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Lindsay Lohan

Cops Called to L.A. Home

Over Rogue Door Knocker

1/2/2012 5:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Cops were called to Lindsay Lohan's Venice Beach pad earlier this evening -- after a strange, unidentified man came a-knockin' ... and Lindsay freaked the hell out.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ, the man -- an older gentleman -- arrived at her home around 6:30pm and began knocking on the front door.

We're told Lindsay came to the door and asked what he wanted -- and the man responded cryptically ... that he needed to speak with her.

Unnerved, Lindsay asked the man to leave, but he refused, demanding she open the door. Police received a call minutes later about a trespasser on Lindsay's property. It's unclear if Lindsay made the call.

According to law enforcement sources, cops showed up soon after and arrested the man for trespassing. The man is currently being booked.


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Hello, Pizza delivery, anybody home?

1023 days ago

Hot Farts    

It is a court holiday today so how were you so quickly able to post bail and get out Smith??

1023 days ago


Rouge Warrior otherwise known as known as Slug brain.

its not nice to wish people to die in their sleep or want to push them down mountains in wheel chairs...
Shows what a warped person you really are.
I'd be careful around the playground today I heard Harvey called in a exterimator and had the whole place salted down...might be careful were you crawl.....!

1023 days ago

big bamboo    

I think it is hilarious that two people on here are going into 2012 full of anger and hate..with no sense of humor.

1023 days ago

Ishpeming Michigan Guy    

She poses in Playboy and she freaks out? More like the other

way around. Crazy dude just wanted to tap her stinky. Yuck

1023 days ago


The closest unit (of the PD) probably pukes when they hear here address come across from dispatch.
Disp: available unit, we have a suspicious "rogue" knocker at _______, closest unit pls. respond
Unit closest: (one block away) we're in Pomona right now, advise another unit need respond.

All other units: (in unison) AWW...FVCK!!!!!!1
Disp: anyone? Hello?......hello? (dead air)

1023 days ago


Dang girl...she got so tweaked out with Abu for NYE (I've heard the "rocking .motion" of boats can enhance your buzzzz) that she doesn't even recognize her own dealer anymore.
Smdh. =o/

1023 days ago


911. Do you have an emergency?


Oh. Hi, Linds.

1023 days ago

big bamboo    

after she partied like it was 2007.she went to a bash with a known child molester (woody Allen) hung out with people of her caliber..
I thought she made millions and trillions of dollars..
she cant afford a security system..
or a safer neighborhood...I know that the prime property is 8 blocks from the beach..but it seems to me that in that exclusive neighbor hood you would not answer the door from people you dont know.
and at 6:30 pm and not hiding or aluding police. doesnt seem very scary

1023 days ago

LA me    

Smitty's an idiot. Venice is patrolled by LAPD Pacific Division that is located in Culver City at Culver & Centinela. It's 3 1/2 miles away not 5 blocks. You can't get anywhere around here in a minute or less. Try 20 minutes....and that's IF you're trying.

AND... I rarely see motorcycle cops from that division.

1023 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

AnnieSH: 17 minutes ago
Oh I have a sense of humour alright. In fact it'll be downright hysterical when people here get their chops busted like THEY are doing to Lindsay and others who don't agree with their pathetic opinions. Oh wait. We're already doing that to you guys. Feels good, huh?
Epic comment if I must say so myself!!!! I'll gather some information and put together a few lists so they can be targeted accordingly. TMZ has allowed this site to become all about H8ing on Lilo.

1023 days ago


Hey LAme,
so the (stalker) man set down or stands around for at least 20 minutes waiting for the cops to get there.... Not very intelligent of him is it ? wanted that money she was owed him really bad didn't he.....?
Wonder if this one will disappear into the non story land like the half a dozen other incidents , the unknown man in the yard, the pictured traffic ticket at the office, the muffins for the womens center.....etc etc.
Or will they spin this one out into a big ,"stalker or Crazied Fan" deal ..cause she loves to copycat other people...Paris has her stalker..Kim has one...Jessica has one sooooooo Lindsay got to have one....

1023 days ago


Stay safe, sweet, smart, talented and beautiful Lindsay! Love her!!

1023 days ago

big bamboo    

lindsay is uch an A PLUS Lister she has 7 stalkers and 3 on injury she is covered 7 days a week.

1023 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Don't worry, the H8rs are nothing more than a bunch of Internet Bums hanging out in Internet Cafes destined to become Internet Casualties.........

1023 days ago
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