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P!nk's Rescued Puppy

On The Mend [Pics]

12/23/2011 9:55 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1223_PINK_DOG_LAUNCH_EX_TMZ_WM_2Here she is ... Stella ... the adorable little puppy who was thrown off an L.A. overpass by some heartless scumbag ... and could have died ... if not for an unbelievable act of kindness from P!nk.

TMZ broke the story ... P!nk dropped $5,000 to pay for emergency lifesaving surgery for the puppy after learning she suffered 3 broken legs after being tossed into the L.A. river.

Thanks to P!nk, Stella has made an inspiring recovery and has since been adopted by a loving family.

And if that doesn't warm your heart ... you might be dead.


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You go girl! That's our Pink - an uncommon star example of anonymous compassion & humanity!!

1033 days ago


“If you want to know what a man’s like, take a good look at how he treats his inferiors, not his equals.”
— J.K. Rowling (Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire)

1033 days ago

Michael Jackson Was A Pedo    

Hope they catch the piece of s*** loser that did that to the poor dog and throw them off of a bridge too. Anybody that could do that to a puppy needs to be put down themselves.

1032 days ago


Now I know why I always liked her. Love her music and the positive influence she has on young girls. I like her even more now.

1032 days ago


response to david,I hope your Welfare check makes it in time so you and God help us you have children have a nice CHRISTmas holiday and Santa might leave you an 8 ball and your favorite 1.75 litre. It is Pink's money to spend as she sees fit to do,If I won a great deal of money (50 million or more)much would go to helping the domestic animal. I would pay for spaying /neutering of Michael Vick and welfare recipients (Octomom's teen pregnancies,etc.) NFL supporters,politicians (present/future) A puppy wagging its tail go up to a person, the intelligent human,trusting show me some love as I love you the puppy, then picked up and looks on wagging its tail,then thrown to its apparent death by a bad human then saved/helped by good humans. The bad human gets many chances they made a mistake and will make many more,my Dog will be Euthanised for 1 bite regardless of the situation. So I commend PINK for getting the Party Started,I do not support PETA or org.'s like them ,but I would certainly if my money went to saving PINK or david. Guess who gets the help Merry CHRISTmas PINK and realy great New Year for you & your loved ones!
Dear Harvey Levin ,
Thank you for contribution of off the wall entertaining news,I was a Photographer/videographer until an an intellegent human almost took my life in 04.I would love to walk up to Michael Vick ( what rhymes W/Vick?) and ask him for TMZ mr.Vick, "Sir"is it true you're going to give 1/2 of yor assets to help animal shelters? Now that is a question ! Happy Chanukah And a safe Christmas holiday to you & your loved ones & staff.

1032 days ago


It is a proven fact that people who abuse animals also abuse people. Ask any body who works in domestic violence and law enforcement.It is also a fact that most psychopaths and serial killers started out by torturing animals. ( Jeffery Dahmer being one of them) So when someone does this or says that they hate animals, I wonder about them as a human being. Animals CANNOT speak for themselves. But they DO hurt and feel pain, they just cannot express it. They also show LOVE and AFFECTION and LOYALTY. Sometimes they even get embarrassed, like when my cat misses a jump and starts licking himself. Most of the time, I prefer the company of my 21 year old cat over people, although I do like most people, I just get tired of their craziness and drama and neediness. With all this being said, I still cannot and will never understand why people do this to God's creatures. I guess it's just this sick world we are living in.
If you cannot afford an animal or " get tired " of them, then don't get one, PERIOD. Animals are like children. They are expensive and have needs that have to be met, including love. If you can's commit to seeing a animal through to their natural end, then don't get one, but for God's sake, don't toss it off a bridge to it's death.
As I said, I have a 21 year old cat. He has had some medical difficulties when he was younger that cost a lot of money, but he was my fur child and I paid the cost. I didn't regret it for one minute. I am happy that i have these last years with him rather than putting him to sleep right away as some have suggested or to " dump him off somewhere" as my brother recommended. He and his sister had a good life until she was put down last year. I don't know what my life would be without my " old man". I donate to both HUMAN and ANIMAL charities. To me there is no distinction and I think that by her actions Pink feels the same way

1032 days ago

the real diva    

what a beautiful dog. as a dog lover and dog owner. i would like to thank you pink. you did a wonderful thing in saving this dogs life. i am sure the dog will give you lots of kisses as a reward.thank you.

1032 days ago


unless it's self defense and/or one's life is at risk, what's the point in killing (hunting) or harming anything or anyone..what's the point...? why? i don't get it, never will. i don't even like to kill insects anymore, it sounds dumb but why, if you try to catch them to 'kill them' they run away, they're trying to run and get away because they're scared and want to live..why kill anything, just scoop it up and set it back outside and let things live.

1032 days ago


What a wonderful thing for P!nk to do! I have always thought she was cool, but this just proves it all the more. It's always great to hear about a celeb that doesn't let the money and fame go to their head to the point of having no conscious or compassion for anyone (or anything) else.
However, the person who harmed the dog is beyond low and I hope they have all the worst karma coming back on them for such a horrible and inexcusable act.

1032 days ago

Straight Talkin Texan    

What a sweet baby (the dog)! And I officially like Pink now more than ever!

And curses to the cruel s***bag who hurt the dog!

1032 days ago


I've been a fan of her songs for the past several years, but this just makes me like her more! I still can't wrap my brain around what would make someone think it was somehow okay to do what they did to that dog! Then again, I can't understand some of the comments I've read actually criticizing Pink as if she did something wrong! I only wish more people had that kind of compassion. Even the slightest act of kindness can make so much of a difference!

1032 days ago


Grats to pink that was very kind of her ... But man 5k for a dog is alot of money. You can use that to help a child who is in desperate need of life saving surgery but whose parents cannot afford to pay the full hospital bill , Or maybe just help several family's in need of food and what not... Some people argue that dogs and cats should be put in the same level as people , and i respect that i truly believe that they should at least be treated better.. Unfortunately millions of dogs and cats get put down each year due to pet overpopulation , while humans who just passed the 7 billion mark also are getting to that stage ... The difference is we do not " put down" humans cause that's immoral and its murder of course.. While dogs and cats keep getting put down because of overpopulation in the shelter and in general which is something that can easily be fixed by spaying or neutering your animals!!! lol but to get to the point until something drastically changes i just dont ever c humans and dogs/cats being equal.

1032 days ago


God bless her heart. A lot of people with money couldn't care less about an innocent animal.

1032 days ago

Ellen H.    

I love Pink. What an incredible act of kindness. Whoever did that to that puppy needs to be locked away forever.

1032 days ago


the heartless creep who did this to this poor puppy is a danger to puppy's and society. If he could do this to an innocent little dog, what could he do to a child. police should look at every single store camera that was near by and try to find him. String him up or her up. Thanks Pink- our dog is named Stella too!

1032 days ago
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