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Chaz Bono

Moving On with His Baggage

12/22/2011 8:03 AM PST BY Johnny Lopez

Chaz Bono Moving OutChaz Bono and his ex-fiancée Jennifer Elia were spotted separately outside the L.A. home they once shared on Wednesday ... the first time they've been photographed since going public with their break-up.

While Bono was spotted hauling his own suitcase out of the house, Jennifer looked visibly distraught upon her arrival.

Chaz and Jen were together for 12 years and got engaged seven months ago on Bono's reality show "Being Chaz."


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One thing is ABSOLUTELY certain, Chad will NEVER pick up another piece of a*s like this in her life!

1034 days ago

Cool Breeze    

Chaz is the baggage

1034 days ago


I kinda feel bad for Jennifer. She is a lesbian who at first thought she was in a lesbian relationship only to find out her chick really wants to be a man. Jennifer stands by mental case Chaz while she gets male hormones, cuts her boobs off, gains weight and grows facial hair. She must have really loved Chaz to put up with all that crap. If she wanted to share her life and have sex with a man she would be a heterosexual not a lesbian! Have some of the gay or transgender supporters on this site forgot about her? Better luck next time Jennifer. I hope you find a hot lipstick lesbian who likes being a women!

1034 days ago

aunt jojo    

I am cornfused. They BOTH moved out of the house. Isn't it Chaz's house? I am losing sleep over this ya know. I will say this, that Chaz's lady won't be single too long. One thing that is really sad here, is that she didn't want to stop drinking, and that is really hard on a sober relationship (Chaz's). This is a tough go.

1034 days ago


What a fat, ugly, gay, woman with nasty pubic hair on her face. Please, just let the heart give out and go away for the eternal dirt nap you disgusting piece of garbage.

1034 days ago


32. Helen from Canada!: 8 hours ago

"I have never come across more hateful people then Americans. Homophobia runs rampant in a country which the world percieves as a 1st world country. This is so sad. Ironically, I think "Heterosexuals" despise the fact that "homosexuals," for the most part, can't be controlled by superficial societal norms, taboos and urges. "Homosexuals" are freer to do as they want or the spirit dictates. My conclusion: Heterosexuals are simply jealous that we don't care what oters think of us!"


Wow, Helen, really, Americans are the worst? Head on over any of the Muslim countries in the Middle East and see how nice those people are to homosexuals. Ask any of your Canadian-Muslim neighbors what THEY really think about homosexuals. Get back to me on that.

1034 days ago


Chaz is a spoiled brat and jerk, some things never change no matter what the gender is.

1034 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

Either Chaz has been working out or that luggage is filled with plastic bags. Ever tried lifting luggage that is full with one arm?... lol... When you can simply pull it on it's wheel.

1034 days ago


I wonder if Chaz cleaned the carpet before he moved out. Just sayin'.

1034 days ago

Politico Pablo    

So who's inside the suit case Chaz? Anyone we know?

1034 days ago

Silverado Mom    

In my years in college I always understood that it doesn't matter what was on the outside of the body (genitalia, breasts, etc), but rather what was biologically on the inside that determines a gender. Like the story of a doctor who failed the cir***cision on a little boy and told the parents to raise him as a girl. He grew up feeling like a male and was biologically male. All I can say with any certainty is that too much testosterone can cause issues in a relationship enough to break it up.

1034 days ago


It's so sad that this hungry hippo is living a lie....She will never be a man just a ugly lesbian

1034 days ago

somewhere in Texas    

If you sit to pee and you are not male child potty training,you are a girl.

1034 days ago


Chaz is eating himself to death. This is not a happy person, sex change or no sex change.

1034 days ago


ROFLMAO....I can't stop laughing. I thought women move into men's houses not the opposite....ha ha....ooops!...she spend her money into turning a man which didn't work. EPIC FAIL CHAZ.

1034 days ago
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