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Notorious B.I.G. vs Tupac


Sex Tape War!

12/22/2011 12:02 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Singer Faith Evans is in the middle of Notorious B.I.G. and Tupac again ... tackling a not-so-far-fetched hypothetical question -- which rap legend would make the best sex tape? Choose wisely, Faith.  

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How can this be up for debate? A fat slob vs. a guy in great shape? Gee... I wonder...

1033 days ago


Wow TMZ with the Spam. And Tupac was hot :)

1033 days ago


The answer is obvious: BIG. Pac was always setting off everybody's gaydar and I'm almost certain that his eventual death had more to do with a gay sex rendezvous gone wrong than any "feud".

1033 days ago


Really? Big? I don't know. If I wanted to see a fat man sweat through sex I could just call up my ex.

1033 days ago


who in the phk would want to watch these two dead rappers in a sex tape...biggie most likely would be the most disgusting one...and who gives a phk about tupac anymore....hes dead!

1033 days ago


Both nasty

1033 days ago


YOU GUYS needs to do a TMZ RETRACTION the black girl yesterday at TMZ claimed that Faith started the east coast/west coast war?!?!? Is she dumb? The beef had NOTHING to do with Faith. So let me educate that chic and im surprised the black guy that works there didnt put her ass in check. Pac got shot in Quad Studios in New York at the same time Biggie and his crew was there. Pac thought Biggie and his crew call the hit when he got shot the first time in 1994 and thats where it started. HARVEY hire people that know what there talking about because if that chic is representing hip hop she needs to know her FACTS before she speaks! RETRACTION ASAP!

1033 days ago


Dion, you are also incorrect.

While the beef did start due to the shooting at Quad studios, he never blamed Biggie for setting up the hit. He always blamed Jimmy "Henchman" Rosemand and King Tut for setting up the hit. He blamed Biggie and Puff of knowing it was going to happen, and failing to warn him. Either out of lack of love or fear. That's why he was furious with Biggie, he felt betrayed. Biggie of course denied any prior knowledge.

As Pac himself said. "He owed me more, he owed me more than to act like he didn't know *****s was about to blow my ******* head off. He knew."

1033 days ago

Keeping the Faith    

Shame on you TMZ!!! I'm so damn offended that y'all would be so low to make such a tasteless attack against Faith Evans like that!Because you jerks were hungry to fill some space on your show you had to do something that disgraceful and tacky? 2Pac's sex tape has nothing to do with Faith Evans and it was so foul of yall to confront Faith with that cheap, immature, and ill spirited B.S.! If you jerks read Faith Evans' Biography book that she released, you would have read from her own mouth that she never had any sexual engagement with 2Pac... Faith's book is very truth telling and you can tell by her interviews and her book that she don't have much to hide, she will put her truth out there, and she has. 2Pac only created that rumor in a heated, angry and furious attempt to attack Biggie. You guys are hella weak for this bs report by confronting her with that absolute ****. Her husband was murdered and she's had to raise Biggies son, with the wounds of the madness that occurred durning that time. She has tried continuously to remain graceful in character throughout all of that. Why throw up some untrue, raunchy, and hurtful **** up like that to her, after all these years? And who ever that black bitch is on your show that stated Faith had sex with 2Pac is truly stupid. I hope Faith gets a legal team and sue the tacky bitch and TMZ for "slander" and lying on her. What Faith should do is meet that bitch after work and beat her ass like she did Lil Kim, back in the day!lol! Just kidding, but she should sue TMZ. Whatever you want to say about her, she has demonstrated amazing zeal and grace. Leave Faith Evans alone. She is proudly raising 4 kids and trying to do her...Stop hating!

1009 days ago


stop making fun of 2pac and biggie, both of their deaths! are not ****ing funny you *******s!

140 days ago

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