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Heavy D

The FRANTIC 911 Call

'He Is Not Breathing!'

12/28/2011 2:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0_l0hyiufy_0_xtal48wiLife and death were separated by a matter of seconds for Heavy D, who stopped breathing while a bystander was on the phone with the dispatcher -- and you hear it all unfold in the frantic 911 recording obtained by TMZ.

One of the first questions the dispatcher asks ... is D breathing? The caller -- who's so freaked out she can't stop screaming -- says he is.

Moments later, everything unravels ... as the caller shouts that the rapper has stopped breathing, and people on the scene then scramble to perform CPR.

An ambulance arrived shortly thereafter ... but it was too late. Heavy D was pronounced dead at the hospital an hour later.


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1033 days ago

Blue Lake    

If the woman had been trained in CPR or even had a clear head, D might still be alive. She should blame herself.

1033 days ago


With a name like 'Heavy D' you know his lifestyle supported an early death. @Bluelake: Heavy D's fatso lifestyle killed him, not that woman. HE is responsible for HIS OWN death.

1033 days ago


Almost two years ago I had DVT and PE. I was barely able to walk for a few feet without getting winded and coughed very badly. I went to the doctor and at first he thought it was asthma. When the asthma medication didn't work I had a chest x-ray done and was sent to a cardiologist. I already have mitral valve prolapse so when they did an EKG and an echocardiogram I wasn't phased. When the cardiologist told me to go straight to the hospital because they found clots and my heart had enlarged, that scared me. After a few days in the hospital they told me if I hadn't had a filter implanted I would have had a 30% chance of dying. I am much better now and my prayers go out to Heavy D's loved ones.

1033 days ago


I should correct what I just wrote. I would have had a 30% chance of LIVING.

1033 days ago


Let the man rest in peace, why should anybody besides law enforcement get to listen to 911 calls, it's a real invasion of privacy

1033 days ago

top notch bitch    

I think they right she should be ashamed....blame her

1033 days ago


I didn't even bother to listen to it! I will tell you I visit the TMZ website several times daily. I also watch the TMZ TV show daily and I've also called and had some great short conversations with the members of the TMZ staff.

However, Why oh why Harvey do you allow TMZ to sink so low and post the 911 calls from a family member or a friend calling 911 about a person who eventually dies?

This type of cheap tabloid journalism is what will prevent you Harvey from ever getting TMZ DC off the ground!

1033 days ago


people are so concern about his weight when he died after he lost he weight, skinny people everyday died from blood clots starting to think that schools should have common sense courses ..cus people will say anything and believe it ... now wanting people to lose weight for health reason good point but making up stuff to try to scare people into losing weight wtf ...u say with a name like heavy d his lifestyle supported a early death wtf ... so is kid rock an immature kid? is lil wayne a lil boy ? last i check lil kim is a grown full size woman so ur stage name it just that ...getting fed up with non thinking people

1033 days ago


He had been on a long flight to Wales a few weeks prior, and sitting for extended periods is a known risk for DVT. The risk continues for up to a few weeks afterwards, from what I've read. It's ludicrous to blame Heavy D or the woman for his death. She was doing her best to help, including giving him CPR. Shame on those who are hating here. None of us know which day will be our last.

1032 days ago


How Did heavy D Died Then Becuase It Not Telling Us it Just Said He Not Breathing it That All But That A Shocked Those!!!!!??

1025 days ago


For the person stating "if the woman knew CPR he'd be alive." Honey, NOT the case with a pulmonary embolism. Once it hits, a person is gone. Learn medical issues prior to being such a fool.

1003 days ago

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