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P!nk's Rescued Puppy

On The Mend [Pics]

12/23/2011 9:55 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1223_PINK_DOG_LAUNCH_EX_TMZ_WM_2Here she is ... Stella ... the adorable little puppy who was thrown off an L.A. overpass by some heartless scumbag ... and could have died ... if not for an unbelievable act of kindness from P!nk.

TMZ broke the story ... P!nk dropped $5,000 to pay for emergency lifesaving surgery for the puppy after learning she suffered 3 broken legs after being tossed into the L.A. river.

Thanks to P!nk, Stella has made an inspiring recovery and has since been adopted by a loving family.

And if that doesn't warm your heart ... you might be dead.


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What a sweet little face. How could someone do anything like that?!!

1012 days ago


And it's funny how people don't wish violence on animals but yet they want to murder actual people who harm them. I think the ones with issues are thoses people that wish harm on other people not those who abuse animals. Is it right to abuse anything, no. Would I spend 5 grand to help an animal HELL NO!

1012 days ago


What a great dog! And lucky too! How nice of Pink to do this. Never been a big fan but am now!

1012 days ago


Thank you Pink. What a POSITIVE, kind, compassionate deed. Animals and dogs especially know one thing and that's love. Anyone who has had a pet knows the many laughs, joy and loyalty they provide. Thank you for your act of kindness (but as with everything else in this world, no matter WHAT you do, some b*tch has to come in and criticize and be negative...even if it's a completely generous, loving act.)
Thank you again for your big heart Pink and for doing such good.

1012 days ago


You are my hero! Thank you so much for reaching out and doing the right thing for that little guy. What kind of s***bag would torture an innocent animal like that! I would love to do the same thing to them. Rot in hell s***bag!

1012 days ago


Shane, you need help. You need help pronto. Anyone who reads this story and gets angered by her actually HELPING a living being in need needs psychiatric help and evaluation. You are a very, very angry, sick little fact, I'd dare say people like you who abuse animals really resent people like Pink who come and rescue them and make all your sick efforts go to vain. God is watching you- you sick freak. Now go get that help you so desperately need.

1012 days ago


@Shane Human Charities supported by P!nk Make Poverty History, Save the Children, UNICEF, YouthAIDS, Human Rights Campaign...And she just donated $15,000 to Ronald mcdonald house for children..So you donating $1 at the check out line at your grocery store just a cutting it..Step your game up..

1012 days ago

sarah n    

Look at those dog ears! Can I cuddle it, please. Also, dogs are defenseless and cannot speak for themselves. Animals need people like pink and supporters to speak out for them. Keep it up supporters.

1012 days ago


You are my hero! Especially this time I year you give without being asked or expected to so you ensure the health of an innocent beautiful animal. Thank you. What kind of s***bag could do such a horrible thing to an innocent puppy. I hope the s***bag rots in HELL>

1012 days ago


I can't even imagine the mentality of the piece of s*** who would do that to the poor little doggie! I really hope karma takes care of that creep, whoever they are!

1012 days ago


Still not a fan of her music, but I'll be damned if I'm not going to be a bigger fan of her as a person. People that do things like that to helpless animals should be put down. Kudos Pink!

1012 days ago


That dog is just so adorable, I wanna give her a hug!

1012 days ago


this is why everybody loves PInk including me

1012 days ago


Beautiful puppy. But uh, if the dog had surgery on 3 broken legs, how come only one leg is splinted and bandaged?

1012 days ago


What a CUTE dog!! OMG How could you look at that face & then toss him? POS hope karma bites them in the a$$!! Pink is awesome to help out this dog. I think it's a little ridiculous that people are on here saying Pink cares more about animals than people. How do you know she doesn't do numerous charities? She may very well give money to charities that help people. We don't know. So we shouldn't presume. This story is just in the news that's all. She did a great thing & shouldn't be slammed for it. I am not a fan of her music but I am a fan of her being a good person. WTG PINK!!!!!

1012 days ago
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