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P!nk's Rescued Puppy

On The Mend [Pics]

12/23/2011 9:55 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1223_PINK_DOG_LAUNCH_EX_TMZ_WM_2Here she is ... Stella ... the adorable little puppy who was thrown off an L.A. overpass by some heartless scumbag ... and could have died ... if not for an unbelievable act of kindness from P!nk.

TMZ broke the story ... P!nk dropped $5,000 to pay for emergency lifesaving surgery for the puppy after learning she suffered 3 broken legs after being tossed into the L.A. river.

Thanks to P!nk, Stella has made an inspiring recovery and has since been adopted by a loving family.

And if that doesn't warm your heart ... you might be dead.


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She is adorable looks just like my dog thats a boston terrier english bulldog mix did they say what breed the dog is? Pink is awesome we need more people like her

998 days ago

james NY    

Bravo Pink !

998 days ago


Besides all the good rescuing does, and avoids the bad (don't get me started on puppy mills, rescue saves a lot of money even after the iniital “cost” (or lack thereof). They come with free spay/neuter, shots, dedicated volunteers who will help with training, get you a good, “reasonable” vet, steer you away from wasteul and harmful things, such as yearly shots (NO NO NO-do titers), and more. I am an animal law attorney and rescuer for many years, and I have seen a lot. To help the dogs get rescued, we trained them like crazy so people could get a pet “right out of the box”, unlike purchased animals. Plus, we gave out our personal cell #s, tips, good vets offering discounts for rescue (no, and they did not jack up the price like most other businesspeople and sometimesd professionals offering discounts), free training via group sessions and even coming over the house, and so much more. In short, when you rescue, you are not alone. Even if you adopt from a high-volume euthanasia mill like NYC's shelters, where 35-55 thousand are put to sleep each year because of sheer volume and lack of resources to that purpose (although they piss away billions on fraud), many rescuers will step in and help, at the very least, to make sure that rescued dog/cat stays in a good home. Financial problems?-rescuers will step in and donate food, vet help, meds, etc. even if they have to take it out of their own pockets and donations are not enough. That is NOT to say they come over and walk around the Hummer in the driveway but let's face it, many well-meaning people are in deep finacial trouble due to the economy and the first thing cut is animal care, to the point where so many bastards will actually abandon a home and leave the animal to die a horrible death, some slaughter them for food-all things being equal, euthanasia at a shelter would be better.

Just heard the Pink story and even though you have been wonderful about putting me on the air, I could not call in and comment (I actually obey the no phone while driving law, started, coincidentally, here in Suffolk County, New York by the same Legislator, Jon Cooper, who has worked tirelessly to promote same-sex marriage, animal welfare issues and many other issues for underdogs, human and animal). I agree completely with Harvey-it is a very tough situation to decide how to allocate limited resouces (do the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few?), and we cannot judge anyone because there are benefits to each method and methods in-between, but then again, shining a light on underdog situations gets the most progress done and guess what? Everyone is talking about this! Not enough people talk about the dog being tossed off the Verrazano Bridge, or the millions of other cases of people “disposing” of pets in horrendous ways (the list goes on and on). I was an animal rescuer, nursing home volunteer, etc. for years, saw SOOO many bad things, and saw that the most effective thing on a larger scale would be to become an attorney, and I am blessed I could do this, even though it was a haul, because so many others who want to do something like this cannot. THEN, I saw that this helped, but the key is legislation and public education to achieve the wide-scale changes we need. So, rather than rescue, as so many wonderful people do and we desperately need them (met the nicest people in my LIFE via rescue), I conduct animal law seminars and discussions, get key lawmakers to guest speak, (and bring press to shine a light), show up at legislative meetings, encourage people, etc. and so many wondferful folks are getting on-board. What Pink did, and she has been quietly doing a lot more than people realize, is shine a light on animal abuse. And, as Harvey pointed out, we often need a face to attach to a cause, like NY's "Buster's Law" to increase penalties for animal abuse. In that case, Buster the cat was set on fire and killed, perp Chester Williamson walked away and went on to commit a host of felonies against humans, which animal abusers do, 100% of the time and close to it depending on the offense. Then, Chester the Molester was caught kidnapping and attempting to rape and kill a little girl ("attempting" because police found the instruments in the vehicle). Yes, Buster's Law needs even more "teeth", and there are bills being monkeyed around in state Congress leaving dedicated local Legislators battling to get things done, for now, here, but proponents found it was far more effective to promote it as "Buster's Law" rather than "Agriculture and Markets Law 353-a.
BTW, Harvey and staff-huge fan, even though I never gave a fig about “celebrity” press, and if you ever want to discuss animal issues, contact me.

998 days ago

mike wonnacott    

God Bless Pink and this puppy.
My wife and I adopted Charlie and Parker who were also thrown off a bridge in KC and left to die. How can people do these things!

998 days ago


if people don't frickin want their kids and abuse and kill them, use frickin' birth control and don't HAVE any or give them to someone who does. If they don't want their animal - pets, don't get a frickin animal or take it to a shelter where it can hopefully find a home. sick people out there. i don't care if $5,000 could feed a family, cloth them, etc...humans can make their own way if life, they can collect government funded programs if they're struggling. An animal (especially a little domestic puppy) is totally innocent and depends on humans to care for it. If this AZZ HOLE didn't want him, then don't get an animal. This makes me sick. Thank god for people like PINK and for those who work hard to protect animals. NO, sorry...this earth isn't just about humans, it's their earth too, they (animals of any kind) have a right to live on this earth free of pain, abuse and torture, they have a right to a peaceful painfree existance...just because we as humans are bigger, doesn't mean we're better or deserve more than another living, breathing creature.

998 days ago


oops-sorry about the length of previous post. I hit Ctrl+C on some things I wrote for an article for a new animal law column I was asked to write for (BTW, getting guest writers also, including the district attorney who is head of the first animal abuse unit in a District Attorney's office (Nassau County, Long Island, NY) in Ny and one of the first the in the country). I would love to have Harvey, Pink, MTM, etc. to also write, any animal topic, to shine a light on and to share their wealth of knowledge.

998 days ago


I guess people don't know how to read and took what I said wrong. My point was that if you would hurt or kill a living person over abusing an animal you are no better than them, you are actually worse than them. People come before animals. Do I think it's nice what Pink did, yes. Do I think it's ridulous to pay $5,000 on an animal hell yes it is. All I'm saying is you have too much money if you can afford to pay that for an animal. Vets in my town would do the exact same thing for about $150.
I think abuse of any creature on Earth is wrong, but I also think it is very hypocritical to wish harm on a person just for doing something to an animal. That's just dumb to want to harm or kill a person over an animal. People come before animals no matter what. And we wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for people killing and eating animals, using their fur and so on. The human race would NOT have survived without doing that.
Basically, any animal rights activist is a hypocrit and if you wish harm of a abusing person over a dumb animal that don't know anything then you are the ones who need mental help not me because that it taking it to a psychopathic level.
Do you think a dog cares if it bites a person, do you think a cat cares if it claws the crap out of a person... no because they are dumb animals. And I'll say again, do I think it's right to abuse anything, no.

998 days ago


OK Pink - you have a fan for life. Gee David - PETA puts down more animals than other rescue organizations, if ya do the research

998 days ago


Thank you Pink!
Also, to those commenting about Pink 'wasting her money', it's pretty obvious that you guys have never owned an animal. Animal owners know firsthand the unconditional love that animals can animals are my family. I don't care what anyone says. Just because they can't speak doesn't mean that they can't feel!!

998 days ago


Oh, is that a pit bull? It may not be so cute after all in a few months.

998 days ago

Tiredofthe BS    

This is why I LOVE P!NK.....the girls music rocks, she rocks, and now she is an Animaltarian.....rock on P!nk

998 days ago


That thar is one handsom feller.

Thank ya Pink.

998 days ago


♥ P!NK!!!! ☺

998 days ago

And thats the truth    

Just one more reason to love her. She does not lip sync, she writes her own music, she knows how to actually sing and dance and she does not use autotune. Bless you Pink!

998 days ago


comment #6

Hey dumbass````` This is a feel good story and you are trying to make it about `` a needy family!! Why don't YOU go help a needy family then ``and stop commenting on ``` how P!NK spends her money!!!
Or maybe ``` YOU are the needy family and are just jealous??
Get a J.O.B ````````` JERK!!

998 days ago
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