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Lindsay Lohan

I Will NOT Party in Dubai

12/30/2011 5:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan partying
Lindsay Lohan
will ring in 2012 at a RAGING PARTY in Dubai -- so says an overseas party planning company ... but TMZ has learned Lohan claims it's totally full of crap and now she's threatening legal action.

Sources connected to Lohan tell us ... the actress was PISSED when she learned her name is being used to promote a massive NYE bash on the Queen Elizabeth 2 cruise ship in Dubai ... because it's simply not true.

We're told Lindsay's legal team is pounding out a cease and desist letter -- claiming she's prepared to sue the pants off the party people if they continue to lie about Lohan's NYE plans.

Lohan's rep, Steve Honig, tells TMZ ... “Lindsay is not going to Dubai, nor had she ever considered doing so. She will be spending New Year's Eve in Los Angeles with a few close friends and family."

We called the party planners for comment -- so far, no response.


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Is this all you folks have to do all day? Trying to tear down and beat up a super star that is better looking than you, makes more money than you ever will, makes more movies than you ever will, will be on more magazine covers than you ever will, will release more albums than you ever will, and has traveled more than you ever will, ALL BEFORE SHE TURNS 26!!!!!

990 days ago


Geez, he's pulling out all the monikers. Rogue/daRock/theRock. Everyone knows you're the same person. You're not fooling anyone. But it does allow you to dislike every post 3 times, so have at it...

990 days ago


I want to see her bright and shiny face standing in front a a time and date sign in downtown the next 24 hrs cause it will take that long to get from Dubai to LA non stop.... no press releases no phone call but her body in person so either prove it or shut up Lohan Inc bore me......

990 days ago

big bamboo    

food for thought, to bring in the new year..
If we should all be treated the same..
can you imagine lindsay going for a job interview...doing a background check..and being judged on her criminal level..and skills....
the world is going through changes, and life has gotten harder on people.
How far would she go on her own merrits..considering her background and good points who would hire her?

990 days ago


Hey Red Cloud...just a reminder (from imdb):
Actress (23 titles)

Underground Comedy (post-production) 2011

Machete 2010

Hmmmm...Mob street is now removed. There's another one she lost. Interesting!

990 days ago


Tell Dina to stop starting the rumors.

990 days ago


zooooooooooooo, have y'oll already made plans for NYE? any resolutiones, wishes?... d' you hav any cash in your pockets? ('cus that's how the rest of 2012 will be?). Have you thought of what are u goin' to ask Granpa Frosty for?...
Make sure u hav it ready by midnight tomorrow, ya know!?.

LL doesn't owe any pics nor any explinations to anyone, btw.
The most, brief statement towards 'there was a rumor about Dubai which is not true". That's all. That, and of course, her attendence of CS which I am sure, she has under control.

990 days ago

big bamboo    

i dont know what you have done to get where you are...but I am sure that court will tie up your family hopes and dreams.I have made mistakes (only human) but moved on and the past sits far behind me...very few reminders.But how in the hell can you sit and bathe in yesterday as long as she has done...the wrenkles must be inches deep.
Build a bridge get over her self..being humble and modest is a gift...not amish and dont practice any religion but her own worst sin is VANITY

990 days ago


I wonder why people care so much for someone who clearly hates ?! You people, don't have a life ? If you don't like someone, IGNORE ! What you're doing is giving her more notoriety ...

990 days ago


Yikes! She looks older than her Mom! Those glassy eyes and blank stare. You can escape from many problems if you pay the right lawyer but you can't escape father time.

990 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Keep on Keeping it REAL Lilo! Don't listen to all these trolls who are trying to live your life for you, as they only number about 15 in size.

990 days ago


She's going for some hooking jobs arranged by pimp mama Dina.

990 days ago

big bamboo    

i would love to see a lindsay video of her actually working at the morgue...I mean real work..not just tweeting and acting like a 7 year old..I dont think it is plausable for her to do labor..telling by her looks attitude and health..taking the garbage out would give her a heart attack....I watched paris and kim work and they seem to to hire her for one day just to give real people a laugh then fire her like everyone else will do in the future...
No one is better then anyone else...its the fight in the dog not the dog in the fight...been homeless with no help and bounced back

990 days ago


Another thought , is she in hiding again ? Did she do to these people what she did to Hefner...Take the money and run and not do what she promised....that seems to be her MO
...She's going quickly run out of hiding places if she is...shes not playing in the kiddie pool anymore and shes done screwed off One might Big White Shark....and those Reef Sharks ain't half and nice as he is...

990 days ago


That bleached hair looks horrid on her!She looks like an over the hill,old,worn out hooker!Who cares what this bimbo does??

990 days ago
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