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Lindsay Lohan

I Will NOT Party in Dubai

12/30/2011 5:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan partying
Lindsay Lohan
will ring in 2012 at a RAGING PARTY in Dubai -- so says an overseas party planning company ... but TMZ has learned Lohan claims it's totally full of crap and now she's threatening legal action.

Sources connected to Lohan tell us ... the actress was PISSED when she learned her name is being used to promote a massive NYE bash on the Queen Elizabeth 2 cruise ship in Dubai ... because it's simply not true.

We're told Lindsay's legal team is pounding out a cease and desist letter -- claiming she's prepared to sue the pants off the party people if they continue to lie about Lohan's NYE plans.

Lohan's rep, Steve Honig, tells TMZ ... “Lindsay is not going to Dubai, nor had she ever considered doing so. She will be spending New Year's Eve in Los Angeles with a few close friends and family."

We called the party planners for comment -- so far, no response.


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big bamboo    

hey here is a great idea...lets all act like lindsay..and blow off life..just live for the moment..shut down all the hospitals, flights,police Dept. and reality..Lets just pose for a camera.walk around in a daze while we giggle..who needs thousands of years of learning...close schools..
there is a movie called (idiocracy) that portays her...

lets get by on other peoples pain..

1031 days ago


I knew this story was prob BS since she is not allowed to leave but then again this is Lindsay Lohan here. I just read a report on the LA times blog that LA county jail is going to be full by the end of the year due to state prisoners taking jail beds. Im sure Lindsay is on this like a giant line of coke on a nightclub toilet seat. I wouldnt be surpised if she doesnt finish CS because even if she does get jail she will be out prob in days. California is f*ked up and the estimated crime rate is set to rise 3 percent due to this alone. Most inmates in LA County who get out early commit crimes when they should be still behind bars.

1031 days ago


Is having Lindsay at a party a plus?

Agreed, think she said she'd go but PO shot the plan down. Good work, PO.

1031 days ago


unfortunely your right......
The judge thinks she's got a whip in her hand and she ain't even got dental floss..... No threat at all and not anything to back up the threat...Now if it was a whip of a 1 year long trip to a restricted mental facility with no early release and no get out of free card she might have something but this won't even scare a baby....

1031 days ago


@ all the Lohan fans (that is if you are genuine fans not just employees or family members):

You would likely feel differently if Lindsay stole your jewelry/cash/coat/merchandise and then accused you of setting her up for publicity when you dared to report her. How about if she punched you and spat in your face? How about if she tried to tell the cops her drug stash was yours when she got busted? Because she has done all this and more. I don't really go out of my way to pull Lindsay down, in fact a couple of years ago I used to root for her and think people were too harsh to her and think all these stories were mostly made up. But as time went on it became clear that she just isn't a nice person, but an arrogant person who has zero consideration for the feelings of others or even the law of the land. I think she generates a lot of discussing on blogs like these because most people have come across a Lindsay Lohan - someone who is clearly in a downward spiral who you kind of want to help, but who will throw all help and second chances given back in your face. You just have to realize that these people will just drain any positive energy you give to them and are not worth it.

1031 days ago

big bamboo    

all those seamen are missing out on viberty. who is going to clean the toilets? with out that fish smell the ocean will not be the same..
after the religious war she harbors inside herself how will the other guest earn their combat patch,and purple heart..
and trjan and valtrex will lose their endorsement

1031 days ago

Red Cloud    

I knew she wasn't going and I knew she was in CA doing CS. Wake up folks. She has an opportunity in her grasp and she's not letting go. She will finish CS and end her legal nightmare and make a huge comeback. She's nowhere near a pathetic has-been and deep down, you know it. She craves the respectability she ABSOLUTELY DESERVES. She has a passionate, burning desire to get it back, and she will succeed.

BTW, she has Gotti and other roles. Remember I said that.

1031 days ago


ILG, this is a last-topic story Ali observation and in line to what you were thinking. I noticed that Christmas family photo and other family photos as well as Dina's party photos that there is a definite difference in body spacing between Ali and Dina than her other kids. There is also a twinkle in Ali's eyes and I think that is due to being with her brothers more than her mother. Despite the support Ali gives her mom, I think there's a level of distrust there and distance. Yes, I'm reading into it, too much maybe, and it is somewhat unlike me to read so much into the picture but just going with a feeling over many pictures, that's what I'm sensing. What do you think, anything to this?

1030 days ago

Ellie G    

I see that the former actress Lindsay Lohan is still trying to get her new career of suing people off the ground. Good for her for thinking of her future. As far as the Dubai thing, Im sure she wanted to go and up until the last minute tried to get permission, when it fell through she had to say something to make herself look like an innocent victim. How else is she gonna make a living if she cant sue? Her modeling days are numbered with that aging hooker look she is sporting.

1030 days ago


ketjo: 7 minutes ago
unfortunely your right......
The judge thinks she's got a whip in her hand and she ain't even got dental floss..... No threat at all and not anything to back up the threat...Now if it was a whip of a 1 year long trip to a restricted mental facility with no early release and no get out of free card she might have something but this won't even scare a baby....

Ahh yes the judge does only have dental floss but that is the judges fault for reducing Lindsay's felony. If she kept Lindsay's case a felony as it should have been due to her record and being on probation which was already on prior occasions when she commited the new crime the judge would have then had leverage. She could remand her without bail during her f*k ups and she could have had state prison time hanging over her head. Of course she would serve that prison time in jail due to the new law but hey atleast she would be locked up. See in most cases like Lindsay the offender keeps the felony and the has it reduced at the end once the probation is completed with zero f*k ups but we all know money buys it all.

1030 days ago

big bamboo    

Rogue Warrior: 5 minutes ago
Thanks again for speaking the TRUTH RC! Unfortunately, we can't change the stupid in these folks....

Drink but don't drive tomorrow
he has changed his mind 6 times in one year about lindsay from total love to her killing herself...i believe at this point what ever he says depends on the weather or no she is doing people he dont like

1030 days ago


@Red Cloud, did you see Mob Street was removed from her imdb profile, and from the Mob Street profile? I wonder what that means?

1030 days ago

AGENT smith    

RW.....It doesn't make any sense that you support Lindsay so strongly, yet you keep mentioning that you think her mom Dina should be thrown off of a bridge. Can you explain?

1030 days ago


all commenter on this site are losers.

1030 days ago

big bamboo    

i dont wish any harm on her...her own fans are her own worst enemy..if they want her to break rehab rules (betty ford) and love personal assult if it is not on them...sometimes they wish her de3ath other times they want her to skate from the trouble she has caused...they even go as far as make a movie even though she is damaged and not in her right mind just to prove a point she is right..
and if it fails and hurts her more then they look for the mardur in her...we killed jim M

1030 days ago
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