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Lohan Family Christmas Photo

Guess Who's Missing?

12/28/2011 4:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lohan Family Christmas photo
The Lohans came together for a traditional family Christmas photo on Sunday -- but one person was conspicuously missing ...

While Ali, Dina, Mike Jr., Lindsay, and Cody chowed down in Long Island to commemorate the birthday of Jesus -- Michael Lohan was stuck in Florida ... completing his court-ordered  4-month stint at a treatment center, which includes a domestic violence intervention program.

Sources close to the Lohans tell us, it was pretty joyous -- lots of gifts, delicious food, and no one jumping off a 3-story balcony.

All in the Family


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Very nice christmas photo. Now Lindsay get your behind back to LA and start chipping away at the morgue duty ya got 12 days to do by Jan 17! That is not alot of time with the holidays and weekends.

1038 days ago


TMZ, you forgot, and landing in a tree......

1038 days ago


I can just tell the red headed one on the right next to the resident toilet scrubber is gonna be major trouble in the not too distant future.

1038 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Hmmm....reading on other sites that Beyonce is getting ready to "give birth" to her magical pillow baby any second now. Lindsay will have to do something spectacular to regain her top spot for the holiday tabloids. Maybe a quick unauthorized trip to Dubai?

1038 days ago


A Lindsay Lohan Christmas

6 total mug shots
5 trips to rehab
4 stints in jail
3 Scram bracelets
2 DUI's
1 Felony Grand Theft


1038 days ago


Is it weird that her kids look older than the mom?? Lindsay looks horrible and so does Ali. I feel bad for her since she had her sister as a role model to look up to.

1038 days ago


Lindsay looks like an out of town hooker relative, visiting her white trash family.

1038 days ago


Good God...crack whore family Christmas if I've ever seen one. Michael Lohan Jr. should just change his last name if he really does have any talent and separate himself from his disaster embarrassment of a family, the kid has no chance in hell with that last name. Hopefully when the apocalypse does come, the devil will take them first.

1038 days ago

It's Nikki Bitches     

And this my friends is what the Lohans think we should be jealous of....ROTF!

Poor Ali the ugly duckling, looks like a guy with a wig on (her fingers look nasty like big sissys, those cigs and pipe sure do take a toll on the fingers)

Dina the Aderral popping, coke snorting to keep thin.Look at me,me,me,me!!!!!- Men theres a reason why Dina hasnt had a man in her life for yearrrrrrrrrrrs! Lunatic btch! No one wants

Mike Jr. the wanna be of anything

Lindsay the lying I have change, you just wait and see how far I will fall in 2012

Cody the resident Merrick TROUBLE maker!

2012 will not be a good year for "The White Trash Of Merrick"

1038 days ago


I wonder if Lindsay can get her Morgue duties done by Jan 17th she has to be back in court. That means she has until Jan 16th to get her 12 days done. We all know team Lohan lied when they claimed Lindsay was ahead of schedule. As far as we know Lindsay has been in NYC and has not do a day CS since court (maybe Nicole will know if she has). Lindsay prob wont be back from NY until new years even if she gets back by Thursday and does Friday thats only one day. Monday is considered a holiday for most agencies so she cant start up until Jan 3rd. That gives her 10 week days to do 12 days of CS(so she better have atleast 2 days done by now) by her Jan 17th end date and thats working everday for 8 hours a day like a real life human being. Oh and dont forget the 4 therapy sessions. Can she do it?

1038 days ago



1038 days ago

Ellie G    

Again this confirms my theory that Lindsay is mentally challenged. That is the only explanation for her thinking she looks good here. She looks like an aging street hooker. Ali looks just fine and Dina just looks like the **** she is.

1038 days ago


Cody and Ali look so unhappy, and it's Christmas, no less!!! Those poor kids want no part of this Family, it shows so much on their faces, and who could blame them. Please get Cody away from Dina before it's too late!

1038 days ago


Looked up dysfunction in the dictionary and there they were.

1038 days ago


Why are websites 'CONFIRMING' Blohan in Dubai? Partying on a ship is NOT ’working’, I don’t give a f*ck if theres a paycheck involved or not.

So if I’m on a restricted probation, not allowed to travel out of CA and I want to go see my dad in Wisconsin and there isn’t a ’holiday’ in sight, if I tell the p.o. my dad is giving me $20. bucks, does that constitute ’work’? Theres money involved.

This is why she never learns. Every time a ’boundry’ is set, she changes it at her wim. And the judge bows down to her will. Shame really. And this a judge who thought she needed ’structure’. If she’s allowed to go and doesn’t finish her CS, I won’t blame Blohan, I’ll BLAME THE JUDGE for allowing it in the first place.

1038 days ago
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