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Bill Maher

Take That, Tebow Nation!

1/1/2012 8:03 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Bill Maher is at it again ... poking fun at Tim Tebow on Twitter just a week after he took some serious heat for mocking the Broncos QB on Christmas Eve.

Maher took a not-subtle-jab at Tim following his terrible performance in a blowout loss to the Bills (see below) which ticked off both Tebow fans and the religious right. 

The "Real Time" host took to his Twitter again yesterday to post two pics of him Tebowing in Hawaii -- one of which he calls Treebowing since, as you can clearly see, he's up in a tree.

New rule ... every one needs to lighten up just a little.

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I just have one question when Tim Tebow goes on air in a press confrence after winning or loosing a game and says I want to thank my lord and savior jessus christ what exactly did jessus christ save him from. I just don't get it.

996 days ago


Is that his boyfriend?

996 days ago


This attention whore and thats all he is should not only be fired, he should never be allowed a microphone again. Hes disgusting, pathetic and "free speech" my ass. Hes an arrogant p.o.s. Amen.

996 days ago


What a sad little man! God loves him in spite of himself!

996 days ago


Bill is a moronic parasite.

996 days ago


As an Atheist who believes in freedom of religion, I believe that Maher crosses the line of good taste many times and becomes much like the Christians that bother him trying to in essence convert them to his view point! That said I don't have a problem with this as Tebow wants to rub his religion in everyones face. If you want to force your views on other then in my view they have every right to tell you why your views are wrong or stupid!!

As someone who's family emigrated from Northern Ireland many moons ago the Irish league on this side of the pond made rules for bars and events to keep the peace. NO RELIGION, NO POLITICS DISCUSSED IN PUBLIC PLACES (since it only led to fights[back in those days it actually led to gun fights at pubs])

996 days ago


Is that his boyfriend in the background?

996 days ago

Kelly Rollins    

Bill Maher is only doing his typical plagerism...stealing other peoples bits to get a laugh.

He's made a career of stealing other peoples jokes, bits, and acts, why not Tebow's?

Maher's star is fading and he's a has been who needs to just vanish and go away!

996 days ago


I dont care much for Bill Maher. But I absolutely dislike Tim Tebow. In 3 years nobody will remember who Tim Tebow is. I blame the media for "Tebowmania" We are all looking for something good when there is a lot of bad out there. It was cool at first but I just dont care for him anymore. You dont see Brady or Aaron Rodgers with any retarded thing like Tebowing. He is not a good quarterback and will never be. Get over it

996 days ago

South Beach    

This reminds me of a 3rd grade boy hitting a girl he has a crush on. Am thinking Bill is hot for Tim, truth be known.

996 days ago


Seriously? If you go out of your way to publicly proclaim, over and over, that your God helped you win a game (a stupid game) then you should expect people to comment on why God isn't helping you when you lose.
This attitude is typical of the kind of Christians of convenience that populate America. They're religious, moral, and pious when it's convenient or helpful to them - but when it's not they don't want to hear about it. FYI folks, religion isn't a buffet and Jesus isn't disposable if you really care about faith.

996 days ago


He has the most vile, hateful man on television and I always thought it was because he was ugly (sorry, just playing his game), but now that I know he's an athiest, it makes sense. If you don't have God in your heart, your heart is full of hate. He's not even REMOTELY funny, does nothing but say really nasty things about people, which is NOT funny, so please tell me why HBO continues to employ him. We've canceled our HBO over this latest incident. He's finally gone too far and HBO will probably give him a bonus over this. Disgusting! PLEASE boycott HBO over this and let them know it's NOT okay to attack a nice young man because of his religious and because he's not afraid to share them. What's wrong with our country is that we've given these lunatics the voice and the rights and people who do talk about their faith or believe in God are persecuted and told they shouldn't talk about those things. We're in trouble as a nation...

996 days ago

Fuck Celebrities    

Invoking God to help win a football game is ludicrous at worst and sacrilegious at best.

Tebow is an idiot.

996 days ago


I love Bill. Bill has the only show that I find entertaining on HBO, but I not willing to pay $15.00 a month just to watch his show.

996 days ago


Bill Maher is a pathetic loser with Little man syndrome, he hates himself so much that he pokes fun of those that actually have happiness in their life, this punk goes through life hating and ridiculing, and doesn't realize or care that people are laughing at him not with him. People watch him for the same reason they watched Charlie Sheen's interviews, just to see what kind of BS he is going to say that is laughable. I am sure he was a bullied kid, that is why he makes fun of others, hoping that people stop making fun of him. Well Bill it will never happen, you are still that same short little troll that got stuffed in the little lockers in school, you are not popular or respected as a person, you are entertainment for us, your nothing more then a show. Remember that little man. Now shut up and wait for us to ask you to speak.

996 days ago
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