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Deion Sanders

Daughter SLAMS Step-Mom --

You're a 'Gold Diggin H*e'

12/28/2011 1:59 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Deiondra Sanders and Pilar
Deion Sanders
' estranged wife is a "gold diggin h*e" who has been screwing around behind Deion's back ... this according to the NFL star's daughter.

Deiondra Sanders -- Deion's 19-year-old daughter from a previous relationship -- just BLASTED her step-mom on her Twitter account ... claiming Pilar Sanders has been a TERRIBLE wife to her famous father.

Before she unleashed, Deiondra apologized to her father -- claiming Deion "is going to be very upset at me 4 he always takes the higher route."

Then ... she GOES OFF -- claiming Pilar straight up LIED when she claimed she found out Deion filed for divorce on TMZ.com.

Deiondra writes, "#HowYouDidntKnow but yo boxes have been packed for weeks now."

She adds, "HowYoTopPriorityBeen yo marriage and yo kids when u flying out to see other n**gas ... yeah we know."

Deiondra added, "All u had to do was be a supportive wife. Only thing u ever cared about doing with my dad is reality shows."

"Pilar stop tryna play the victim. Maybe if u would of actually loved my dad and not loved the life he gave you we would be here today."

Pilar's lawyer, Larry Friedman, tells TMZ ... "Marriage is a relationship between two adults and it doesn’t involve engaging this kind of faceless accusations made by his child."

He adds, "If Deion has something to say, he'll battle it out at the courthouse. Meanwhile Pilar is still trying to protect her children and save her marriage."

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Ehhh, bratty, spoiled and jealous kid. My advice to Deiondra: stay out of it... you're just making yourself look bad.

1000 days ago


Alot of grammar hate police out today! What's funny alot of the posters on this site are using their own form of slang to complain about this 19 year olds twitter rant. She's not writing a thesis or speaking to a potential employer she taking up for her dad on twitter. Most young people take up for their parent if they feel the need. I speak professionally all day long at work however on my time I speak however I want.

1000 days ago

Just Reading    

Sounds like poor wittle Deiondra (yes I meant to use a "w") didn't like daddy spending his time and money on some one other than herself and her mom...who would have spent that extra on her darling child if she asked. Now that she's on the way out the door wittle Dee wants to make sure nothing stands in her "daddy's little precious way"...oh wait...there are children or half siblings she will still have to contend with. Stand by for a twitter about them being little money grubbers that don't love their father. Just a guess...

1000 days ago


@Mumra the Ever Living...speak on what you know. Deiondra's mom is Carolyn who was MARRIED to Deion and divorced him in the late 90's due to adultery and cruel treatment. I live in Dallas and we ran in the same circles... I think the young lady is just trying to take up for her father. I am quite certain she has the inside scoop though. Regardless, she should stay out of it.

1000 days ago


Deiondra didnt your father cheat on your mother??? your dad has always been a HOE!! and he is a butt hole... not mad at Pilar at all!! she has had three children by this butt hole Deiondra you should stay out of this it is between your dad and his wife i think you have had a problem with pilar in the first place sounds like you were just waiting for something to happen so you can go off are you mad because you are 19 and gettin cut off?

1000 days ago


Omg learn some proper grammar! So tacky for such a pretty girl. Bet you disappointed and just embarrassed your dad! Now your step mom is making fun of you!

1000 days ago

Just Tasteless    

She is so sad and tasteless (Deiondra). Did you react like this when your mother was on the Channel 5 news in Dallas saying what she was going get from Deion when her dad divorced her mom...you better recognize.

1000 days ago


Daddy should tell her to stay out of grown peoples business--especially since he was hooked on that gold diggin h*e.

1000 days ago


Whether or not her grammar is correct, the girl is just trying to stand up for her Dad. If you knew your step-mom was nothing but a gold digging bitch, and then she went around claiming to be the innocent victim after your father divorced her for cheating, you would be upset too. Yes, a marriage is between two adults, but it also affects the entire family; especially the kids involved.

Also, I've seen way worse spelling and grammar over the internet, @t Leezst shz nt tlkn lyk diiiz, ya know?

1000 days ago

you people make me sick    

Daddy's money does not equal a good education. Instead of mouthing off about your Dads relationship take a English course

1000 days ago


I think her point could have been made just as easily by stating that she didn't understand why her step mother was shocked about the divorce, since she's been flying out to see other men and had her things packed for weeks.
Leave out the name calling and ghetto talk and she'd be taken much more seriously. All she's succeeded in doing is making herself look silly and uneducated! Twitter or not it's always a good idea to speak properly!!

1000 days ago


The main focus here isn't her grammar. It's just twitter people! Sheesh! She was probably upset and typing fast. A lot of people don't take time to proof read tweets bcuz it isn't that important. What's important is what she's trying to say and if it's true.

1000 days ago

Yurra Knutz    

OK gang, so, who are we bashing today for sport? Are we still bashing rich black celebs this week? Yes? Who? Will Smith? Denzel Washington? Lebron James? A rich black celeb's daughter? WTF?? YIKES!! No thanks, gotta pass on this one. Some things are off limits even for me and bashing a celeb's daughter is one of them. Bye. I'm out. ZOOOOOM!!! HA!!!

1000 days ago


Daughter needs to get educated. I can't stand the "black speak" that makes young African Americans sound like fools. Grammar is a beautiful thing.

1000 days ago


Really disappointing to see black children throwing around the N word. What a brat. Privileged and still talking like a ghetto tramp.

1000 days ago
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