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Bill Maher

Take That, Tebow Nation!

1/1/2012 8:03 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Bill Maher is at it again ... poking fun at Tim Tebow on Twitter just a week after he took some serious heat for mocking the Broncos QB on Christmas Eve.

Maher took a not-subtle-jab at Tim following his terrible performance in a blowout loss to the Bills (see below) which ticked off both Tebow fans and the religious right. 

The "Real Time" host took to his Twitter again yesterday to post two pics of him Tebowing in Hawaii -- one of which he calls Treebowing since, as you can clearly see, he's up in a tree.

New rule ... every one needs to lighten up just a little.

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buzz kill    

Hey Hitler, you missed one.

995 days ago


wow, god drones are so easily butt-hurt. Don't like Bill, don't follow him. Isn't that what you tell the non-believers? Don't like "under god" in the pledge, just don't say it. Don't like "in god we trust" on the money, don't use money.

oh that's right, I'm talking about god-drone CHRISTIANS. It's all do what I say, not what I do. Poor persecuted 85%-ers.

995 days ago


Is that Kim Jong Un lying on the lounger in the background??

995 days ago

Who Knew    

Jack Ass.

995 days ago


I can't stand this liberal loser called Bill Maher. Everything is a publicity stunt. He is not a likeable guy, and not just because of his ugliness.

995 days ago

BB in CA    

Bill is a comedian! And Tim Tebow IS funny.

995 days ago

buzz kill    

How about a celebrity boxing match, Maher vs Tebow.

995 days ago


Everybody needs to calm down! The tweet was funny, everyone takes everything way too seriously now. Tebow brings this upon himself. He has the right to thank God if he wants and Bill Maher has the right to make fun of him for it! Maher is a genius and he's hilarious.

995 days ago


Do people really believe that fictional deities like God and dead Jesus give a flying fig about American football games? Don't these supposedly omnipotent beings have bigger fish to fry?

Sorry, Timmy, but your religious beliefs are downright silly if you really think that God supports one football team over another. GMAFB!

p.s. Bill Maher is an avowed heterosexual who still gets more tail than Tiger Woods ever did. Bill also makes fun of ALL religions, which is not difficult to do since religious people are silly, weak-minded fools, all of 'em.

995 days ago


Mr Maher better hope he's right and Mr Tebow is wrong. Personally, I'd rather keep my mouth shut and hope God has a sense of humour.

995 days ago


When Bill Maher who HBO should of fired over his Tim Tebow Tweet stands before Jesus and one day he will. I wonder if he will still think it was funny. I pray that Bill Maher accepts Jesus into his life before that his judgement day comes!

995 days ago


Look, Bill can do as he please. If he wants to enjoy sex with many different men, he can. If he wants to claim that he's not Jewish, he can. No one cares. I would like to know just how long did it take and how many back door partners did it take to rub all that hair off the front of his head? Talk about pillow biting......WOW!

995 days ago

Selebraties Suck    

Why isn't this consider a slur, like anything and everything said about homosexuals?

Bill is just a miserable human being. The only pleasure he has in life is demeaning others and paying for sex.

995 days ago


Bill knows the only way he can stay in the news is by being stupid to someone and making fun of them. Funny how people talk about bullying, but no one brings that up when d*ckhead Bill makes fun of Tebow. Bill is just desperate to stay in the news, so he resorts to 5 year old humor. What a d*ck.

995 days ago


Clearly, Maher's PR morons and ignorant fanboys have arrived...

995 days ago
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