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Nazi Hunter

Sues Wiesenthal Center

You're PROTECTING a War Criminal

12/25/2011 6:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Some of the most powerful Jews in the U.S have concocted a massive conspiracy to discredit a Nazi hunter who claims he uncovered some explosive new information about the Holocaust ... this according to a lawsuit obtained by TMZ.

The Nazi hunter behind the suit is Mark Gould (pictured above) -- who claims he recently managed to track down a 98-year-old former SS lieutenant colonel named Bernhard Frank (pictured below) ... and got him to admit he had a MAJOR role in the Germany's decision to exterminate the Jews. 

Gould claims he thought his findings would impress the honchos at the famous Wiesenthal Center in L.A. -- a powerful Jewish organization dedicated to documenting the Holocaust -- since he had been working with them since 2004. But Gould was wrong.


Instead, Gould claims the leaders of the Wiesenthal Center ran a smear campaign against him in 2010 -- hoping to discredit Gould's findings so Frank would NOT be portrayed as a key Nazi figure.

As for why the Weisenthal Center is trying to discredit Gould ... one Center official published an article saying Frank was like a secretary who prepared documents but had no real decision-making power.  The suggestion -- Nazi hunters should focus on the honchos, not the lackeys.  And the Center believes Gould is after fame, not justice.

Gould claims in his lawsuit the Center never presented any proof that would discredit his work --but still ran a defamatory campaign against him, to destroy his credibility.

Now, Gould thinks the Center should pay for the "hypocrisy and betrayal" -- he's suing for unspecified damages.

A rep for the Center tells TMZ ... they have not seen the lawsuit, and therefor cannot comment on the case.


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Politico Pablo    

Doesn't this guy have anything better to do. Mr. Frank was never indicted at Nuremburg. At 98, he probably suffers from dementia and can be manipulated to say just about anything.

1035 days ago

HRH Prince Michael    

@Disgusted: Soros? I thought "Scammy Sammy" Zell was
the only Jewish ENEMY of Zion/Partner to the Pharaoh?
ALL, in DUE time.

Psalm2_012, is NOW: The Most Holy Christ King Yeshua, reigns!

1035 days ago


When are they going to start tracking down the Bolsheviks that murdered tens of millions of Christian peasants in the former Soviet Union? They killed more people in peacetime than the Nazis did in a world war. Maybe the jews don't want to look too closely at how many of their fellow tribesmen were responsible for Communism.

1035 days ago


I don't get how they put a former low-life prison guard (John Demjanjuk) on trial three times, but refuse to pursue an SS colonel. I hope it works out for the best.

1035 days ago

HRH Prince Michael    

Ira and Byron, I do not intend to burglarize your important conversation, however: Indeed, the slaughter of tens of millions of Christians in Russia, is often over-looked.
This, can only be attributed to "Christian" "leadership".

Overstand -if you will: Organizations like the Simon Weisenthal Center, and individuals like Mark Gould, ANSWERED
the screams of the Holocaust victims: JUSTICE!

Of course, Communists, Nazi's, Fascists, and FEDS, have
all murdered and persecuted Christians, but again, "Christian" "leadership" in their Business/Power zealousness, could only placate, appease -and in the US-
essentially partner with sinister "governments".

Of course, The True and Living YAHWEH, righteously dealt
with the Communists, Nazis, and Fascists "governments".

Psalm2_012, is NOW: The Most Blessed Christ King YESHUA, reigns!

1035 days ago


Why is this on an entertainment website? Why does TMZ always drag up these stories? You never see anything about other religions and we shouldn't be seeing any like this.

1035 days ago


Geez tmz sure has a fixation on jews hmm?

1035 days ago


Is it just me, or does this Mark Gould character look like Rainn Wilson in a bad wig?

1035 days ago


Hunting down a 98 year old man for something he did in his youth is just plainly retarded. Someone in the Jewish community should consider how this makes Jews in general look.

1035 days ago

the floyd    

At 93yrs old, i'd rather be in a federal/international prison, then in any nursing home any ways!

1035 days ago


This was a Himmler order and Frank rephrased it. In how much Frank was responsible is an interesting question, but TMZ should get the facts right.

1035 days ago

HRH Prince Michael    

@en Todo momento: You misunderstood, my point.
I was referring to "Christian" "leadership" and not only their self-restraint and reluctance to confront and/or
challenge sinister earthly "powers", and also at-times
outright collusion. Obviously, not all.

Faith? Order of Melchizedek Priest (Which, someone once
-fittingly- described as "Borderline Messianic Jew")

Psalm2_012 is NOW, The Christ King Yeshua, REIGNS!

1035 days ago


Listened to some of the interview on the internet.Seems that Gould rather befriended Frank to get him to reveal information.They (the SS) felt they were performing their military duty.This elderly gent can't have too much time left.Interesting to hear about the historical events from someone who was actually there.

1035 days ago

BB not bb    

That is a shame that so many Christian peasants died from the Bolsheviks also. The whole earth is being scammed looking for the criminals, yet the criminals are all around us and leading the world to further ruin. I don't see why people have a problem with victims capturing those who murdered their families and tried to exterminate them. I think that is what any feeling person would want to do.

I don't really care how old this guy is, why should he get to pretend that what he did never happened? How about the old victims of him who suffer with their nightmares every day? A criminal is a criminal, age excuses NOTHING.

I don't think Damianyuk was let go for being an underling, but as a case of mistaken identity. There was a Sen. from Ohio named Trafficant who found the real guy they accused Damianyuk of being. I think that is why the Isreali court had to let him go.

It is funny how so many people think that those who got away with their crimes are now innocent as a result. It is like they are saying if you can put on a good act afterwards, that is all that matters. This is a sick society full of sneaky rats who will emerge at the first sign of partaking of the spoils of injustice.

I think that TMZ is good for exposing this story. I haven't seen it anywhere else. People complain about too much gossip, well here is something to ponder besides the Kardashians and Jersey Shore.

1035 days ago


The truth have killed more people than you can image. pull the troops out of Iraq and stop helping all the stupid bloody wars.

1035 days ago
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