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Lindsay Lohan

Cops Called to L.A. Home

Over Rogue Door Knocker

1/2/2012 5:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Cops were called to Lindsay Lohan's Venice Beach pad earlier this evening -- after a strange, unidentified man came a-knockin' ... and Lindsay freaked the hell out.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ, the man -- an older gentleman -- arrived at her home around 6:30pm and began knocking on the front door.

We're told Lindsay came to the door and asked what he wanted -- and the man responded cryptically ... that he needed to speak with her.

Unnerved, Lindsay asked the man to leave, but he refused, demanding she open the door. Police received a call minutes later about a trespasser on Lindsay's property. It's unclear if Lindsay made the call.

According to law enforcement sources, cops showed up soon after and arrested the man for trespassing. The man is currently being booked.


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There are vids out of the guy being placed in the police car. You can't see him that well, maybe he is a vagrant.
Here's one.

836 days ago

Blood Red Witch    


It couldnt be andy. Andy is too busy trying to get a date with Kim G., now that Kate is no longer interested.

836 days ago

Hot Farts    

calm down folks. by answer the door they mean by intercom. she did not go all the way to the actual front door and open it and say wassup ?!

I am sure that I am not the only one here in LA that does not open their door if I do not know who is on the other side of it. The place has an alarm system. she called the cops as anyone should and if you are a celeb you should almost expect this type of attention when you live next door to Joe Blow cuz you chose to live on a major street that everyone uses around a swarming beach community with unsavory people everywhere

836 days ago

Hot Farts    

Hey BRW hello to u too. Happy New Year. Sometimes I jump on one of these stories and call b*llsh*t because it is clear that she is bored and trying to stir up crap with a non-story and you can be assured that I am bored with time on my hands too - not cuz I am envious of her as some of the Smiths and RWs say like we are all fat old ugly useless people but because I have not outgrown turning to see the trainwreck. Hey btw. The people who have the same company line of "you are all people with no lives who wish you were LL" are the ones who cant live without her for one sick reason or another. Me I just find her an easy and good target to slag and roast on

836 days ago


Oh boy, EVERYONE'S just ITCHIN for a fight today.

836 days ago


*Knock Knock*
Who's there?
Ineeda who?
Ineeda Lohan. And can you thrown in some Goobers?

836 days ago


New thread, photos and videos.

836 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Plumbers can get fired and prosecuted for putting their nasty fingers on a computer in a residents house they are repairing. FACT

The plumber in question was identified after a casual THZ reader noticed the loser posting a comment while he was attempting to pull his "plumbing snake" from his a*s.

Story developing.........

836 days ago

Ellie G    

Nobody should have to be afraid in their own home. If this guy really was harassing her then I am glad they took him away. If on the other hand this was just her way of getting another story out there then she deserves the crap said about her. Geez Lindsay cant you even try to get a positive story out there? It is always the same old crap that just keeps the disgust for you going strong. Just one positive thing, anything no matter how small a thing. You know the paps are always around why not go out looking good and interact with them, smile be funny and charming just do something positive for cripes sake. You are suppose to be an actress so go out there and act like your someone we should all give a hoot about.

Sorry if this was rambling but I am still recovering. That will teach me not to open the second bottle huh. :)

836 days ago


Come on TMZ finish the Spin(i mean story) was he arrested....
did they throw him in jail ?.....
did Lindsay cowl in the closet sucking her trumb and scream to get daddy away from the door ?..
how many pills did it take to calm her ass down ?

enquiring minds want to know....He was taken away and around 7:00 last night you mean to tell me he's still waiting to see a judge ?
Or are you going milk this one for every hit you can ?
Can't wait for the Lindsay has to hire a dozen big burly bodyguards to keep herself safe and the morgue won't allow them in to watch her so of course she won't be able to work because its to dangerous with out them........

836 days ago


Is there anyone stranger than her i think not.

836 days ago

T Pain    

It's Kamofie & Company. They want their necklace back!

836 days ago


It's not "her" property. She's renting.

836 days ago


Lindsay Lohan needs to keep her big BS mouth shut. She must really love making herself a totally desperate fool. She has used and overplayed way too many BS lies. She has and continues to be her own joke and punchline. She is still getting caught and tripping over her own lies, she still can't keep them stright.

Espically the crap she pulled on Playboy. (The biggest break she's had in years). Lohan had no problem using the Playboy shoot as 'work' in court, had no problem using the shoot to go to Hawaii to as she claimes 'prepair herself'for the 'massive media frenzy' she will have to endure because of the shoot. Lohans BS to go party.

Didn't matter if the photos were 'leaked' or not. 1 lousey promo obligation she blew off because she was partying in Hawaii and couldn't be bothered. Her ID was never stolen, 10k in cash was never stolen, did not miss the Ellen taping due to 'A TRAVEL CONFLICT' there never was a travel confinct. Very simply Lohan was too busy partying and there are alot of photos to proove that. Lohan could care less she was already paid.

All Lohan did was make Hefner/Playboy look like idiots for taking a chance on her. They won't make that mistake again. Another bridge she burned as always all by herself. Lohans reputation and image that hasn't changed one bit.

Yet, Lohan had no problem makeing it back to LA to go to a concert and make her court date the following day. Amazingly, how there was 'NO TRAVEL CONFLICT' when it came to that. Go figure.

Lohan knows she not in any demand despite all of her self-hype, garbage, BS and speed dials to tmz like she is. No.

836 days ago


bb: 3 hours ago

You supporters actually attract these "H8rs" that you speak of. Seriously, people just wonder how "fans" as delusional as you actually exist and it's so frustrating it's hard not to comment. It's not as if you are people who are not filled in about Lindsay and think we should "leave this poor girl alone" - you guys know everything we know about her and more yet still think Lindsay has no problems and choose to find this person admirable. Sure I can understand feeling sorry for Lilo, but I don't understand how any person of sound mind could lower themselves to see a sad case like this (as Lindsay is now) as person to idolize or a role model. The mind boggles.

True fans are there for the good and bad.

836 days ago
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