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Rachel Uchitel

I Need $300 Nipple Suckers

12/28/2011 10:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rachel Uchitel ain't planning to be a full-time breast-feeder when her baby is born -- TMZ has learned, she's asking friends to buy her a $300 nipple pump instead ... on top of several other extremely expensive baby goodies.

Rachel -- who announced her pregnancy last night on Twitter -- posted a baby registry online recently, asking for a laundry list of newborn crap .... including the nipple pumps, a $500 high chair, a $300 car seat, TWO strollers ... one for $400, and one for $1000, and $300 cashmere bedding.

This kid's making out like a bandit -- like mother, like child. 


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1.The term "nipple suckers" sounds juvenile stupid.
2. The stuff on her registry isn't that expensive considering she is probably better off than your average mom even if she did have to give Tiger back his money.
3. Not a fan by any means, but am glad to see her happy after losing her fiance in the 911 attacks.

1000 days ago


she shouldn't get jack fing **** and by the way 300 for a car seat isn't expensive people like her shouldn't be having kids in the first place and most hospitals still give out free formula samples.

1000 days ago

Miss Sashay    

Loving all the tit/fem-nazis coming out to gripe. Who really expects what you morons deem as maturity from TMZ? Naive much?

1000 days ago


Oh hell, I'm a super nice guy so I'll milk her - for free! Bend over the table, Rach.

1000 days ago


that is so offensive! My BREAST PUMP was way more than 300 it's pretty average if you want a good one that isn't a POS. Do you have idiots coming up with your titles? Obviously your writers weren't breast fed because they are too stupid to have been breastfed babies.

1000 days ago


She's a greedy bitch. 1 million from Tiger and god knows what from this poor sucker that knocked her up. These hoes are all the same get knocked up by a celebrity and then cry for child support.

1000 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

what does she need a $300 nipple sucker for? doesn't her husband do that for her???? what a loser.

1000 days ago


with that list of demands,its easy to see she is bad with money.she will no doubt blow thru that 10 mill in less than 5 years.

1000 days ago


FemiNazi's are out today. You are the women who whip your boobs out in front of people while they are eating huh? Cover that **** up! Noone wants to see your tits you liberal freaks.

1000 days ago


obviously this article was written by a man. 'nipple suckers' newsfla*****s called a breast pump jackass. and 300$ is not all that pricey for a good one. so one thing is apparent one whomever wrote this is 1.) a man 2) not a parent and 3.) completely oblivious

1000 days ago


@AMANDA in her reply to my comment #59-

I own my own business and house. LOL. What do you do?

1000 days ago


Please be more respectful. Pluss having a baby is not cheap you problably end up spending more than 15K the first year in supplies and food not counting doctors lab works and medicines and ofcourse vaccinations

1000 days ago


Im, sure Harvey doesnt real all posts before they go out and Im a TMZ fan, but this one REALLY missed the mark. All this article shows is that whoever wrote it really knows nothing about prices for baby equipment. If there was a zero at the end of each of those prices, its a story, but each of those prices are very average. Guess they were looking to shock people with "Nipple Suckers". Lame...

1000 days ago


It's called a breast pump and people who breastfeed use breast pumps. Do your homework or pump your boob and see what it feels like... you may just not criticize her choice to breastfeed. What a disgusting piggish article you wrote. Breast pumping is hard work and the person that wrote this needs to do their research. BTW, how she or any mother feeds their baby is definitely not your or anybody's business. Sick that you would write this about her or anybody.

1000 days ago


I feel so sorry for this poor child who unfortunately gets to have this selfish, ugly bitch as a mother. What is wrong with people these days? Their are people out there who can't have children that would give anything to have one. People don't care about spending loads of money on stupid **** like a breast pump. And why do you need a $1000 stroller let alone 2? She probably won't even be the one pushing her poor child around. Stupid bitches should not be allowed to have children. And we wonder why their are so many f-ed up kids in the world these days.

1000 days ago
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