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Lindsay Lohan

I Will NOT Party in Dubai

12/30/2011 5:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan partying
Lindsay Lohan
will ring in 2012 at a RAGING PARTY in Dubai -- so says an overseas party planning company ... but TMZ has learned Lohan claims it's totally full of crap and now she's threatening legal action.

Sources connected to Lohan tell us ... the actress was PISSED when she learned her name is being used to promote a massive NYE bash on the Queen Elizabeth 2 cruise ship in Dubai ... because it's simply not true.

We're told Lindsay's legal team is pounding out a cease and desist letter -- claiming she's prepared to sue the pants off the party people if they continue to lie about Lohan's NYE plans.

Lohan's rep, Steve Honig, tells TMZ ... “Lindsay is not going to Dubai, nor had she ever considered doing so. She will be spending New Year's Eve in Los Angeles with a few close friends and family."

We called the party planners for comment -- so far, no response.


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and does anybody else think she looks like MJ in this picture?

1031 days ago


what does Lindsay Lohan actually do, other than appearing in photos. does she act, sing, work at anything, or just go about being photographed?

1031 days ago

yeah right    

lindsay is old news, has been for quite awhile now, and her playboy pics....LOL photoshopped BIG TIME...she looks like a cartoon, she is no marilyn monroe..only thing about her she would have in common is a fatal overdose, never was as good looking as marilyn was, she looks so old for her age and you can tell she's had her lips done a few times and it looks horrible on her, seems like a lot of woman celebs try way too hard to look like angelina jolie (with the big lips) but angelina's lips are natural, as for the bleached blonde hair on her...that looks bad on her too, nothing but fakeness on her looks and personality wise.

1031 days ago


ha ha ha, who the freak cares?

1031 days ago


Well...You Never Know She Might Be Changing EVERYTHING the partying, attitude, being in courts, and all that stuff.

1031 days ago


Any time now we should have a new photo of Lindsay and Ali out and about shopping in a deliberiatly vague area which will be unidentible in time and place...probably covered up in a coat , hat and big glasses and from far enough distance away that she can not be postively identified... With the Header reading something like "Lindsay last minute shopping before family get together"....
Come on Lohan Inc you're falling behind again...Move it ! already.........

1031 days ago


Just what I thought. The same boring commenters. Why even bother lol

1031 days ago


*sighs* it seems that my words went mostly unheard.

I sure hope Lindsay will follow what people are hoping she will and get her act together, but I am not going to hold my breath.

Red Cloud, you know you and I have never had a problem with each other, but for the sake of having people stop making fun of you, wait to regale us with what Lindsay will be doing next year. I imagine the triumph and gloating will be MUCH more satisfying when it and if it happens and you stayed quiet for the remainder of the time.

1031 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Gotti run a few more errands than I'll be back to ensure all the trolls have scattered. FYI, it's NONE of YOUR business where Lilo is at the moment, worry about yourselves for once!!!!

1031 days ago


Hey Linds..... you're still "up for" the gig tomorrow. It's between you and some random skank we found at Denny's. We've been "in talks", and decided that if you can get to Cuba before she does, you can bee "on set". If not, she gets the million. If you take your private jet, you might win. Everybody hates a loser!

1031 days ago

Ghost Rider    

I really do wish Lindsay the best for the New Year, and I find Harveys comment on the live show today hilarious how he doesnt know how good of a year you can call it for Lindsay, considering its all based on a good year for being on probation.

1031 days ago


its possible Madisyn. Depends on how I feel. Everyone is feeling kind of crap here at home.

1031 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

oh come on, lindsay....what's wrong with dubai???????? spoilt brat.

1031 days ago


What is it with you and stalkers? I'm still reading past comments because when the story is posted, you guys on the east coast are already up and posting long before I do. So I'm on page 6 and this 'CR' is just on your azz like flies on a 'Lohan'. What is it that attracts the loons to you? You say nothing different than the rest of, so why are so 'popular'? LOL

1031 days ago


Cute little tidbit y'all might find amusing. Tuesday I went to Burbank Court to keep a friend company to await seeing a judge about a restraining order. Long story short, her and her sister-in-law got in an argument in my friends house, cops were called, and my friend went to jail for domestic violence because my friend held up a knife to keep her sister-in-law away from her. My friends husband/sister-in-laws brother does not live there anymore but the sister-in-law takes care of her mother in my friends house. Because of all this, she wants to take out a restraining order to get the sister-in-law out of HER house. Anyhoodle, while were waiting in court, a guy steps in front of the judge, he has a court appointed lawyer and requests JAIL time in leiu of a couple of fines that have been continued over and over again. The judge denies the motion because the fines weren't for misdemeanors but infractions. (you can't go to jail for infractions) I laughed and smiled to myself thinking, the only reason he was requesting jail time is because he knew he wouldn't do any. He'd be booked in and out faster than a 'Lohan'. Oh, well I thought it was amusing.

1031 days ago
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