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Lindsay Lohan

1st Shot Fired in Dubai War

12/31/2011 6:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan cease and desist legal documents

TMZ has obtained the cease and desist letter Lindsay Lohan fired off to a Dubai-based party planning company ... demanding they stop using her name to promote a NYE party.

We broke the story ... Lindsay believes the company has been spreading lies about her ... falsely claiming she's agreed to attend a massive New Year's Eve bash on a gigantic ocean liner.

In the letter, Lohan's attorney, Stephanie Ovadia, states the actress "will suffer harm and damage" if the company continues to use her name without permission ... and she's not afraid to sue.

Still no word back from the party people.


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Hey NICOLE.... if you really want to help MariLinds, why don't you pose for Playboy? I'm sure Hefner would kick you at least one million. You could give the loot to DUIna, and MariLinds would have some new masturbation material - not that she needs any. MariLinds could get "the big O" with a cactus. Again.

1029 days ago

Blood Red Witch    


It's obvious that this letter is just done up as "proof" to back up the statement issued that Lindsay had no intention of ever going. I mean comeon this was sent on the 30th. Too late to disassociate her name from it now. She and her people were using this for publicity, whether LL had said she was going or not. smh Look at how Mike Tyson and Pam Anderson handled it. One just tweeted and the other ignored it completely. Why only with Lindsay was it blown up at the last minute (literally) into a big deal?

1029 days ago


Who the hell would want to attend a party that Lilo was hosting? Seriously, you'd think this woman couldn't attract flies.

1029 days ago


No Thanks Slug Brain,
Its to hard to get Slug Slime of the Handles !

1029 days ago

big bamboo    

she was going to sue the arresting officer..she was going to sue.the boys in the SUV she car jacked..she tried to sue TMZ..why not Sue and overseas company that has a
and do it through AOL..or myspace.. make TOM your liazon

1029 days ago


I'd set my own mother on fire and kick her while she melts if Lindsay asked me to. Wouldn't you?

1029 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Well, it's almost that time to start the day! It's going into the 70's today and there's a group of us that may do some night surfing so we gotti scout out a spot!

1029 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

ILG, Smitty understands Portuguese and tripped her up several times, then Julia became an incessant poster, on the boards constantly, cutting and pasting and answering each poster individually just as lou used to do. Things turned in my mind when Julia began to see Lindsay all the time and then she planned to move to Venice. lou speaks fluent Spanish and Italian, and uses another moniker with the numbers 121, Julia uses 2121. Who knows, it is just my thought......but I expect her to return when she's in the mood.....lou keeps it fun around here.....

1029 days ago


If my attorney wrote any letter, with his/her email address on it from an AOL, GMAIL, YAHOO (etc.) type of account, I would fire them. It's just not professioinal. How about buying your own domain name and use that for email? LOOKING professional is just as important as BEING professional.

1029 days ago


The sue happy loser needs to just give it up already. No one believes her BS. People she knows have come forward and stated that she TOLD them that she would be in Dubai. She's either completely delusional, doing this for media attention, or is trying to cover her own ass.

1029 days ago

Jessie Lindsay's world everyone else is a "liar" but never her who lies...and surprise, surprise...she is "not afraid so sue" Lindsay really needs to get over herself and drop the "I am going to sue anyone who speaks ill of me" attitude, when you're a celebrity people are going to talk about you, and people are going to definatly talk about you when you think that you're above the law and can do no wrong. 2012 wont be a good year for her, she will be back in court again for something else and the judge will give her 50 chances, watch and see.

1029 days ago


Translation: I need money and attention but I can't find a job.

1029 days ago

big bamboo    

Stephanie Ovadia just filed a cease and desist.copied 2,000,000 times and cut into 2 by 2 inch pieces of paper..
it will drop on the crowds at time square...confetti restraining orders..and lawsuits to the crowds.
All future lawsuits will be filed VIA AOL..and be held in virtual judge Max Headroom

1029 days ago

big bamboo    

I still want to see her license to practice over seas law in united arab emirates..might as well wipe your butt with what she sent to them..doesnt carry any weight

1029 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

What part of the TMZ rules don't some of you understand? There's an awful lot of off topic posting going on around here....... report, report, report.....

1029 days ago
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