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Lindsay Lohan

I've Shot Down

BIG New Year's Paydays

12/27/2011 5:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan partyingLindsay Lohan is adamant ... there's no way in hell she's gonna blow the progress she's made with her judge just to count backwards from ten.

Sources close to the actress tell TMZ ... she's gotten a bunch of offers to host various ragers on NYE ... but she's turned down every last one.
We're told Lindsay is desperately trying to change her party girl image ... and she feels staying out of the NYE madness is a major step in the right direction.

Lohan's decision is a costly one -- some stars have raked in 6-figure checks for partying on New Year's Eve.  But we're told Lindsay -- who received high marks from the judge just earlier this month -- doesn't think a check would be worth it.

Lindsay plans to ring in 2012 with a few close friends at her home ... although she may go out to dinner before the final countdown.

Should old acquaintance be forgot ...


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Grandma Cracker    

Kate refusing to return a 34k ring that belongs to Michael. She is an inflammatory opportunist. Sorry she got smacked around, but she needs to own her part in this. She is so not done with him.

1039 days ago

Ghost Rider    

@luvlindsay, I replied to you on that guy who was in the Philadelphia experiment, but wanted to also say that along with there pension or life being at stake, I think that some of these Military folks know much more than the little we get to hear.
I remember when the X Files first came out, asking my Grandfather who the cigarette smoking man was, he was a former Navy Chief mind you, and his reply was sternly " We ARE NOT talking about it". Later he quietly and calmly told me that there are people just like that cigarette smoking man who they have to take orders from, and all they know is that he as at the top of command, and they are just as in the dark as everybody else as to who these mysterious individuals answer to. So you just never know,lol.

1039 days ago

AGENT smith    

Kate says Mi Lo mailed two sex tapes to her that he secretly recorded and threatened to release them....Milo threatened to throw me off the balcony and commit suicide, Kate says she is sacred and Dr Drew is getting her an attorney....

1039 days ago


Geez now we have to get a blow by blow rehash. Funny it's the enablers who can't stay on topic.

1039 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Smitty, this is all a reality show in the making. Good thing Dr. Drew is footing the bill for her to go to treatment AGAIN. She is a nutcase and needs it. Her family is sick to death of her and her substance abuse. She comes off as an absolute flake on Dr. Drew.

1039 days ago


"Mi Lo and Kate are on Dr Drew now, Mi Lo looks a little gay, here comes Kate now.....looking like a fat Britney and she is crying already...."
WTF are you talkin about? Milo was NOT on today, he's on tomorrow for the SIXTH TIME. How could you see him, other than promo's for tomorrows show? Someone said this was filmed months ago because she says he's in 'solitary'. Also, she said she WAS NOT PREGNANT, THAT SHE KNOWS OF. *Fingers crossed*

1039 days ago

AGENT smith    

Well I used to hate Mi Lo but every time he goes a few months without talking about Lindsay I like him better. I like that he moved from LA to FLA and isn't crowding Lindsay...hopefully tomorrow on Dr Drew he doesn't bash Lindsay.....Lindsay and Dina are scared of him, I'm not, his guido boyz have been in my place, I survived, enough said, next time ,they should bring tags, and bags....

1039 days ago

Red Cloud    

I can't resist something a little off topic here for a moment.
Hey 90291, How angry are you about the fact that Lindsay received over 900K for Playboy and the mag is selling out? On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being ETREMELY ANGRY, how angry are you and the foolish people you work for??? LOL!!!!!
Couldn't resist.

1039 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

I think the next time it should be the fourth floor balcony just to be SURE!!!!!!!!! She is a POS!!!!

1039 days ago

Hot Farts    

Smith: yet u are still in LA stalking, I mean, crowding LL.

Also - Kadashian is not getting 600K for one appearance. It is a long term contract which includes many appearances and promotion of the club in press both print and other media.

1039 days ago


I wish Lindsay nothing but good luck at least she is trying.for all the people saying you dont care about her then why are you taking the time to write your hate.

1039 days ago

Hot Farts    

Head in the Clouds: I am glad she is making money. She owes it all over town so now she cannot file bankruptcy and will have attachable bank accounts. Hopefully she pays 100s of thousands she owes before she spends it on BS above her means. Right now she is still a deadbeat so a millionaire she is not

1039 days ago


When lindsay says,"Im very Sexual",pardon me for this,but is she saying,i'll do it with almost anyone?...can someone explain this to me?

1039 days ago


I believe she will do well in the direction she is headed and will have a possible longer run in her field. There are many series that she would do well in including 30 Rock with Tina and the staff constantly juking from topic to relationships. Good Luck !! :) JTD

1039 days ago

Hot Farts    

John Smith: Have another bottle of wine. U prob make yer own....FAAAAAREAK!

1039 days ago
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