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Deion Sanders' Wife

I Learned About Our Divorce

... on TMZ!!!

12/27/2011 3:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Pilar and Deion Sanders
Deion Sanders
' wife says the former NFL star didn't have the stones to personally tell her he wants a divorce ...  shockingly, she learned about the move by checking TMZ.com.

Pilar Sanders' lawyer, Larry Friedman, tells us she was "heartbroken and surprised when [she] read ... that Deion announced his decision, on his own, to end their marriage."

Pilar's lawyer adds, "Pilar's sole focus and top priority for the last 12.5 years has been her marriage and children. Based on recent discoveries, [Pilar] now realizes that Deion did not view their family the same way."

Friedman would not reveal any details about the "recent discoveries" to which he referred.

Friedman tells us Pilar has NOT negotiated a divorce settlement with Deion -- but says she fully intends to protect herself and her children.

Translation -- this divorce ain't gonna come cheap.

Still, Pilar says she isn't 100% convinced the marriage is dead ... chalking up Deion's recent behavior to a "temporary lapse of judgment" ... and insisting she's "confident that he will come to his senses and return to his family as he has in the past."

An adviser for Deion tells TMZ ... the athlete's original statement "speaks for itself" ... adding, "In the best interest of the children, he will not be discussing this matter any further in the media."

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No Avatar


Cut the crap.

Isn't it amazing how they don't know. Of course they do.

They could care less as long as the money rolls in. These wives barely know their kids names. Too busy with the fake hair and nails and plastic sugery. Nannys, babysitters to take of the kids (which of course needed to have kids to be used later on in court)

When the money is no longer coming in...It's the ever popular oh my god, I had no idea.

Her main concern is 'protecting herself first' My god I may have pay for my fake hair and nails all of this myself. No, use the kids.

1033 days ago


I thought Deion was a Christian? Hmph, guess not.

1033 days ago

Throwback kid    

I said Deion looked like a Wizard of Oz flying monkey and TMZ removed the comment. TMZ should shut down, too politically correct

1033 days ago


He's gross and she's beautiful. She will be fine.

1033 days ago


Excuse me, Pilar, if you are so far removed from being with your husband you find out you are being divorced from TMZ, what does that say about how you treat your man?

Both of you need to keep it civil for the children. Never, ever talk bad about the other parent to the children. Never!

1033 days ago


PLEASE .............SHE KNEW.

She knew when she got her first diamond that she was supposed to be the pretty, silent, expensive incubator. He was supposed to be the one 'superstar' of the relationship and she overstepped her 'job description' by trying to be on a reality show and steal the spotlight from him. She knew what she was signing up for so i, unfortunately, have no sympathy for her. She also had a pre-nup that has the 'years of benefit' thing going on. She must not be in her 'golden parachute' phase in hers yet.

1033 days ago


At least he married a black girl, the divorce money will stay in the black community.

1033 days ago

Coco Chanel     

Pilar is a beautiful woman and I believe she wants the marriage to work. However, maybe Deion doesn't. With that being said. Cut the CHECK DEION.

1033 days ago

Yurra Knutz    

There are those that say that, not so long ago, before we got so friggin nosy about who slept with whom, men and women use to be friends. Now it seem, not so much. Now having said that... Hey Deion, please buy me a 2012 Maybach 62 S? Yes? Maybe? HELL NO! Dude, I just thought I'd ask while you're nuts since people think you're crazy for letting this babe go. OK now, about that Maybach? Not a chance? DAMN! HA!!

1033 days ago

Michelle Foxx    

I bet TMZ feels like important hot-shots now right? HAHAHAHAHA

1033 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

It sounds like she has learned that Deion has upgraded to a new and improved trophy.

1033 days ago


I think everyone who witnessed the couple together knew their marriage was going up in flames! I was Deion's personal server for his birthday party this past year and neither one was acknowledging the fact that one another even existed.

1033 days ago


I think everyone who witnessed the couple together knew their marriage was going up in flames! I was Deion's personal ****tail server for his birthday party this past year and neither one was acknowledging the fact that one another even existed.

1033 days ago


Pilar is so full of herself, she knew full knowledge this divorce was coming they talked about it on BlackAmericaweb.com. She is so pretentious, Deion is getting older and he just can't take her antics anymore. He gave that woman everything she ever wanted, she made a decision to take an acting role for the show "Single Ladies" and decided she wanted to move to follow her career. Deion told her she needs to focus on her children and not move them all around the country for a role that would end after a couple of seasons. He was right she does not have star potential. She knew this was coming there were ultimatums.

1033 days ago


What a coward.

1033 days ago
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