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Rachel Uchitel

I Need $300 Nipple Suckers

12/28/2011 10:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rachel Uchitel ain't planning to be a full-time breast-feeder when her baby is born -- TMZ has learned, she's asking friends to buy her a $300 nipple pump instead ... on top of several other extremely expensive baby goodies.

Rachel -- who announced her pregnancy last night on Twitter -- posted a baby registry online recently, asking for a laundry list of newborn crap .... including the nipple pumps, a $500 high chair, a $300 car seat, TWO strollers ... one for $400, and one for $1000, and $300 cashmere bedding.

This kid's making out like a bandit -- like mother, like child. 


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WHO CARES? Nobody cares if this money grubbing ho is knocked up! This stuff she's asking for is way too expensive. Why are we reporting on her anyway? She has a husband (sucker ) now, let him buy it. She needs to shop at wal mart. Maybe she can get a better deal. She doesn't deserve high priced items, because she's a cheap whore!!

997 days ago


Ok, $500 high chair is a little bit unnecessary, but why not if you have friends that will buy it for you.
The stroller is Bugaboo not Graco as you've mentioned.
And I haven't seen the $1000 second stroller, mentioned.

997 days ago


TMZ, grow the eff up. Breast pumps are a necessary item for a breast feeding mother who can't or doesn't have the time to hand express. And they are expensive. Mine was $400, so she's going cheap.

Ya'll need a fact checker before you post a story. This is the second one in the last few days I've seen where ya'll are so far off the mark it's not even funny.

997 days ago


I'll suck'em for free.

997 days ago


OMG!!! Nipple pumps??? Are you guys really serious??? It is called a breast pump you dipsticks and every new mom, who is breast feeding, gets one!! They are not a sexual device or a way to get out of breast feeding. You guys are so gross!

997 days ago


Why doesn't she just get a caulk gun--it's cheaper.

997 days ago


With all her money..she can't afford to take care of her own child's needs???

997 days ago

Timmy Boy    

Bunch of angry women posting here.
Nothing wrong with nipple suckers.

997 days ago

She's baaaack    

TMZ who is running the show today? I'm thinking it's a group of 14 year old boys. First off, mothers BREASTS contain the milk. The nipples are simply the means of delivery. Breast pumps do just that. It seems to me your adolescence is showing.

997 days ago


They're called breast pumps, not nipple pumps, you moron. They're for feeding your children, they're not a sex toy.

997 days ago


In case nobody pops for the $300, she also registered at Home Depot for a Dust Buster...or Bust a backup plan.

997 days ago


Breast pumps can be life saving. My son had to be re-hospitalized a few days after he was born & released from the hospital. He was very ill for months, and during that time was unable to breast feed like a normal newborn would. He was also unable to keep down baby formulas, and would vomit them up almost as soon as he ingested them. The hospital provided me with their breast pumping equipment and it saved my sons life. We were able to save my breast milk, and give it to him as he was able to take it. I had an abundance of breast milk saved, too much for me, and the hospital asked me if I would be willing to donate it to a newborn whose mother had had the baby by c-section and wasn't able to produce milk yet. The baby was ill and couldn't take formula either. It made me feel really good that my breast milk helped not only my baby but another baby as well. People can poo poo that or think it's gross, or think it's too extravagent to have a breast pump (that's what they're called! not nipple pumps!), but that's because you're ignorant. Those cheaper modles of breast pumps (the hand held kind or the others) are extremely painful, can cause bleeding and make it impossible to feed the baby. Breast pumps are necessary for new moms whose babies don't feed as often or for as long as they should. Mom's breasts become engorged with milk and it's horrendous! It's excruciating pain like you have never known. Allow me to kick you in the testicles 10 times a day and we'll be close to the pain. So don't be mean about her breast pumps. As for the cashmere blankets, etc., what mom doesn't want the best for her baby? Maybe she has some wealthy friends who can afford such gifts? If you had wealthy friends you'd hope for something nice for your baby too. Stop judging, especially those of you men and more importantly those with no children. You know nothing about motherhood.

997 days ago


Omg it's tmz people, do you really expect classy articles here? If you do you are in the wrong place. Also, noone respects this piece of **** home wrecker.

997 days ago


She and kim should take a dirt nap.

997 days ago


Those prices are pretty normal for baby supplies. why hate on her? I am also asking for and buying all of those items myself. $300 is expensive for the breast pump, however it is the most recommended/best one available. This is petty bs just to write an article. next

997 days ago
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