the mutants than real actors or entertainers. We got 10 thousand of freakish reality so called stars and only a hand full of real actors we hear about. I just want to see well acted movies and shows...not these freaks!

1005 days ago


I remember when he first announced that he was undergoing a sex change operation, and he said he wanted to be left alone (by the paparazzi) - umm then why announce it to the world? That I just find that so annoying, it was almost like a Kim K move.

1005 days ago

John T.    

It's really sick and sad what some people will do to get in the headlines, even become a hippo freak.

1005 days ago


funny, tmz has pics of an androg., model from male 2 female who looks so pretty and doesn't get the hatred comments that chaz does...guess it has more to do with looks of a person...i think people who make a change have enough going on, no need to be so hateful on here aszholes!

1005 days ago


Oh please, oh please, quit doing stories on her. It's makes me nauseous every time I scroll down and see her and what she's done to herself.

1005 days ago
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