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Nazi Hunter

Sues Wiesenthal Center

You're PROTECTING a War Criminal

12/25/2011 6:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Some of the most powerful Jews in the U.S have concocted a massive conspiracy to discredit a Nazi hunter who claims he uncovered some explosive new information about the Holocaust ... this according to a lawsuit obtained by TMZ.

The Nazi hunter behind the suit is Mark Gould (pictured above) -- who claims he recently managed to track down a 98-year-old former SS lieutenant colonel named Bernhard Frank (pictured below) ... and got him to admit he had a MAJOR role in the Germany's decision to exterminate the Jews. 

Gould claims he thought his findings would impress the honchos at the famous Wiesenthal Center in L.A. -- a powerful Jewish organization dedicated to documenting the Holocaust -- since he had been working with them since 2004. But Gould was wrong.


Instead, Gould claims the leaders of the Wiesenthal Center ran a smear campaign against him in 2010 -- hoping to discredit Gould's findings so Frank would NOT be portrayed as a key Nazi figure.

As for why the Weisenthal Center is trying to discredit Gould ... one Center official published an article saying Frank was like a secretary who prepared documents but had no real decision-making power.  The suggestion -- Nazi hunters should focus on the honchos, not the lackeys.  And the Center believes Gould is after fame, not justice.

Gould claims in his lawsuit the Center never presented any proof that would discredit his work --but still ran a defamatory campaign against him, to destroy his credibility.

Now, Gould thinks the Center should pay for the "hypocrisy and betrayal" -- he's suing for unspecified damages.

A rep for the Center tells TMZ ... they have not seen the lawsuit, and therefor cannot comment on the case.


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What a weird way to stifle nazi hunting. What wrong with Simon? Even an SS secretary was in cohoots with the honcho Adolf, so it's still a good catch. Fame seeker or not, these SS dudes aren't wasy to track down. Good PI work still.

1033 days ago

BB not bb    

There is something very fishy about the Weisenthal Center. I think it is a front organization to get Jews nowhere. They basically accomplish nothing. If you send them money once, they will for years send you full color glossy brochures of them posing at different parties and maybe some picutres of swatikas spraypainted on tombstones in Germany. Then they tell you that they are doing a lot of great work but more needs to be done, so SEND MORE MONEY NOW.

You have to get mad and tell them to stop sending you their literature. They will even keep calling you on the phone hounding you for more money, but they do nothing with it to help Jews. I think they are there to throw Jews off the trail. Why would they discredit someone who even got a confession? They are just involved in politics, looking important and making money for themselves.

I don't know what positive thing they have ever done in recent years. If they are too lazy to go after an alleged secretary, why smear the guy who brought it up? I don't think a lt. col. was only a secretary either.

I am sure there are better ways to help Jews than sending money to this group of lazy arrogant theives. If you report anyone susupicious to them, they tell you that you need fully do***ented proof before they would be interested. Well that is like doing the work yourslef then. What part are they going to have in it? It looks like this guy got full proof, and then they try to cover it up.

I think the Weisenthal center is a scam. Maybe they are mad that this guy is blowing their cover. GOOD.

1033 days ago

BB not bb    

This from Wikipedia:

The Jewish Do***entation Centre was an office headed by Simon Wiesenthal in Vienna, it still operates today. The Centre collected and promulgated information with regards to war crimes, specific mainly to crimes against the Jewish people as perpetrated by the Nazi Regime in Europe during the Second World War.
The center has been responsible for uncovering more than 1000 Nazi war criminals, including Adolf Eichmann, sometimes referred to as "the architect of the Holocaust".[1] The office was also interested in the whereabouts of alleged Nazi war criminals who may have escaped justice, including those individuals who escaped through the Nazi ratlines to havens in South America, particularly to Argentina, Paraguay, Brazil, and Chile.***entation_Center

So . . . if you want to help the cause of Simon Wiesenthal send money to him in Vienna, not to this crooked sham operation that stole his name. I think he should demand that they stop using his name because it is misleading people into thinking that Rabbi Heir and his organization are hunting the Nazis, and sending them money instead.

Maybe Simon Wiesenthal is too big a man to worry over who uses his name, but it does make a difference. I wish Gould would have just contacted the real deal in Vienna instead of having these hypocrites run him into the ground for doing the job they PRETEND to do.

1033 days ago

fluffy galore    

who ****en cares? yawn....

1033 days ago


Come on, guys! If you can't spell a word, don't use it, - it's "therefore."

1033 days ago


Harvey, could you imagine? Holy smokes.

1033 days ago


Thought Bernie Madoff took the Wiesenthal money and they were broke?

1033 days ago

BB not bb    

Inthezone, are you in the Twilight Zone? There was a systematic plan in place to exterminate Jews, and camps built to carry out the purpose for those who were not killed on the spot or dead from disease after being crammed into ghettos held under seige. You have not studied history, you only speak from propaganda. If you want to know the truth, look into it. If you are just a liar, then the devil has a nice place waiting for you. Shalom.

1033 days ago


Wonder the Nazi hunters are going to do in 10 years when all the nazis are dead? Focus on israeli war criminals? Naaahhhh.

1033 days ago


Can I just say one of their IT employees made violent death threats against me online, so it may be hard to keep up with what their denizens are up to. When I informed them, the *did* take care of it.

1033 days ago

Johnny Carcinoma    

Yeah, always trust the words of a former SS officer now into his late 90s.

Gould's hunger for fame and fortune is obvious and ugly.

1033 days ago


Getting a 98 year old man to admit something like that is pretty pathetic. Gould just needs to get a job and a life.

1033 days ago


This is your lead story on Christmas day? I know that a story about a 98 year old being forced to confess his sins is a serious one, just like news of Lindsay or Kim, but really, couldn't you have just waited until tomorrow?

1033 days ago

HRH Prince Michael    

Oh, OK. It's CHRISTmas, I'll take the bait:

Firstly, May YOU and YOURS, have a Happy and Most Blessed
Chanukah, CHRISTmas, and Holiday Season!
"Born, is The King of Israel"!

Indeed, both-sides, make valid points. I'm not
familiar with the Weisenthal Center's mission-statement, nor
their responsibilities to their benefactors. While, I'm compelled to thank and congratulate Mr. Gould for his
dedication and diligence.

Be sure, throughout History, cruel and oppressive cowards
-when facing Justice- have hid behind the "I was just doing my job/following orders" defense. So, let's say I'm a member of "law" "enforcement" -at ANY level- and as a booking-clerk, I watch a dozen or so, over-fed and over-paid
"deputies" beat an unarmed, U.S. Veteran to death - a few days before CHRISTmas. Whether, I'm the clerk or the
(government-colluding) Mass-Media, my silence is essentially -my approval. "Just doing my job"? Tell that, to the victims families.

Thus, if the Weisenthal Center only wants "Honchos", be clear. Personally, I tend to agree with Mr. Gould:
A concentration camp Nazi, is a Nazi. Or in my view, an uncir***cised Philistine, is an uncir***cised Philistine.
Leader, or water-boy: Fight a dirty war, PAY the dirty COST. Save your excuse, for THE JUDGE.

"Can unjust leaders claim that YAHWEH is on their side-
leaders who commit injustice by their law? They attack
the righteous and condemn the innocent to death"
Psalm 94

"The wicked shall be turned into Hell,
and the nation that forgot YAHWEH..."
Psalm 9

Psalm2_012, is NOW: The Confederacy of Evil, FALLS!
ALL, for The Greater Glory of The True and Living YAHWEH!

1033 days ago


A Nazi hunter in this day and age? Getting a confession from a 98 year old is like saying a three year old told you he murdered JFK. You can't believe someone who's brain isn't working right! I don't claim to know what went on in this case but get real people younger than that get their licenses taken away every day because they can't process the world any more!

1033 days ago
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