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OJ Simpson's Ex Sister-in-Law


for Domestic Violence

12/27/2011 8:13 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sean Brown mug shot
Denise Brown
-- who became famous after OJ Simpson killed her sister, Nicole Brown Simpson -- is now in the eerie position of dealing with domestic violence again, and this time the alleged perpetrator is her son.

Sean Brown and his live-in girlfriend, Amy, were arrested at their home in Orange County, CA, for felony corporal injury on a spouse.  Law enforcement sources tell us they received a call at 2:30 AM today, responded to the scene and noticed visible marks on both parties.

Both are currently in custody. 

Denise founded the Nicole Brown Foundation to combat domestic violence.


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why were they both arrested? If one of them was trying to protect themselves against the other they would have left marks on the other one. I sure hope they didn't arrest someone that didn't deserve it.

1000 days ago


I agree with the other posters, technically OJ was found not gulity of murder, so you really shouldn't be reporting he did. I know, I know, but facts is facts!!

1000 days ago


Looking at the marks on her neck she is lucky to still be here. He doesnt look phased at all. Perhaps his mother needs to fixate her energy on preventing her own family from committing domestic violence. He was marked up too the story says...not ok for girls to hit guys either or for gays to beat each other, if you like to fight get in a ring with willing partners...those neck wounds, he was not defending himself when he inflicted those wounds. I am trained to defend...none of my defensive moves make marks like that. I have knocked folks out cold without leaving neck wounds like that in 15 years of tournament fighting...he wasnt playing games. I'm female and I have defended myself at night walking in the city ect...never made marks on a guy like that. Thats intentional. Even when I intend to damage it doesnt look like that. He was going for the kill.

1000 days ago


"and I see OJ sittin in the back of the van lookin scared...and I'd be scared too 'cause there's cops all deep in this."

"Thank you Mr Higgins" - Peter Jennings

"I'm Baba Booey to ya'all!"

1000 days ago


Sad Ironic.....

1000 days ago

Throwback kid    

Does anyone know why the relationship didn't work out for Denise Brown and OJ's driver AC Cowlings? They made a nice couple, was it Denise's nasty negative attitude that pushed AC away? They didn't date very long

1000 days ago


Wonder how this self righteous bitch Nicole Brown feels now.

1000 days ago


Why is it so hard to believe that OJ didn't physically kill those two? He knows what happened but he didn't do the killing.Maybe they should blame it on all those drugs she was using and drug debts she acquired. Those people wanted the money. Be real

1000 days ago


Most believe that OJ either killed or took part in the killing of Nicole, but he was found not guilty in a criminal court. Even in the civil suit he was never convicted of killing her. He was found guilty of causing her death. I'm no fan of OJ, but the facts are the facts. TMZ needs to be more considerate of real facts instead of using this site for their own agendas.

P.S. OJ did it.

1000 days ago


What could you be fighting about at 2:00am?

1000 days ago


Damn looks like he tried to choke her to death.

1000 days ago


Amy Hope you leave this loser as soon as you get out.
men like this never change. you are pretty girl and can have lato going on for your self you dont have to live like that. noone desrves to get hitt on. You dont need him .t you and your saftery are more important than creep.
men who beat woman are very insucre and they have to beat woman to feel in control.Sean brown well try to shiftt he blame to amy.thats what men like that do try to make th eowman out tobe crazy to make it seem ok for them to hitt them. He even looks like wife beatter. He is broken and cant be fixed. Go tto a shelter or friends or whatever you have to do butt dont go back to him EVER.There is no excuse for aman to hit a woman. If he well beat on you he well also be emtionaly abusvie and ruin yoru sefesteem and you r life. Get out now!! YOur lucky it wasnt owrse. By the scratchs it looks like he was tourting you and scareing the hell out of you. Deenis Brown took the omny that was donated ofr the charity and spedt it on booze thats why there is no more nickcole brown cfoundation any more.
sean is a rottn egg.

1000 days ago

Robert Stewart    

I noticed you reported that OJ killed her sister. That is incorrect, he was found "Not Guilty" of killing her. You should fact check or say "allegedly killed her sister". I guess you are like most California media and truth does not matter.

1000 days ago


Quit taking up for O.J you douche bags. Everyone in the world including his idiot attorneys know he slit two peoples throats. As for this girl it sure looks like someone was trying to strangle her. She has serious marks around her neck. She needs to stay far away from this dude.

1000 days ago
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