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Nazi Hunter

Sues Wiesenthal Center

You're PROTECTING a War Criminal

12/25/2011 6:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Some of the most powerful Jews in the U.S have concocted a massive conspiracy to discredit a Nazi hunter who claims he uncovered some explosive new information about the Holocaust ... this according to a lawsuit obtained by TMZ.

The Nazi hunter behind the suit is Mark Gould (pictured above) -- who claims he recently managed to track down a 98-year-old former SS lieutenant colonel named Bernhard Frank (pictured below) ... and got him to admit he had a MAJOR role in the Germany's decision to exterminate the Jews. 

Gould claims he thought his findings would impress the honchos at the famous Wiesenthal Center in L.A. -- a powerful Jewish organization dedicated to documenting the Holocaust -- since he had been working with them since 2004. But Gould was wrong.


Instead, Gould claims the leaders of the Wiesenthal Center ran a smear campaign against him in 2010 -- hoping to discredit Gould's findings so Frank would NOT be portrayed as a key Nazi figure.

As for why the Weisenthal Center is trying to discredit Gould ... one Center official published an article saying Frank was like a secretary who prepared documents but had no real decision-making power.  The suggestion -- Nazi hunters should focus on the honchos, not the lackeys.  And the Center believes Gould is after fame, not justice.

Gould claims in his lawsuit the Center never presented any proof that would discredit his work --but still ran a defamatory campaign against him, to destroy his credibility.

Now, Gould thinks the Center should pay for the "hypocrisy and betrayal" -- he's suing for unspecified damages.

A rep for the Center tells TMZ ... they have not seen the lawsuit, and therefor cannot comment on the case.


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If you want to know about war crimes and total invasion of an occupied country all you need to do is look for "palestinian land loss" on google. Something tells me the "nazi hunters" won't do a thing about THESE criminals.

1032 days ago


Aaandd this has to do with TMZ becaauuussee?????

1032 days ago


Wow, this article reeks of bias. Look at how they write the article about the Gaga accusations with velvet gloves, and then how the write this one. Its obvious Harvey has a bone to pick with the Weisenthal center and Jews in general because they won't support his gay lifestyle. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!!!!

1032 days ago


What? Wlesenthal Center is not interested in Bernhard Frank's story? Seems like they were never after big, decision-making players but only “small solders”, which followed orders without asking “why” – they couldn’t say much during processes. “Why” is the most important question and could be answered by Frank, who admitted to play a major role in making decision about the Jews...and what? nobody is interested? Hmmm, maybe there is so much more to the official truth? and history could be changed. Who wants that? we obviously know who don't

1032 days ago


If you listen to the interview, he rather explains the why (from the German point of view).They felt threatened by the Jewish ability to make money.Odd excuse.Of course they were incited by Hitler.(who was mentally unstable).

1032 days ago

Studley Buck    

Wiesenthal Center has always been a scam artist snake-oil shop that shakes down suckers, very much like the fraudulent SPLC, old Morris Dees' phony-baloney bunko house down in Alabama.

1032 days ago


Um, they hired this guy to catch nazis. He caught one. Sounds to me like he was doing his job, but maybe they should have told him to only hunt glamorized, well-known nazis, if that's what they wanted. I think that at some point, though, the world's gonna run out of "famous" ones if it hasn't already. Sometimes you just gotta settle. Just sayin.

1032 days ago


Has there ever been an expose of all the Nazis our government knowingly let into the United States after WWII?

1032 days ago


Isn't Frank a Jewish last name?

1031 days ago

who farted    

My mother was born in the same town as Simon Wisenthal. The AZI's killed her family and they weren't jews. Maybe Simon want the bigger NAZI's then the same once like secretarys, errand boys, etc.

1031 days ago


To the holocaust deniers, and anyone else "bothered" about hearing "whining" about the holocaust: The world will constatly be reminded to never forget the 6 million that died in the hands of the Nazi's -- whether YOU like it or not. It's not about moving on -- most Jews have rebuilt thier lives even better than they had it before. Never forgetting = not being repeated for ANY race, gender, or religion!

1031 days ago


The question at the crux of this is why would the center want to discredit this so called "nazi hunter"? It seems the most likely reason behind this whole thing is that Mark Gould wants to make himself out to be more of a "hunter" than he really is. So what if he found a low level paper pusher? Wouldn't you think that if he (Frank) really was a big fish, his name would have come up long before now?

1031 days ago


My bet is the man Gould found is and was what he says he was but to the Weisenthal Centre he must be a huge contributor of some kind. Money makes the world go round right? It's okay u might have a part in killing millions upon millions of people ... Just make the cheque out to cash :) lol

1031 days ago

Sara Wiesenthal    

I am a Wiesenthal and I have to say that at least someone like Mark is doing something. This Nazi hunting scam has gone on long enough.

1029 days ago

Got to give him credit    

I must say, there are many shady things that go on in this world and this guy has uncovered one of them. These Jewish museums collect millions upon millions to build more extravagant properties but the money should be helping the families and survivors of the holocaust. Germany gives incredible amounts of money to these Jewish federations BUT where is it going? Mark was sent to do a job and found an interest in finding out more. He found soooooooooo much of hidden history and now the federations are trying to shut him up so the secrets are not unveiled. This has nothing to with fame but to help the people that have lost loved ones in a horrible war. While I agree that we should live for the future and not dwell on the past, gould is simply just trying to help the remaining survivors. Frank was 98 when he died but NOT 98 when Gould befriended him for the many months and hours of videoed interviews. Gould is a genius and that will all come out.. I saw clips on this guys stuff. Very interesting, amazing stuff. You will see and decide for yourself.(if you care)
These lawsuit papers are open to the public and TMZ found a great Hannukah story. Gould didnt sought out TMZ.. So rethink the fame BS.

1028 days ago
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