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'Love & Hip Hop' Star

VH1 Derailed My Career

12/27/2011 5:52 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"Love & Hip Hop" star Erica Mena tells TMZ, the vicious, glass-smashing, hair-pulling cat fight between her and Kimbella Vanderhee has torpedoed her modeling career -- and it's all VH1's fault.

In case you missed this week's episode, Kimbella throws a champagne glass at Erica -- after Erica accuses her of cheapening the video vixen industry by agreeing to work for a pittance. Erica responds by grabbing Kimbella's hair and ... just watch the clip.

But the 24-year-old tells us, she was completely misrepresented in the episode -- blaming show editors for unfairly portraying her as the bad guy ... and Kimbella as an angel.

Erica tells us, "My whole image in my career is now affected by this. I wanted them to pull this clip because I don’t want to show this side of me." Clearly, VH1 refused.

Calls to the network have not been returned.


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JugEars McKenyan Sr..    

America has enough skanks of the week, do we need more?

1038 days ago


Maybe show maturity, self control and walk away, and not act like a crazy frig'n nutcase.

1038 days ago


Her career was made by that episode. Arguing over a 1500.00 "modeling" gig - just embarrassing all the way around.

1038 days ago


Why do people watch this crap?

1038 days ago


And then they wonder why the brother chooses the white prize.

1038 days ago


I missed the show, but what kind of glass was it? Was it a "Libby" glass by any chance?

1038 days ago

That explains it    

The words that came out of her mouth before the fight were not nice. In this particular instance I didn't blame Kimbella from throwing that glass at her; she deserved it. She just kept going on and on about how she is a higher class person than Kimbella and wouldn't STFU! Then after talking all that smack, she (rightfully IMHO) got her ass jumped, and then had the audacity to call the police. Bitch, please. Whatever...

1038 days ago


who is this bitch anyway? bitch we don't know you! we don't even want to know you! she's the agressor, she was the one that attacked kimbella by saying "oh i know you" but then again i really don't giva **** about kimbella neither.. grown ass women fighting and pulling hair over dumb ****.. it's a damn shame these shows pretty much exploit women making them look psycho and maybe they are seeing as this whole show is full of psychos..

1038 days ago


everybody wants to be a bad ass. So unappealing. It's so rampant its just not cool anymore.

1038 days ago


This pug faced embarrassment to humanity does not even know the meaning of the word career. Who would ever hire her to model anything??? ICK!

1038 days ago

the floyd    

For: "Proud to be black educated chick":

You should be watching Basketball wives, their the educated ones!!!!!!

1038 days ago


Really Erica Mena? Would your trashy gutter mouth have anything to do with it?

1038 days ago


i don*****ch this crappy show,just wanted to chat at bw for a,i have noticed since we have decided to go natural,these hair care companies are getting more aggressive.IT IS P*SSING ME OFF!! They're using skinny pretty black models,wearing these bouncy white woman weaves,to try and sell us the white womans image again.PLEASE DONT FORGET HOW THESE SAME ADVERTISERS USE OVERWEIGHT UGLY BW WITH GHETTO PERSONALITIES,IN THIER OTHER ADDS,FOR OTHER COMPANIES THEY WORK FOR! PLEASE DO NOT FALL FOR IT! PLEASE ABANDON ALL HAIR WEAVES,LADIES! freakn crap pisses me seeing all these pretty 100% bw in hair weave adds,yet they refuse to put ONE attractive bw on tv.VERY OFFENSIVE! people dont even believe pretty black women exist! THEY DO,AND I AM ONE! WITHOUT HAIR WEAVE!!!

1038 days ago


You don't let that side of you get out by not putting yourself in those type of Ghetto situations to begin with.

BTW...what career?

1038 days ago


This girl is full of you know what. Check out the video of her assaulting the father of her child.

1038 days ago
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