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Deion Sanders

Daughter SLAMS Step-Mom --

You're a 'Gold Diggin H*e'

12/28/2011 1:59 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Deiondra Sanders and Pilar
Deion Sanders
' estranged wife is a "gold diggin h*e" who has been screwing around behind Deion's back ... this according to the NFL star's daughter.

Deiondra Sanders -- Deion's 19-year-old daughter from a previous relationship -- just BLASTED her step-mom on her Twitter account ... claiming Pilar Sanders has been a TERRIBLE wife to her famous father.

Before she unleashed, Deiondra apologized to her father -- claiming Deion "is going to be very upset at me 4 he always takes the higher route."

Then ... she GOES OFF -- claiming Pilar straight up LIED when she claimed she found out Deion filed for divorce on TMZ.com.

Deiondra writes, "#HowYouDidntKnow but yo boxes have been packed for weeks now."

She adds, "HowYoTopPriorityBeen yo marriage and yo kids when u flying out to see other n**gas ... yeah we know."

Deiondra added, "All u had to do was be a supportive wife. Only thing u ever cared about doing with my dad is reality shows."

"Pilar stop tryna play the victim. Maybe if u would of actually loved my dad and not loved the life he gave you we would be here today."

Pilar's lawyer, Larry Friedman, tells TMZ ... "Marriage is a relationship between two adults and it doesn’t involve engaging this kind of faceless accusations made by his child."

He adds, "If Deion has something to say, he'll battle it out at the courthouse. Meanwhile Pilar is still trying to protect her children and save her marriage."

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No Avatar


So sad, all that money and that little girl cant buy class. Or afford some spelling classes.

995 days ago


I would think her Father would be more upset over his daughter's obvious lack of English credits in school!

995 days ago


Pffft, sounds like an intelligent, classy daughter to have there. Gee, wasn't she the skank daughter that is banging Deion's athlete friend? I think she confused her stepmom with her own life. Her stepmom may be a cold bitch, but I doubt she was sleeping around like her lowlife father was doing to her. Dumb girl needs a wake-up call.

995 days ago


uuuhhh isnt she the same little tart that had nude pics of herself posted all over the net? lol you have no room to talk honey & your dad also had pictures posted off himslef by a groupie he slept with of them together in a hotel, car keys & all

995 days ago


I hate to agree with Pilar's attorney, but he's right. This is a private domestic situation involving Deion and Pilar only. Children should be seen and not heard. They have no place in the discussion and no "right" to comment to the press.

995 days ago


The daughter may have insight into the family household, but not the inner workings of a marriage. She has no clue what goes on within that relationship and the reasons for it's end. Her behavior was immature.

995 days ago


If Larry can talk about it, so can Deiondra. That girl just bytch slapped Pilar.

995 days ago


This poor child has really got some problems. As we can tell she has not had a great deal of education and has not spent to much time with her step-mother. Maybe if she had been able to spend more time with pilar she could have learned to grow as a young woman with some sort of morals in life. She claims to know so much but yet has spent most of her life with her bio mom. No wonder Deion never married her mom. Poor girl, I hope she can get some sort of education. Talk about an embarrassment to your father!!.....she sure did!!

995 days ago


she really needs to check her daddy first--> http://cdn.mediatakeout.com/51095/mto-world-exclusive-we-caught-nfl-star-deion-sanders-creeping-on-his-single-ladies-wife-pilar-pics-of-him-in-the-bed-with-the-jumpoff.html

995 days ago


Deiondra should have used some of her father's money to actually learn English. She's 19 but writes like a 7 year old immigrant from another planet.

995 days ago


H* is spelled without an e. That hoe is a farm tool, fool.

995 days ago


Deiondra, nobody will ever respect what you have to say until you can learn to speak proper English.

995 days ago

Larry Love    

Deion is a gutless coward and a bad father. Regardless of what you do, keep your kids out the situation between you and your wife.

995 days ago


#1 how is everyone going to talk about her grammer when probrably everyone here make these same shows #1 on TV #2 divorce is very emotional for children and it effects them as well wether your 9 or 29 ask any child that REALLY loves there parent(s) and #3 Its amazing how we ALL have an opinion but for some reason cant offer solutions really go back to school and using profanity, and calling her out her name about her commenting about something thats apart of HER family and you say "go back to school" i think there is some mutual training that needs to go on here. Pray for her and that family another broken marraige wow!

995 days ago


Just because most of her online grammar is bad does not mean that she isn't educated. Most of us have done our fair share of online abbreviations and bad grammar on facebook, twitter etc. where it lack importance. Give the girl a break & stfu, she is probably better educated than half of you a**holes.

995 days ago
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