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Ellen Barkin

I Was Shoved by an NYPD Officer

for No Reason!

1/1/2012 9:55 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Actress Ellen Barkin went on a Twitter rampage early this morning after she claims she was pushed by an NYPD officer just for walking down the street ... and the incident was shot on video.

Barkin -- perhaps best known for her roles in "Sea of Love" and "Switch" -- claimed to have seen people being arrested for no reason, as the cops dealt with Occupy Wall Street protestors in the area. 

Barkin then had a run-in with an officer of her own, which she described by saying, "Just threatened on my street by NYPD,cop shoved me,both hands,onto sidewalk..Is it a crime 2 stand in the street in NY?WTF is going on here?"

Barkin was with her rumored boyfriend, director Sam Levinson, who caught the incident on video.

We reached out to the local police precinct, who said they would review the video. So far, no word back.


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uhhhhhh yes yes it is a crime to stand in the street any where in america if traffic is flowing.

993 days ago

bring back recent posts    

...OMG..OMG..OMG..OMG.." somebody" got a shove..or a " move it a long nudge" fricken WHO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????...GOOD LORD..

993 days ago


Ellen, look up the video "How NOT to get your a** kicked by the police." Basically, when they say get out of the way or shut up, you get out of the way or you shut up. Twitter about how they told you to get out of the way or Twitter about how they told you to shut up, but if you DON'T get out of the way or you DON'T shut up, and the cop has to act or react, guess what? IT'S YOUR FAULT YA MORON! YOUR. FAULT.

993 days ago


wow, really?? how OVERBLOWN can you get? He barely touched her on the arm, guiding her off the pathetic, trying to make something of nothing...

993 days ago

Throwback kid    

She should be arrested for having all that bad plastic surgery on her face! But who really cares about this old hasbeen actress? She is not relevent anymore. Happy New Years

993 days ago

Don Martin    

We have cops beating the living **** out of people and manhandling foks where I live and this bimbo thinks he was roughed up? Well excuse me princess, but you obviously never had your pompous ass kicked by a cop.

993 days ago

Duke Steele    

Are you kidding me??? What justification did this cop have to beat her with a billy club and then threaten to blow her head off? The audacity!!!

993 days ago


Go cry in your $60... Million dollar divorce settlement you gold digging cow. You would think rich liberals like this shrew wouldn't hate on Conservatives and Christians like this dog does. Money can't buy happiness or a soul can in Ellen BARKING.

993 days ago


R u kidding me? Another example of Hollywood thinking they are above the law....she was certainly not "shoved"... Nice exaggeration from a Hollywood has been! Typical.

993 days ago


I watched the video, the police were within their rights to do what they did. She should research the police use of force manual, because in that situation they could have legally used a lot more force. When you disobey a direct order from a police officer what do you think is going to happen. That cop is a better man than me, I would have told her to take her belligerent mouth, and use it for what she does best..., by sticking the ***** of billionaires in her mouth, until she has sucked every ******* hard earned penny out of them. I can't believe someone could have such a distorted view of what happened in this video, she must be mentally retarded from all that high end whoring.

993 days ago

Alex Devlin    

She wasn't pushed by the officer in the way she's making out. He put her back onto the sidewalk because standing on the road is considered unsafe. All officers are trained to make sure that people are safe and standing in a safe place even if they are resisting arrest. They were body blocking her to get her off the road and when she stopped short of getting onto the sidewalk they did push her a little to get her onto it. As you can see, as soon as she was on the sidewalk the officer let her go and stood there so she couldn't walk back into the road when talking to him. Nothing the officer did was wrong. She's just trying to blow it up to get publicity.

993 days ago


The cops will simply ignore the video. Cops in New York are like the Gestapo - arrest, shove, and shoot anyone they feel like it. I'm more afraid of the cops in New York than any terrorist group. Giving the video to the cops also lets them bury any evidence you have, so lots of luck with this.

993 days ago


Poor old washed up angry Democratic bag looks and life passed her by she is so irrelevant

993 days ago


If you look real close you will see the big L on her forehead.

993 days ago

Amanda Owens    

What a drama queen. He was just getting her (gently) out of the street on NYE. You can see he is non aggressive after she told him to f off. What a stupid rampage and a stupid story to post on TMZ.

993 days ago
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