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OJ Simpson's Ex Sister-in-Law


for Domestic Violence

12/27/2011 8:13 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sean Brown mug shot
Denise Brown
-- who became famous after OJ Simpson killed her sister, Nicole Brown Simpson -- is now in the eerie position of dealing with domestic violence again, and this time the alleged perpetrator is her son.

Sean Brown and his live-in girlfriend, Amy, were arrested at their home in Orange County, CA, for felony corporal injury on a spouse.  Law enforcement sources tell us they received a call at 2:30 AM today, responded to the scene and noticed visible marks on both parties.

Both are currently in custody. 

Denise founded the Nicole Brown Foundation to combat domestic violence.


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Raw Shoshanna    

Maybe Denise will bail him out,using some of the money she stole from that sham foundation she started, Or some of the other $$$ her family borrowed from OJ & never returned, while here little sister, the c o k e w h o r e was fuh king OJ for cash & prizes?

1032 days ago

Bill Leslie    

yoikes - what's up with all the scratch marks on her neck? Don't tell me the dude tried to "OJ" her. Decapitation is a hellofathing.

1032 days ago


Wtf? That girl looks like a frikin heroin addict. Look at the scars on her neck.

1032 days ago


Maybe Denise will bail him out,using some of the money she stole from that sham foundation she started, Or some of the other $$$ her family borrowed from OJ & never returned, while here little sister, the c o k e w h o r e was fuh king OJ for cash & prizes?

1032 days ago


Ha Ha

1032 days ago


So TMZ will now be hearing from layers from OJ for Slander, of misreporting he killed Nicole. I don't care if he did it or not u cant just report he did it with out proof, remember a jury trial found him not guilty, so there for in the view of the law hes not guilty. Yet you report to millions of people he killed her. WEll WE ALL KNOW WHAT KIND OF MORALS HARVEY HAS.

1032 days ago


Gee, what a surprise. Don't try to make Denise or her sisters angels. Remember one of Nicole Brown's sisters sold topless pics of Nicole to a tabloid AFTER her death. Classy? No. Opportunistic? Yes. So the apple hasn't fallen far from the family tree. And tmz slackers, Simpson was found not guilty. Whether he was or not or what I, or you and other nancy grace lynch mob types think doesn't change that verdict. Someone should sue your asses for that kind of "reporting."

1032 days ago



1032 days ago

Silverado Mom    

It's typical of police to arrest both parties when one is clearly defending themselves. Bad enough they have to deal with the pain, and trauma, but have to endure the humiliation of being treated like a perp. All too often we don't get help for the perps, but rather focus on the victims. I think everyone is capable of this, if given the right set of cir****tances.

1032 days ago


Haha I can't believe their are so many morons on here taking up for O.J. Blacks I'm sure. People are on t.v all the time saying the same thing TMZ said. If he were to sue he'd be suing a **** load of people. O.J IS A MURDERER. Sue me!

1031 days ago


Poor little rich kids.

1031 days ago


First of all O.J. is not related to these people. He is serving time currently for the murder of this slut,I said it slut, at 17 she was driving by the home of him and his then wife, that crap in Las Vegas didnot warrant the sentence he got. I am not a O.J. fan nor am I a Brown family fan they didn't care what O.J. did until they fell off of his payroll. She was a drug addict she turned up dead when he stopped funding her habit. TMZ you should be ashamed of yourselves for reporting this story.

1031 days ago


Why is his last name Brown? If this is her son wouldn't he have the last name of his father?


1028 days ago


Law Offices of Shepard S. Kopp 11355 W. Olympic Blvd. Suite 300
Los Angeles, California 90064 Telephone (310) 914-4444 Facsimile (310) 914-4445
January 3, 2012
The Orange County District Attorney officially declined to file criminal charges against Sean Brown today stemming from his arrest last week on a charge of domestic violence.
Mr. Brown’s attorney, Shepard Kopp, commended the OCDA for the decision:
“This was the right call on an unfortunate situation in which Sean not only committed no crime but in fact did everything he was supposed to do. Because of his unique personal history, Sean knows better than most people how wrong domestic violence is, and he would never engage in such behavior. In this case, Sean had an argument with his girlfriend Amy Johnson, but never assaulted her. During the argument Sean did nothing more than protect his own physical well-being, as anyone else would. In fact, Sean himself called the police to get help in calming the situation – which is hardly the action of a man who has committed a crime.
The media reports on this incident have suggested that Sean was guilty of some criminal wrongdoing, or that he was fortunate to not be charged with any crimes, when in fact nothing could be further from the truth. We trust that responsible media organizations will take steps to correct the damage done to Sean’s reputation.”

1020 days ago


All you people who are saying OJ was found "not guilty" have obviously not done your reading or research on the murders. OJ is guilty as sin. Read up. Educate yourselves.

1004 days ago
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