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Ex-Kardashian Nanny

Shopping Tell-All Book --

Trashes the Kids

12/29/2011 6:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Pam Behan
The help is turning on the Kardashian clan ... TMZ has learned a former family nanny is shopping a tell-all book about her time with the K-squad before they were famous ... and it's clear she HATED some of the kids.

Sources tell us ... the woman behind the book, Pam Behan, served as a nanny, personal assistant and cook for Bruce and Kris Jenner for years ... and spent all sorts of time with the Kardashian girls AND the Jenner boys, Brody and Brandon.

We're told ... in the book, Pam makes it clear -- she couldn't stand Bruce's sons ... calling the two kids, "extremely spoiled and disrespectful."

In the book, we're told Pam also claims she almost lost her job after slapping Brandon one day.

As for the Kardashians -- we're told Pam describes her relationship with Kris as a "love/hate" thing ... but she seems fond of Bruce, claiming he helped her avoid prosecution when she was busted for DUI a while back.

We're told Pam also promises to reveal some "intimate details" about Kourtney and Kim --  surprising, because we're told the girls were very fond of her.

Sources tell us the book has been pitched to several major literary agents -- but it's unclear if a deal has been struck.


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people of America honestly there are more deserving families out there that deserve recognition then these freaks we call kardashians lets face it you show your ass make a porn and your famous? come on man they contribute nothing good to society and nothing really out of the ordinary so why all the fuss Lets follow a family that we could model and be proud to see on TV and learn from great accomplishments.Not from spoiled skanky tramps ok you showed your ass on paper and tv and hidden video thats it move on america.The book we already seen the leaked pics leaked video and poor excuse for a wedding hell the groom even wants out!!!

1028 days ago



1028 days ago


you can paint it any way you want to, a "ho" is a "ho" and all the hair spray in California taint going to change it. now i will buy this book to see how many sheets they have gone threw. LOL

1028 days ago


you and your family are nothing more than media whores. Such trash, I can't believe even if half the crap we hear is true! Low life idiots! I only wish they would actually do something morally correct! thanks a lot!

1028 days ago


Nicoleasm who care if you had a nanny...Yes! You’re trying to tell us you're privilege Wow!
First of all I think they are all spoiled & stupid people the fact that this people have made money for doing Nothing is up to the people who buy into this crap to me they wouldn’t be famous is we all change the Channel this people are just taking space in the world. They don’t give anything and the only reason you see them doing anything for charity is because they are getting their picture taken.
I would love to hear what the Nanny has to say she doesn’t owed them anything she’s no longer working for them…Beside the fact that their slut and whores and pretend that everyone is misunderstanding their motives they are all gold diggers with big asses that all they are WHO CARE ABOUT THE K. K. K.

1028 days ago


To TENLEY: I highly doubt there was a confidentiality agreement since it was before they were famous and probably at the end of Bruce Jenners Olympic fame. This is just another fame-whore trying to suck off the Kardashian-Jenner teet.

1028 days ago

Just me    

Kris will have her lawyers on this like white in rice.
She needs to get overherself and quit prostituting herself as well as all of her daughters. I am soooo over ALL of them. Hump should wish them good riddance.

1028 days ago


We all know their trash but might be good read to just see how f--ked up they really are

1028 days ago


It sounds as though Pam Behan is just trying to make a buck!

1028 days ago


surprising their blabber mouth mother hasnt said anything about this yet; probably consulting her lawyers...

1028 days ago


I agree with the many comments re: to kids.. Kartrashian or not, details about kids is off limits. And I'm sure we all know those jenner kids are full of snobby, ****y ****. I can tell by just looking at them. She'll get paid out to shut the f up!

1028 days ago


Brody and Brandon have always been arrogant and disrespectful. I saw them on an early reality show with their mother (Linda Thompson) when she was married to David Foster. They drove himnuts as teens and the mother stood up for their outrageous behavior. Next thing you know David and Linda were divorced...and Brody is on the hills. These boys were raised without learning how to be respectful and it continued with the Kardashian girls. They are all a mess...and Kendall and Kylie while sweet are learning from their sisters and are starting to disrespect and lie to their dad. Mommy Kris is too busy making profit on them to be a good mom. She lies about being a good mom and professes to be a Christian woman using the "F" word every chance she gets.

1028 days ago


what a horrible person, to betray the trust of the people who kept her employed. Disgusting!

1028 days ago


Too funny, the Kardashian machine is working on this site big time. Guess the Christmas nose-dive Sears took hurt. Thats ok, we can tell which are the K paid people on this site and which aren't. I will be blunt, if given this book as a gift, I would take it outside and BBQ it.

1028 days ago


Are we supposed to believe that Pimp Mama Kris didn't have an employee sign a "no talking" contract? Cause I'm not buying that

1028 days ago
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