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Lady Gaga Lawsuit

Whiney Assistant Claims Gaga

Demanded Towel After Shower!

12/25/2011 7:08 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lady GagaIn what reads like one of the biggest sour grapes lawsuits of the year, Lady Gaga's former assistant claims she was a slave to the singer, having to do such unconscionable things as fetching a towel for her after she showered, and keeping GG on schedule!

Jennifer O'Neill says in her lawsuit ... she worked for Gaga for 13 months, and is owed $380,000 in overtime.  O'Neill says in her suit her job included "ensuring the promptness of a towel following a shower and serving as a personal alarm clock to keep [Gaga] on schedule."

O'Neill claims she had to cater to Gaga in "stadiums, private jets, fine hotel suites, yachts, ferries, trains and tour buses."

And, O'Neill says, she was required to be at Gaga's beck and call at her "earliest waking hour."

O'Neill is suing for the $380k -- which represents 7,168 hours of overtime during the 13 months.

Gaga is not a defendant.  O'Neill is suing Mermaid Touring Company, which Gaga uses for concerts and what not.

Gaga's rep told the New York Post the suit is "completely without merit."

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Dude what a whiner....I'll take the job...lucky duck. You do what your boss expects of you or your unemployed. It's not like she asked you to have sex with her. Jeez whiner. Gaga call me up I'll do the job.

1004 days ago


Umm, so she's suing because she was expected to do what was in her job description? She's probably PO'd cause Lady GaGa actually expects work out of her assistants, not partying... Could you IMAGINE if she was Anna Wintour's personal assistant?

1004 days ago


It is physically impossible to have 7100 hours of OT in 13 months. That is 18 hrs of OT per day, working 7 days a week. Considering there is only 24 hours a day and 9 of this hours would be considered normal pay, how the hell does this nut figure she hit 18 hrs of OT every day of the week? I hope she gets counter-sued just for being so moronic.

1004 days ago


That's your job, sister. Sounds like she was just a lazy twit looking for a lawsuit payday. You know, readers, if a rich celebrity wants to hire somebody to be a personal assistant, and pays them, that's the gig. That's what you sign up for.

To insult Gaga for that means you really don't understand the world of celebrities. Oh my God, she made her get a towel. How cruel.

1004 days ago


So, Jennifer, you think your claim of seven thousand hours of overtime in thirteen months is believable? In addition to 40 hours each week, you worked approximately 130 hours of overtime - each week - really? There are only 168 hours in a week. You must be tired, sweetie.

1004 days ago


The tasks described in this article are EXACTLY what I would assume a personal assistant to someone like Lady Gaga would be required to do. Was she expecting a 9-5 job? I'm sure she made very good money.

1004 days ago


Huh? So, the assistant got 2 hours a week to herself and the rest of the time was being a slave?!? I don't like Tranny Lady, but I seriously doubt the assistant was constantly working and only had 2 hours a week to herself to sleep, eat, shower, etc.

1004 days ago


I don't understand why celebs just don't hire one of their big fans. Every celeb has thousands if not millions of huge fans who would be more than happy to do the job for free.. For them being paid is just the icing on the cake. A fan would not sue their fave celeb for money as they are already happy that they spend time with them.

1004 days ago


Just a golddigger lying in order to get a few bucks. Pathetic!

1004 days ago


397 days x 24 hours per day = 9,528 - (7,168 overtime hours) = 2360... straight time hours or approximately 40 hours per week.

Hell, just based on the overtime hours, Jennifer never slept one hour in the entire 13 months.

Obviously, you can sue anyone at anytime for anything. This is one of those times.
There is a big difference between an hourly employee and a salary employee.
Maybe Jennifer and her attorney should read her employee contract agreement.

1004 days ago


I am on Team GaGa.

If this dimwit Jennifer was so upset by the towel request and OT, she would have quit on the spot the first time. Tell her the unemployment rate almost 10% and shut up.

There are plenty of grateful folks who are on standby to take the job with a smile!

1004 days ago


From experience,Things as petty as towels, is part of the job. As far as the over time we don't know. Lets let this play out with out too much media drama over nothing.

1004 days ago


To everyone claiming that she doesn't know what a Personal Assistant is. She does. I think she is just mixed up. A personal Assistant to a business man is very different to a Personal Assistant to a celebrity. I think she was thinking her job would be more co-operate. I have been a personal assistant in the past to a manager of a postal company and i was working 9-5pm. I never did much overtime unless i had to be there for a meeting and All i did was organize his day in meetings and things like that. I never saw him naked or expected to hand him a towel while he is in the shower. A co-operate Personal Assistant is a little different than being one to a Celebrity and i think she accepted the job thinking it would just be like a normal PA job. Pretty dumb to me. even 5 yr olds know if u are a PA to a celeb. You are meant to go beyond your call of duty sometimes.

1004 days ago


Okay... is no one understanding how truly funny this is?

There are 8,765 hours in a year. The average person works 2,080 hours a year. So her normal hours, 2,080, plus her 7,168 hours of overtime equals 9,248.

So how is it she worked more hours than humanly possible?

1004 days ago


She rattled up 7,168 in only 13 months? That is physically not possible. There are not enough hours in the day over a 13 month period. Remember this is over-overtime - not hours worked. Assuming she worked 7 days a week, even 8 hours of work adds up to 3160.... In other words she supposedly worked over 18 hours of over-time per day?! Not regular hours 18 hours of OVER-TIME. Somebody hand this girl a calculator.

1004 days ago
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