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Lindsay Lohan

I Will NOT Party in Dubai

12/30/2011 5:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan partying
Lindsay Lohan
will ring in 2012 at a RAGING PARTY in Dubai -- so says an overseas party planning company ... but TMZ has learned Lohan claims it's totally full of crap and now she's threatening legal action.

Sources connected to Lohan tell us ... the actress was PISSED when she learned her name is being used to promote a massive NYE bash on the Queen Elizabeth 2 cruise ship in Dubai ... because it's simply not true.

We're told Lindsay's legal team is pounding out a cease and desist letter -- claiming she's prepared to sue the pants off the party people if they continue to lie about Lohan's NYE plans.

Lohan's rep, Steve Honig, tells TMZ ... “Lindsay is not going to Dubai, nor had she ever considered doing so. She will be spending New Year's Eve in Los Angeles with a few close friends and family."

We called the party planners for comment -- so far, no response.


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Yeah, get 'em Lindsey. Good idea to stay in So. Cal.-it rules.

997 days ago


Yeah! She plans on getting high at home!

997 days ago


Well this is good news since partying is the last thing she should be doing. I wonder if she is back in California or still in New York? Have a happy New Years everybody :)

997 days ago


If your good girl is in NY or LA them shows us....
Can't can ya !!!!

997 days ago


No one will believe her BS. She told them she would do it before she checked with her probation officer. She was told she couldn't and came up with this story to cover her ass.

997 days ago


If she ain't in Dubai ...then shes hiding out from them cause just like Hef and Playboy shes screwed them over too...

997 days ago


Don't you just love that completely bombed out of her skull look in the acompanying picture. Eyes glazed and out of focus She's flying higher then the space station in that one.....
Hey Lohan Inc , I'm back in the wheel chair this morning so ain't going nowhere and I'll be here all day...for your reading pleasure..........LOL

997 days ago

Alan Carver    

Who cares what this mag-rag-slag does for New Years? This is the same old story that plays every year and or during her birthday since she has been on probation. What a joke? She thinks that people are remotely interested in what she does for New Years? No one has cared for over 5 years since she has been on probation! Besides, she can't travel outside the US unless it is for work, and if this is true she could've tried to get permission to go, it is legit work, as dumb as it is, I am Lohan and you are gonna want to party with me ... as someone else said in a previous post, speedballs with Mumster this year will have to suffice! Besides in LA it's lots easier to get to your drug dealer over the holiday night for house calls! This whole story is a joke just like the person they are talking about! Has been for the past 5 years ... no career, no hopes of having one, and lets face it - when you are desperate for publicity you will do just about anything for it! This story just proves it! SAD! But then it is LOHAN ... she is SAD in every sense of the word!

997 days ago


Do these Lindsay supporters really imagine she would give a flying f*ck about them if they met in real life? LMAO. I guess on the chance that she could wrangle something out of 'em she might be nice for a bit but she would soon be throwing them under a bus to save her own flat freckled ass - accusing them of stealing her passport when she hid it herself or some such thing.

Oh, wait, they probably have met in real life since they're mostly her family posting under several different names. Silly me.

997 days ago


She has been to Dubai as a porta potty, high paid escort for some of the rich folks over there. Same with various parts of Europe. This is considered "work" for her. She tries to sue everyone, because she is broke. I'm shocked that she can continue to afford to retain attorneys, probably owes a lot of money. Basically, she has been a prostitute for the past couple of years to pay for her lawsuits and lifestyle. She hasn't had a good paying gig for years, the $900k from Playboy is taxed = $650k which is nothing compared to her expenses - rent, leases, no ownership = all loans

997 days ago


I'm so fckng sick & tired of hearing crap about Lohan & the Kardashian bitches I could puke. No one cares about these dumb-ass skanks. TMZ's new year resolution should be to not post anymore worthless articles about these bimbos. Like we really give a **** what she's doing for new years. All we do is bash the hell out of this bleach blonde loser. Drink, smoke, whatever Lohan, I could care less...just go the fck away already!!

997 days ago


Who gives a Rats A$$...?

997 days ago


The gossip sites are out to get her.

997 days ago

big bamboo    

damn, people walk by this thread..not ever speaking of lindsay and trash her like a terrorist....these are her public opinion...the ones that probally say good things about eveyone else..these are her supporters...your screwed

997 days ago

big bamboo    

how many stars have a permenant baby sitter? and still act like a idiot?

997 days ago
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