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Lindsay Lohan

1st Shot Fired in Dubai War

12/31/2011 6:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan cease and desist legal documents

TMZ has obtained the cease and desist letter Lindsay Lohan fired off to a Dubai-based party planning company ... demanding they stop using her name to promote a NYE party.

We broke the story ... Lindsay believes the company has been spreading lies about her ... falsely claiming she's agreed to attend a massive New Year's Eve bash on a gigantic ocean liner.

In the letter, Lohan's attorney, Stephanie Ovadia, states the actress "will suffer harm and damage" if the company continues to use her name without permission ... and she's not afraid to sue.

Still no word back from the party people.


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@ ilovegossip:
The original advertisement from GEM stated that the "confirmed" guests were Lindsay, Pamela and a few other names I didn't recognize. It would be interesting to know who confirmed Lindsay, if anyone.
probably the attention whore who tweeted and deleted to lindsay about looking for own her passport. she's used lindsay's name a number of times before.

993 days ago


FYI- Lindsay was going. Lady V had on her twitter about Lindsay going.
No Nikki, Lindsay was never going because she can't leave the country. the tweet you are referring to had nothing to do with lindsay's passport.

993 days ago


Wvwry body keep those Salt Shakers handy I'm off to go down to town and Wally World ...going find me some coffee for my new Kuerig play toy ...and race round the store on that handy dandy moterized shopping cart.....think I have to have more of those Mocha Lattes, plus my regular brew and maybe The French Vanilla kind.. Look out granny's in a Coffee Mood this morning...
Have a good day .....and have fun
Slug 's book will be on the shelf right next to the "Dummy's Guide to Sex" and the rest of the Dummy's series...

993 days ago


Oh look ...(Dina) I mean Jill is here.....

993 days ago


ILG, ment #35 oppsssie!

993 days ago

big bamboo    

poor pootie is stuck with lindsay again for new years..better bring an extra puke the paps up..and call "Elite"<<---(oh Nix that idea)..And Lady V is stuck fluffing all those old men by herself.

993 days ago


Just wondering something. With the way that Dina and Lindsay are sue happy, why aren't they just out and out suing this company instead of a cease and desist. Did they send Pitbull a cease and desist first and he didn't comply? (I don't recall)

If this company truly used her name without merit (never having spoke to Lindsay or someone who represents her), then I believe this would warrant a lawsuit more so than Pitbull.

993 days ago


Good for Lindsay its to bad the fake DJ got fame off of her name.

993 days ago

big bamboo    

instead of confiti...the lohans are just going to drop lawsuits on all of NY..and LA for the new year

993 days ago


Lindsay Lohan herself speed dials tmz, claiming she turned down 'a bunch of offers' (There was never any offers) for New Years. As always nothing but BS she can't proove or back up. Lohan still can't keep her lies stright.

Funny how Lohan is sueing over her own lies.

Lindsay Lohan speed dials her BS to tmz. She still trips over her own lies. She can't keep her lies stright. Backfires as ususal. Lindsay Lohan back to sueing and blaming other people

Lohan needs to keep her mouth shut. She can never proove or even coming close to backing up any of the BS that comes out of it. She must have flavored socks because she always puts her foot in her mouth. She still gets caught in her own lies.

Stupid, stupid move blowing off the Ellen taping to help promote the playboy shoot the best gig she's gotten in years. Didn't matter if the photos were leaked. She knew damn well she was to be there for the taping. She's already been paid whatever and couldn't care less.

Lohan had no problem using the playboy shoot as 'work' which got her an extra week to postpone her 20 minute jail time. She had no problem using the shoot to go to Hawaii to 'prepair herself' for the 'massive media frenzy' which never was going to happen and she still burned them. There was never a 'travel conflict' she was too busy partying in Hawaii just like she was in Caan, France and everyone knows it.

Ok, Lohan has already used the BS of her passport and ID's being stolen TWICE NOW. Both times of course they never were. She can't use 'work' anymore...1. she doesn't have any 2. she has used her playboy 'work' simply to go party. The Gotti movie is back on and not one mention of Lohan. No big surprise there.

Lohan already over hyped herself as turning down a 'bunch of New Years Eve offers' because she want's to get away from 'her party girl image'. Yeah, right. There weren't any offers.

Lohan is turned away from every 'hot spot' in LA. Dubai QE2? That's funny. There is that word 'massive' used again.

Lohan still trying to pull how her name is being used to 'promote' a 'Massive' (there's that 'massive' word used again) New Years bash on the QE2 in Dubai? Who is Lindsay Lohan. She' got to stop beating a dead horse. Way overplayed and most certinly overused.

Sources connected to Lohan (which has lways been Lohan herself, that's always the source) Just amazing how there is never any proof or back-up, never any names always generic. Funny how there is never a response back. Who are these party planners?

993 days ago


Since she's no longer getting much work in the business anymore, suing appears to be her only real source for income, as she seems to do it as soon as her name is dropped without money placed in her hand. But, if she keeps that up, sooner or later she's going to sue the WRONG person and get super bitch slapped with counter-suit that will financially knock her on her a$s for life. You'll see. ;)

993 days ago

big bamboo    

its been 6 days hope lindsay took off that mistletoe belt so tmz can now stop kissing her ass.
Dina has plans a nice quite new year crashing parties and begging people to publish her "Tell all lies" Book...or that lame movie with Milo Jr. staring in it..and real stars being extras.

993 days ago


She agreed -- they're saying in this letter that "her right to privacy" has been violated by publicizing it and that the publicity will harm her. That's why the sue-happy wh*re hasn't actually filed a suit.

993 days ago

big bamboo    

Father Time has just recieved a Cease and Desist letter.stating that time has passed her by. and he needs to slow down so she can pick up the pieces..

993 days ago


Dam......Hurry Up and Wait...generals still on military time....
Got a little time to kill it

Where were we of yes the coverup ..

Lohan Inc .....SHOW US THE NYC or LA right now a pap walk wave to the paps from a window ...or something but make it a clear photo with identifiable marks on were and when then we will "cease and desist" as simple as that......

993 days ago
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