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Maria Shriver

Second Thoughts About Divorcing Arnold

12/27/2011 1:39 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Maria Shriver
is telling friends she's now unsure if she wants to divorce Arnold Schwarzenegger ... TMZ has learned.

We're told Maria is torn, partly because of her strong religious beliefs that do not include divorce. 

Making matters even more complicated -- we're told Arnold still desperately wants Maria back, and has been "extremely sweet" to her and has made numerous gestures -- which include presents -- to win Maria back.
Maria filed for divorce on July 1, though she moved out months earlier.  She's already bought a mansion in Brentwood, CA, which she's in the process of renovating.


Katy Perry

Ho, Ho, HOT!

Katy Perry bikini pictures
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Joanna in "Love Actually"


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Sinead O'Connor Ends Marriage


Sinead O'Connor abruptly ended her marriage to her fourth husband Barry Herridge ... after just 16 days.

The couple wed on December 8 -- the Irish singer's 45th birthday.

The news was announced on Sinead's website. "He is a wonderful man. I love him very much. I'm sorry I'm not a more regular woman," she posted. "I truly believe though it is painful to admit, we made a mistake rushing into getting married, for altruistic reasons, and weren't aware or prepared for the consequences on my husband's life and the lives of those close to him. He has been terribly unhappy and I have therefore ended the marriage. I think he is too nice to do so. And too nice to trap."

TMZ's Annual

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The Hangover Lawsuit

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No Avatar

great granny    

Arnold please behave if Maria agrees to a reconciliation. With as many enamored women that love movie stars, its a real wonder it was only one mistake. Hope you work it out with Maria. Best Wishes.

975 days ago


I don't know whether to believe this story or not. Arnold's kid was pretty old when it was discovered that he was fathered by Arnold. That's years of deceit. If she can live with that thought and the thought that he may have cheated or will cheat again, and still take him back, then it's a chance she'll have to take. Personally, I think he'll find a comfort zone with what he did and will cheat again by having the confidence that he'll again be forgiven!

975 days ago


If Maria was really following her religion she would not have backed her pro-abortion Republican husband for Govenor. Some people use their religion for their own interests.

975 days ago


Maria to Arnold, I'll be Back!

975 days ago

C ynthia    

Well Barbara, your anti-Catholic bigotry is showing. It isn't "that" Catholic Church, it's THE Catholic Church unless you are really a Catholic hater. The old Testament scripture tells us that in the Jewish faith adultry was reason for divorce, but the New Testament states VERY PLAINLY that "What God has joined together let no man put asunder". So unless a Catholic couple (which Maria and Arnold are) is married by a Justice of the Peace or that equivalent, they may legally divorce but not remarry religiously. Get your facts straight before you make your snarky remarks about Catholicism. And since Jesus started the Catholic faith and preached a new covenant, Christians are denied divorce and remarriage , otherwise they commit adultry. An annulment is granted when there is an impediment to the marriage being truly sacramental which is indissolvable. If ;you are capable of thinking analytically you'll change you anti-Catholic tune, but I doubt it.

975 days ago

Pat Van Alders    

Maria is an idiot to take back "the Arnold!" Shenade O' Connor gets uglier & uglier threw the years!

975 days ago


Once a cheating dog, always a cheating dog.

975 days ago


Once a cheating dog, always a cheating dog.

975 days ago


Arnold would be a fool to go back to her , move on Arnold

975 days ago


to Maria Shriver happy New year! Really all of the years
you and Arnold achieved a lot, and again by looking at pictures it's not for photos only you were all happy to each other! What is ahead of is not more than what you are leaving behind. Divorcing is a problem with a lot changes
and struggles, I am happy to hear that you are a christian
also there's no christian without Forgiveness. The joy you have most People don't have it(Love because that's how you got all precious kids you have,Money Fame and everything) .Well broken heart won't for Arnold only,it you will feel why ,why?What If ,what if? How could that happen all of these questions are not nutritious in your life! All of those questions cause damages inside in you,while you are your own doctor,happiness .You are your own everything. I admire you and again there's no marriage without a struggle! Sister in Christ ,let me tell you the joy you have ahead of was seeing your kids graduating,getting promotion,getting married and you and Arnold hands ,arms in arms,kisses to kisses and remember how you did your and fell in love again more than when you did it! Greatness of your both love Later on when you will hold together your little Angels grand kids! Please Maria i can't make a decision for you but I am sharing how i feel about your family.Please you can't just let Somebody tear your family apart for 20 year whatever! I tell you again that's why they said when you tied the knot that IN SICKNESS and in JOY FOR REACH or FOR POOR! DID YOU hear Pastor saying in a everlasting love??????? In Happiness for ever because life is a mixture! However make your day for moving on .All girls ,ladies share the same pain, don't you know that.Again if you can't be there for Arnold be there for your kids by keeping Their lovely dad together LOve is a sacrifice. LOving is suffering,because Jesus paid a heavy price of pain because of love he loves us! help your
self in Remembering what made you love Arnold,be thankful what he has done good in your life,about the mistake,believe that no man is perfect as well as woman.
A mother is a mother of not only for the kids also for all in home,and around(family) .When a kid comes to hug his or her mother with a dirt,she never pushed the child away! She picks the child and kiss,wash,dress, feed the child! Bring Arnold to God, how about to a circle of those are really friends of you. He was yours and i Believe he will be yours for ever if you really care. Think again
Happy New year.
I love you and your Family

975 days ago


So it's against her religion to get a divorce, but not against her religion to lie and defraud California voters into electing this piece of crap? What a gigantic hypocrite she is.

975 days ago


Maria Shriver is a rather pathetic woman who is certainly deserving of any pity to come her way. Tomas Torquemada would certainly give her his nod of approval for the sacrifices she has made and for the opportunity to put her through further sacrifices of devotion to her faith.

975 days ago


maria just set woman back 20 years

975 days ago

Dave W.    

She should hire all male maids lol.

975 days ago


Even 'bad' marriages sometimes are better than none...

975 days ago
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