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Katherine Jackson

Takes a Pic With

Michael Jackson Impersonator

12/26/2011 8:41 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Katherine Jackson with a Michael Jackson impersonator
Katherine Jackson posed for a photo with William Hall, a Michael Jackson impersonator, following the "Legends in Concert" at Harrah's Las Vegas on Friday.

A little creepy, no?


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the entire jackson clan gives of an "adams family" vibe,but i think deep down kathrine hated that face she didnt give birth to.pretty woman though.

942 days ago

JugEars McKenyan Sr..    

Innocent but pretty creepy. If that was my mom I don't know how I'd feel but since he's dead that's moot

942 days ago


I am sure she had her reasons but I wouldn't have done that in a million years...Strange.

942 days ago


Not cool!

942 days ago


The impersonators can only dance like Michael, but NO one can sing like Michael Jackson.

942 days ago


While yes to society it would seem a bit much for her to pose beside a look a like, setting aside fame and future, that is is mother that lost a child and sometimes loved ones in death do strange things that others might not understand, to hold on to the thought of still being physically connected with that person. every opportunity they get to still in there mind and heart to be connecting with that person they will do it. Do I personally feel that I could do that, no. It would be too painful for me, and would open up the wound of hurt too much. I guess what I am saying for his story I can't judge negatively or positively

942 days ago


Look at the pride beaming from the face of this psychopathic creep! gross

942 days ago


I didn't catch this performance at Harrah's. My preconceived notion of another cheesy MJ impersonator were apparently wrong. I saw Purple Reign (A Tribute to Prince w/feature tribute to the TIME) at Hooters Casino on 12/23. SUPERB PERFORMANCE!!!WRONG VENUE (jmo).

Michael's CdSIWT on Christmas Eve was wonderful.
Mandalay Bay has what appears to be a life size porcelain sculpture of Michael right at the corner of the MB events center walkway. Michael is standing on his toes in the Billie Jean tux....the artist captured the details of Michael's 80's physique perfectly (slim waist, broad shoulders,slender muscular chest and thighs)....not too mention Michael's wide eyes!!!! (the artist actually captured the slender muscular definition of michael's thighs...................incredible)
HOWEVER, There's a tacky looking canvas of a some evil character with the number 9 on it just behind the sign with Michael's name on it. It could be a possible message to a certain group of followers, otherwise it just looks tacky, out of place and a bit ghetto...(the signs not the statue)......
The statue is very beautiful and fitting to honor Michael. It's standing in the WRONG PLACE (imo). THE SCULPTURE SHOULD HAVE BEEN OUT IN THE OPEN LIKE IN THE FRONT LOBBY of the hotel entrance THE ENTIRE TWO WEEKS OF THE SHOW'S RUN (too late now right?). (Caesar's Palace positioned Joe Louis in a much more respectfuly manner).

The sculpture of Michael was not present during the premiere on 12/3. I noticed it on 12/22 as I browsed around the resort that evening. Someone needs to go back and pick up that small brown leather bag left there on the floor right by the statue. It appeared to be something with tools in it???? The bag was still there on the floor after the 7pm show ended on 12/24.
Yes I paid attention to the details that lacked refinement in regards to my king Michael. Com'on Mandalay Bay your establishment is supposedly one of the "high end" resorts on the strip......what's wrong with you people????

942 days ago


The real guy was creepy we need a creepy impersonator? A fame-whore Jackson is at it again.

942 days ago

Michelle Foxx    

I didn't know that Michael Jackson could get any scarier, but there you go...

942 days ago

Joan K    

What is really creepy is that she kind of looks like him, I can't beleive she would pose with that guy.

942 days ago


why the h@ll is it creepy, you morons. MJ hired many impersonators to front for him while traveling, etc...why is it creepy..? Get a life.

Interesting, PPB are in Florida and somewhere else over the holiday vacation...wonder who they're with? HUM?

942 days ago


Why is it "creepy" for you TMZ? Always trying to make a story out of nothing.

"Too soon" comments. What do you mean "too soon"?? Should she follow your stupid cultural rituals and have a mourning period sufficient to your needs and cultural perspectives??

We don't view death the same way that you do. She was being polite and posing with a man impersonating her son which she must see quite often having lived in LA for so long. So the hell what???

She's not in your culture, doesn't have your same stupid views about death, doesn't think there needs to be YOUR ritualistic mourning period, instead choosing to abide by her own culture's perspectives on that. So bug the hell off. Everyone is not you, everyone is not in your culture, and not everyone thinks like you. FOOLS.

942 days ago


942 days ago
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